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The show thrives on this so much that sometimes it comes back to bite them in the ass:

  • Sam: truly pure at heart (in spite of his missteps) or a whiny and smug Ungrateful Bastard? Was he jealous of Gordon taking his brother (who also was one of the reliable parental figures he had) away from him, or was he genuinely concerned about Dean's latching onto a replacement father figure?
  • Dean.
    • There's no denying he has a bit of a martyr complex. Is it saintly or just unhealthy?
    • Dean's Handsome Lech tendencies: funny and harmless, or compulsive and slightly sad? Is he really a charming playboy or is he just a "do-and-ditch" type with Commitment Issues? And if it's the latter, to what extent is the issue due to his life as a hunter? Add the fact that Dean is also a Blood Knight
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    • Dean's attitude towards Sam: selflessly looking after his brother no matter what, or is he selfish, controlling, self-righteous, and even abusive? And because of that, depending on how you look at it, Sam could either often times be an Ungrateful Bastard or justifiably defiant when it comes to ignoring his brother's wishes.
  • John Winchester: a once good man broken by loss and tried to do the best that he could, or a callous bastard who emotionally abused his children in his obsessive desire for revenge?
  • Ruby: did she truly care about Sam or was she just using him to raise Lucifer? One could use evidence drawn from the previous episodes to argue that her apparent concern and happiness for Sam were always all part of an act designed to keep manipulating him for a scheme she didn't survive to follow up on, or as simple mind-games used to toy with Sam. On the other hand, one could also use evidence drawn from those same episodes to argue that that Ruby did love Sam... as best a demon can love a hunter, at least, with all the intentional/unintentional cruelty and delusion that entails. For their money, Eric Kripke and Genevieve Padalecki both state that Ruby did love Sam in her own way, but whereas Eric felt that Ruby thought that she was doing what she thought was best for Sam and was well-meaning at heart, Gen theorized that Ruby's "love" for Sam came from his power and possibly (though Gen didn't mention this part, since it was before The Reveal) her knowledge of his destiny.
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  • Was Anna following Heaven's orders or not in "The Song Remains the Same"? There's just as much evidence to support one as the other. In-Universe, she even argues about which one it is with Cass. Moreover, was she the villain of the episode trying to murder the Winchesters even after they helped save her, a very dark, very desperate Anti-hero / Anti-villain using evil methods to prevent a worse outcome, or a Hero Antagonist trying to undo the Apocalypse by making it so the heroes never existed?
  • In "Time After Time", was Chronos an unrepentant monster who killed only to fuel his own powers, or was he genuinely tired of millennia of involuntary "Quantum-Leaping" through time and honestly believed his victims were necessary sacrifices so he could remain tethered to 1944 and be with the woman he loved?
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  • Castiel: Is he a naive, socially awkward but well-meaning angel who selflessly devotes himself to his friends and gets abused and taken advantage of? Or is he an amoral, calculating, borderline sociopath on a power trip who gets off on controlling and manipulating everyone around him? At the end of Season 6, did he betray the Winchesters, or did they betray him? Or both? Was he really trying to save the world, or was he just Drunk With Power by that point? There was some, ahem, heated discussion about this following the Season 6 finale.
  • In "Sacrifice", was Jane really the only Nephilim in existence or was Metatron simply lying to Castiel in order to get him to kill "an abomination" as he saw it? Considering that he repeatedly lies to Castiel about what they are doing, this throws the rest of his claims into doubt as well?
  • Is God a benevolent father figure who truly cares about humans and angels, but values free will to such an extent that He refuses to directly intervene and be a literal Deus ex Machina? A well-meaning, but imperfect creator who really cared, but couldn't prevent things from falling apart? Or a hypocritical jerk whose blatant favoritism of one child and then another and eventual leaving make him a deadbeat father at best if not a cruel, capricious jerk who set everything up for his own amusement? The Season 14 finale confirms that he is the latter.
  • Did Ava Wilson really get Drunk on the Dark Side, or (like Jake originally intended to) did she secretly plan to kill Azazael (who had murdered her fiancee, after all, which could have left her wanting revenge) to stop him once she was the last special child left, and see killing the others as a Necessary Evil to ruin his plans? Or, like Jake, did it start out that way and lead to her genuinely being corrupted?


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