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Awesome moments in the Black Crayons series:

A Child's Innocence

  • Annabelle is kidnapped by the Decepticons and while she is afraid of her current situation, she takes much better than you would expect from a child. Then she takes Wheelie's advice from Nightmares and manages to escape. To elaborate:
    • She appeals to Starscream's ego saying that he should use the chain of command to give the task of watching her to another Decepticon if he feels that it is beneath him. Starscream admits she has a point and gives the task of watching the girl to Barricade.
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    • Barricade recognizes Annabelle from their encounter in My First Decepticon and Annabelle convinces him to let her go, telling Barricade that the other Decepticons would just think that the Autobots managed to get her back. Barricade agrees and transports Annabelle to where one of the Autobots will pick her up.
  • This Papa Wolf moment from Will and Ironhide after they learn from Sarah that Annabelle's been kidnapped by the Decepticons:
    Will: They will not have her long, Sarah. I'll make sure of that.
    Ironhide: No, Will. We'll make sure of it.
  • Ironhide thinks back to the time he first met Will Lennox's family. Before Sarah brings Annabelle to meet the Autobot, she makes it clear in no uncertain terms that the Cybertonian is going to regret hurting her family if he decides to do so. This earns Sarah Ironhide's respect.
    • What makes it better is that usually, whenever Sarah Lennox intimidated someone, it was Played for Laughs, this time it is played more seriously.
  • When Sentinel Prime is about to kill Ironhide as in canon, Ironhide just manages to put together the clues Annabelle overheard to realise that Sentinel is a traitor in time to avoid the Prime's attack; even when he knows he won't had a chance, Ironhide manages to put up a fairly good fight against Sentinel.
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  • Even when their only hope of stopping the Decepticons is seemingly gone, Will, Robert, and Sam still refuse to go down without a fight and head to Chicago without the aid of the Autobots.
  • When the Autobots arrive in Chicago after they had been seemingly killed in the Xanthium explosion.
    Optimus Prime: We will kill them all.
  • Bumblebee, Sam, and Wheelie rescuing Mikaela from Dylan using a hijacked Decepticon ship.
  • The Autobots fighting the Decepticons in Chicago. Each of the Autobots gets some time to shine. A few moments include:
    • Sideswipe, Arcee, and Mirage fight a couple of Decepticons as a group, making good use of their speed. There's also the fight the trio have with a katana-wielding Decepticon who boasts being faster than them. That Decepticon manages to subdue Arcee and came close to killing her when Sideswipe cuts him in half and stabs him through the head.
    • Optimus Prime's battle with Shockwave's "pet". He finishes off The Driller by cutting clean through it.
      • He then follows it up with with fighting Shockwave and killing the Decepticon by stabbing him through the head.
    • In a case of Beware the Silly Ones, Skids and Mudflap preform a Colossus Climb on a larger Decepticon, beating away at whatever they could find. Skids then finishes the Decepticon off by snapping its neck and then pulling off his head.
    • Ironhide and Chromia defeat a couple of Decepticons together, approaching Battle Couple status.
  • Sam stabbing Starscream in the eye with a grappling hook climbing glove and then nearly blowing the Decepticon's arm clean off with an explosive, forcing Starscream to retreat.
  • Mikaela's Car Fu on a Decepticon. To elaborate: She hotwires a police car, backs it into a Decepticon, and then drives it up a piece of debris used as a ramp, getting out at the last moment, the car is then launched into the air and then lands on another Decepticon.
  • Sarah Lennox arriving at NEST HQ, a soldier who recognizes her lets her in and she manages to intimidate Charlotte Mearing within seconds of meeting her.
  • Annabelle driving a piece of rebar into Sentinel Prime's leg. Repeat: A SIX-YEAR OLD GIRL DRIVES A PIECE OF REINFORCING BAR INTO SENTINEL PRIME'S LEG. The kid's got guts. What makes this even better is she echoes what Optimus Prime had said to Sentinel saying that his Evil Plan will succeed: "No."
  • The Mêlée à Trois between Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Sentinel Prime.
    • Megatron entering the fight by shooting Sentinel in the shoulder. He also displays some savviness by shooting the bridge they're currently fighting on to prevent Autobot and human reinforcements from coming.
    • Earlier in the story, Megatron was feigning the extent of his injuries to make his enemies underestimate him. This led to Sentinel thinking he could assert power over the Decepticon leader. When he finally gets to cut loose, he surprises the Autobot traitor with incredible speed, agility and strength.
    • Optimus Prime using his ax to cut off Megatron's arm and then proceeds to beat him with it.
    • Even after Sentinel cuts off Optimus's own arm, the Autobot leader manages to subdue his former mentor and execute him with Megatron's shotgun.
  • The examples described in the Shut Up, Hannibal! section on the main page.
  • After learning that Annabelle is in the hospital, Sarah "borrows" Dutch to drive her there.
    • Got to give some credit to Dutch for taking his role completely seriously despite being forced into it. He keeps any nosy reporters from trying to get into the child's room for an interview.
  • Ratchet quickly diagnosing Annabelle's injuries is pretty impressive.
  • Robert Epps has a bit of a warning for Sentinel Prime, the traitor should probably avoid being brought Back from the Dead (like Megatron and Optimus Prime) or else he will suffer the combined wrath of Will, Ironhide, and Sarah.

