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Funny moments in the Black Crayons series:

Black Crayons

  • Annabelle's teacher reacting to the child constantly putting a black truck in her drawings, even if it doesn't make sense for a truck to be there.


  • Annabelle actually convinced Ironhide to stand still so she could draw a picture of him. The Autobot's patience is being tested by Will trying not to laugh (too hard) at his situation.

Babysitter's Nightmare

  • Ironhide pretending to be a possessed car in order to scare Jennifer, who is babysitting Annabelle. At the end of the story, he reveals that he got the idea from Bumblebee.

Night Sky


  • Annabelle drawing a picture of her, Ironhide, and a Tyrannosaurs Rex. Even funnier when you remember that there is a Transformer who can become a T-Rex.
  • Ironhide surprisingly supports Sarah Lennox in that children should not engage in violence after Annabelle punches Carl, but then:
    Ironhide: That's what my cannons are for. What does the boy look like?

Parent-Teacher Conference

  • Annabelle's teacher listens to Sarah scold her truck for teaching Annabelle foul language. She also hears Ironhide apologize.

Everybody Needs a Birthday

  • Ironhide's birthday party. That is all.

Babysitting, Take Two

When I Grow Up

Party Time

  • Annabelle trying to convince Ironhide to put on a party hat. She even went through the trouble of getting a piece of string long enough so that it would fit on his head.
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  • Annabelle doesn't know why Wheelie is so much smaller than the other Cybertronians and can only think of one possible explanation:
    Annabelle: Are you a baby robot?
    Wheelie: (stuttering trying to find an explanation)
  • Everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to Ironhide. Also counts as one In-Universe because with the exception of Annabelle, everyone singing is trying to keep a straight face.
  • Sam and Wheelie getting pelted by water balloons. Ironhide also takes the opportunity to throw one at Ratchet.

Language Lessons

  • When Annabelle says "slag", Ironhide quickly looks around to see if Sarah heard that.
  • Ironhide being adamant to Sarah Lennox that he is not teaching her daughter to swear in Cybertronian.

Summer Vacation

  • Annabelle out pranks Skids and Mudflap by turning them into art projects while sleeping. With a combination of glitter, glue and markers. It hits it's peak when they wake and see what she has done to them. Bumblebee's reaction is to play an appropriate song.
  • Any of Sarah's Mama Bear moments. Even the soldiers and some of the Transformers are intimidated by her.
    • Ironhide's thoughts about her deserve a mention. He imagines a scenario with Sarah armed with a cannon being unleashed upon the Decepticons. It ends with her standing over Megatron's broken body. He doesn't think about it further because he does not want to be the one to unleash such a monster on an unsuspecting universe.
  • Sam, Annabelle, Bumblebee, Chromia, Skids, Mudflap, and Sideswipe have a race while Epps keeps Optimus, Ratchet, Ironhide, Will and Sarah from finding out. Once the race is over, Epps and the people he was supposed to distract arrive and Sam gets scolded by Sarah.
    Sarah: Should I ask? Should I ask why my daughter, who I left in your care, just participated in some kind of high-speed street race? Should I ask why Epps tried to keep us away from here with some flimsy excuse? Should I ask whose idea this was in the first place so I know who to 'discuss' this with?
    Sam: No, I don't think you should ask those questions because I'd rather survive to see my next birthday, madam. I think everyone would be happier not learning those answers. Or at least, they'd live a longer life. (Seeing that his words were having little effect in pacifying the woman, he glanced at the car he still sat in.) Bumblebee, floor it!
    Epps: (trying to run after Sam and Bumblebee) Wait, take me with you. Don't leave me to die!
  • In Optimus Prime's conversation with Annabelle, due to the child's Comically Missing the Point of Optimus's grand speeches, the Autobot leader borders on being The Comically Serious.

