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  • When Dick initially attempted to leave Rachel with Dawn and Hank was he actually planning on coming back or was he just going to run back to Detroit?
  • In season 1, Hank makes a joke about him and Dawn being "the bad kids." While Hank is certainly much more aggressive than Dick in terms of basic personality, one could argue that he's more bark than bite given he's later shown to be extremely put off by Dick's level of brutality, which instead makes Dick "the bad kid."
  • Season 1 exclusive, did Dawn cheat on Hank with Dick, or was she cheating on Dick with Hank? Episode 4 of season 2 shows her openly dating Dick in a flashback after already having become Dove, after a brief falling out with Hank.
  • Relating to how she's Unintentionally Unsympathetic for some fans, does Raven care about Gar as a friend, or is she just using him as a Living Emotional Crutch to lean on, and couldn't care less about his own mental well being and safety as long as she can keep using him?
  • Were the hallucinations Gar saw near the end of season 1 the onset of PTSD, or was it just Trigon's influence affecting his perceptions.
  • Given what we learn of The Chief in Doom Patrol (2019) one can't help but wonder if he's the reason Gar and his parents got sick.
    • However this could be overlooked as it's confirmed that both shows take place in seperate continuties.
  • In season 2, when Jason convinces Gar to go look for Doctor Light, was he being honest about keeping it strictly a recon mission, or was he planning on confronting the villain the whole time. On one hand, he seems to actually value Gar's emotions and thoughts and may have just felt compelled to fight him because he [Jason] was spotted and cornered. On the other hand, he clearly felt like he had something to prove to the other Titans.
  • The show presents Dawn as a Morality Pet to both Hank and Dick, who's supremely wise and a Warrior Therapist. However, there's a rather large portion of fans who view her as a manipulative, unfaithful woman, with an holier than thou attitude, who suffers from an in-universe case of Protagonist-Centered Morality... All while acting as a Toxic Friend Influence to both men. With many arguing that the toxicity shows in the forms of her continuing hero work in season 2 despite her and Hank's mutual promise to be retired from that line of business and telling Dick in a flashback to be more like Batman (despite the show previously establishing that Dick being like Bruce is, apparently, very, very bad for his mental health).
  • Rose, given her role as The Mole who was sent to spy the Titans for Deathstroke, she is a big source of wild mass guess.
    • Was she truly angry about Jason having Joey's old vinyl or was she faking?
    • How willing she was to deceive the Titans? For someone who was supposed to be The Mole she was trying a little bit too hard to escape the Titans Tower, almost getting herself killed in the process.
    • When did Rose started her Face–Heel Turn; it was before or after Dick told his own version of what happened to her brother, since she was manipulated and told another version by Slade? How "un-genuine" were her interactions with the Titans? Most fans believe Rose wasn't very convincing about wanting to deceive them, coming out as rather genuinely friendly with them, if a little reluctant. Of course there is small faction who believes she was a Manipulative Bitch the whole time, and her Heel–Face Turn was just an Ass Pull to avoid consequences.
    • Rose's apparent unsympathetic reaction to Jason being kidnapped by Deathstroke. She finds the cereals more important than Jason, yet she was the first one trying to comfort him after almost getting killed by her father. And what exactly was she doing at his door anyway? Was she really trying to comfort him or was she instructed by Slade to blend in with the Titans to make it look even more convincing that she was his victim too, when he gas-lighted everyone and took picture of them? And if it was indeed the latter, why with Jason?
    • Her relationship with Deathstroke. Were her tries to connect with Rachel about having shitty fathers or with Jason in that they were both victims of him, genuine or part of her lies? There may be a little bit of truth in her words, given how bitter she sounded, even if she still was on Slade's side.
  • And speaking of Mr. Wilson. There is no doubt he loved Jericho, his favorite child, but did he loved Rose too? In the comics, of course Depending on the Writer, she was even his favorite kid, but in the show it is very ambiguous if he harbors any affection for her. When Rose reaches him for the first time, he rejects her, yet weeks later he shows up in her life, telling his daughter he rejected her earlier because he was not ready to be a father. Except he was already a father for a few good years. There is also the fact he did made sure she has anything she needs, but in the same time, Rose never knew he was her real father or that she has an older brother. And there is also the possibility he only took care of her and Lillian, so Adeline never finds out he cheated on her and had an illegitimate daughter. And when Rose tells him she had enough of his games, does Slade breaks the glass because he felt betrayed as a father or as chess master losing his pawn? Or both?


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