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  • While at first it wasn't on purpose, Kurama defies several world powers by taking in jinchuuriki with promises of freedom and better treatment.
    • He was pursued across 7 nations by 4 of the 5 Great Nations, and still pulled it all off. All after having a fist-sized hole straight through his upper chest and back.
  • The First Kakashi v. Kurama fight: two men are fighting for what they think is the right thing to do. Kakashi tries to turn the tide by activating his Rakkiri on Kurama, but then Naruto tries to get in between them to stop the fight. But Kakashi can't make turns so Kurama deliberately takes a Rakkiri to chest, which goes through a lung and his back! Kakashi is so stunned that Kurama is able to knock him out. Then he quite literally runs off the injury.
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  • Props to the little red fox! If it wasn't for the fox wanting to repay Kurama for his help, Kurama would have been captured and forced back to Konoha!
  • Gaara, Fuu and Naruto manage to defeat Jiraiya by themselves! He was taken off guard and holding back, but still!
    • Later Gaara, Yugito, and Fuu prove a major help in decimating the Akatsuki; S-ranked ninja who had been training to capture them.
  • Utakata and Saiken, with a brief assist from Iruka, take down Sasori.

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