My First Decepticon


A Child's Innocence

  • In Chapter 1, Brains tried to go into the bathroom while Mikaela was still in it. She reacts by apparently kicking him across the room. Wheelie is decidedly unsympathetic to Brains.
  • In Chapter 2, Sam is just waking up and thinks Mikaela is kissing him. It turns out to be Bones licking his face much to the amusement of his girlfriend, Wheelie and Brains.
  • In Chapter 5, there's something hilarious about Barricade going into Oh, Crap! mode when he recognizes Annabelle and wonders if Ironhide is anywhere near.
  • In Chapter 6, Mikaela and Sam go to NEST HQ to try to give them secret information. Mearing is not happy about them being here because they are not authorized. Mikaela and Sam quickly get tired with her behavior. Also qualifies as Moment of Awesome and Heartwarming Moments for Mikaela standing up for her boyfriend.
  • In Chapter 12, Simmons, in a conversation with Mearing, perfectly sums up how much of a Mama Bear Sarah Lennox is:
    Simmons: Charlotte, you might think you're an intimidating woman, but Sarah Lennox could leave Megatron whimpering in fear.
  • In Chapter 19, Mearing becomes associated with Sarah, and proceeds to throw Simmons and Dutch under the bus:
    Sarah: I understand that there are rules and regulations, ma'am. That's your job.
    Mearing: Don't call me a 'ma'am.' I'm not…
    Sarah: But I have my own job. And no one will stop me from doing it. I'll make this simple. I'm here for my daughter, Annabelle. I know she was brought here and I've come to take her home. As soon as I have her, I'll get out of here and leave you to deal with the rest of your problems.
    Dutch: Oh, no...
    Mearing: Well, Mrs. Lennox, I am afraid that I'm dealing with a massive crisis that could decide the fate of our entire planet. I am not a babysitter. Last that I knew, however, the child was left in the care of former Agent Simmons.
    Sarah: (to Simmons) Where is my daughter?
    Dutch: I'm sorry. It isn't our fault. She is very sneaky and clever. Please don't rip my head off.
    Sarah: (grabbing Simmons and Dutch by their collars) Where is she?
    Simmons: We... think she's in Chicago.
  • In Chapter 22, Sarah takes Dutch so he can drive her to the hospital where Annabelle is currently recovering. When Dutch tries to plead to Simmons for help, his boss replies that he's under arrest for kissing Mearing and considers facing potential sexual harassment charges is much better than dealing with an angry Sarah Lennox.
  • In Chapter 23, there's this:
  • After Annabelle explains why she went to Chicago, Will has this to say:
    Will: Why do I have a feeling you're going to be a little terror when you become a teenager?
  • Wheelie delivers a message from the Autobots to Annabelle:
    Wheelie: Let's see… The twins are babbling incomprehensively about some nonsense. They probably want to team up with you for some type of prank. You can't understand half of what they say anyway. The Wreckers are impressed and want to meet you properly some time. Arcee and Chromia told them over their off-lined bodies. Something about a bad influence. Sideswipe and Mirage are referring to your stunt as crazy, but rather cool. Wheeljack said something about building something to go with the cast, but everyone told him not to even think about it. Ratchet mentioned that he'll be keeping an optic on your recovery. Optimus said something profound and rather impressive that I probably would mess up on if I tried to repeat it. Bumblebee wants to play you some song to let you know that he's glad you're okay and to let you know that Sam and Mikaela are getting married. And Ironhide is informing me that, if I don't tell you that he is rather relieved that you're awake and that he's sorry about not answering you earlier when you tried to call all of us, he's going to turn me into his newest target for his cannons.

Not According to Plan

  • In Chapter 1, Mike, one of the teenagers who kidnapped Annabelle and some other children, thinks he could handle Annabelle. Oh, Mike if only you knew...
  • In Chapter 2, Annabelle is quickly fed up with Tommy's anti-Cybertronian attitude and punches him in the crotch with her good arm.
  • More Dramatic Irony:
    Annabelle: But Mommy will be really mad. She'll make you really sorry when we get back.
    Emily: Don't worry about it, shrimp. She won't find out. And even if she does, it won't be that bad.
  • In Chapter 3, Wheelie's description of a typical example of a teenager:
    Impulsive, annoying, not particularly bright, but still dangerous. Kind of like Mudflap and Skids.
    • His reaction to seeing Annabelle: "Well, that's it. We're all dead."
    • He then goes on about how Sarah Lennox is going to kill everyone responsible for Annabelle being put in her current situation.
    Wheelie: Even if no one else gets involved in the slaughter, your mother will wipe out everyone. Between her, Warrior Goddess, and you, the femmes of your species are scary.
    Annabelle: We're not scary.
    Wheelie: Are you kidding me? Everyone is scared of your mother for a reason. It's called 'not wanting to die horribly.' No one wants to make her angry because she's dangerous.
  • In Chapter 4, Dutch is still with Sarah Lennox, possibly because he's too scared of potentially angering her by leaving.
  • Sarah demands that Katie tell her everything. The teenager proceeds to do just that.
  • In Chapter 5, the comments for the video Wheelie uploaded almost entirely consist of praising Annabelle punching Tommy.
  • Wheelie's utter joy at discovering that the Cybertronians that the teenagers have led him, Annabelle, and the other children to are Ironhide and Chromia. Even more hilarious as his reaction is pretty much the same as the audience.
  • In Chapter 7, Sam wondering if the teenagers are suicidal for kidnapping Annabelle and knowing the full consequences.
  • Izabella, Sam and Wheelie commenting after Mikaela slaps Emily.
  • In Chapter 8, Sarah finally confronts the people who kidnapped her daughter. It's full of moments of funny and moments of awesome.
    Sarah: Unlike some people, I understand the concept of restraint.
    Arcee: I can't tell if she's referring to Ironhide or Sideswipe with that one.
    • Mike momentarily forgets how intimidating the Autobots are due to how much Sarah outshines them in that department.
    • Izabella, Sam and Wheelie talking about Annabelle's mother.
    Izabella: Her mom is a little scary.
    Wheelie: You can say that again. I'd hate to see her with weapons.
    Sam: That's the stuff of nightmares.
  • On subject of the video Wheelie recorded, most people found the highlights to be Annabelle punching Tommy, Mikaela slapping Emily, and just everything about Mrs. Lennox.

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