Not According to Plan

  • Got to give Wheelie some credit for his reaction to getting kidnapped: not being intimidated by his captor and biding his time until he can find a way out.
  • In Chapter 2, Annabelle standing up for the Autobots, saying they shouldn't be lumped together with the Decepticons just because they're both Cybertronians. Also a Heartwarming Moment because these are her friends she's defending.
  • In Chapter 3, Wheelie throwing a big wrench in the teenagers' plan to discredit the Autobots by uploading a video of the children befriending him all over the Internet.
  • In Chapter 4, Dutch quickly subduing Katie, one of the teenagers involved in trying to make a video to discredit the Autobots.
    Sarah: I believe you were about to tell me where my daughter is.
    Katie: (struggling) Get this psycho off me. Leave me alone. (Dutch forces her to her feet and makes her meet Sarah's gaze, cue Oh, Crap!.)
    Sarah: Tell me everything. Now.
  • Sarah getting Katie to confess and chewing her out for her stupidity of allowing children to be in the still torn apart areas of Chicago.
    • Katie's description of Sarah is pretty awe-inspiring.
    Her anger was like a physical thing, overwhelming and intense as it struck. The woman was a force of nature. Like a hurricane. She was powerful, frightening, and impossible to stop. She didn't lay a hand on the teenagers, but she didn't have to. Not yet. The force of her emotions and personality were causing enough damage already. All Katie could do was hope the woman's fury didn't wipe her from existence.
  • In Chapter 5, Annabelle leading the other children to attack the teenagers.
  • Wheelie jumping on Mike and taking his cellphone.
    Wheelie: Hold still. I'm not hurting you even if that girl [Emily] stuck me in a cage. You're just being replaced as a cameraman.
  • In Chapter 6, Ironhide and Chromia going into protective parent mode when they find out the teenagers have kidnapped Annabelle and the other children.
    Chromia: What's your hurry? I don't believe we've even had a proper introduction yet. But you seem to know our Annabelle. Perhaps you should stay a while.
    Ironhide: We insist.
    • Wheelie calling out the teenagers for just abandoning the children.
    Wheelie: Yeah, the whole leaving the kids behind to save yourself thing? That's really not going to go over well with your fans. Even if they aren't in any danger, you still thought you were leaving the kids to die.
  • In Chapter 7, Sam making it clear on the consequences for kidnapping Annabelle.
  • Mikaela slapping Emily for kidnapping Wheelie.
  • Doubles as Heartwarming Moment, the Autobots befriending the children and proving the teenagers dead wrong for thinking that all Cybertronians are heartless monsters.
  • In Chapter 8, Sarah finally confronts her daughter's kidnappers.
    • Her dislocating one of Tommy's fingers when he continues to disrespect the Autobots and the children.
    • Ironhide calling out the teenagers for kidnapping the children.
    "Why should younglings be punished for the actions of their elders and caretakers? They should have known better."

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