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Nightmare Fuel / Titans (2018)

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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Season 1

    Episode 1: Titans 
  • Rachel dreaming of the moment when Dick’s parents fall to their death.
  • Rachel coming home from school to find Acolyte holding a gun to her mother’s head and then shooting her.
  • Dick's brutality can become this when you realize that it’s one of the main reasons he stopped working with Bruce, and considering how Batman is known for being Good Is Not Soft and Dick seems to have become Robin as a young child like in the comics, he’s watched, observed, and picked up this brutality since he was around 10 to 11 years old.
  • Kory / Starfire unleashing her fiery powers for the first time. Kovar and his two henchmen end up charred and crumble to dust.
  • Rachel getting drugged and kidnapped by a man poses as a cop.
  • Acolyte planning to kill Rachel in order to prevent the coming of her father. Suddenly a "new side" of Rachel emerges and kills him.
  • Raven's demon having its ways with the man who killed her mother. It gets into him by his mouth, then the man spews blood and his liquefied guts.
    Episode 2: Hawk and Dove 
  • While saving Hawk and Dove, Robin stabs a guy in the junk with shears!
    Episode 3: Origins 
    Episode 4: Doom Patrol 
  • Rita's blob form
    Episode 5: Together 
  • Dr. Adamson cooking a chicken embryo is shown to the audience and is both disgusting and disturbing with capital D.
    Episode 6: Jason Todd 
  • Bruce put a tracker in Dick's arm that Dick didn't know existed.
  • Jason at first seems like an overly enthusiastic about the violence that comes with being a superhero but otherwise a normal decent kid happy to meet Dick Grayson who he spends a good time of the episode fanboying over. But throughout the episode we see glimpses of his overly violent tendencies and it comes to a head when he brutally attacks a team of cops who were doing nothing wrong but coming to investigate the area and from what he tells Dick it’s implied he’s done this before behind Bruce’s back.
    • And not only this, but the entire sequence is filmed like a horror movie; there is that scene where a cop looks around Jason appears out of nowhere right behind his back, just like a sadist murderer from a slasher horror movie.
    Episode 7: Asylum 
  • Rachel undoes her earlier healing of Dr. Adamson, so he bleeds to death.
  • The Titans (sans Raven) being tortured at the asylum:
    • Dick is Mind Raped through a drug that forces him to face his inner darkness and demons.
    • Kory gets a tube shoved down her throat, is strapped to an operating table, and is cut open!
    • Garfield is chained up, stripped naked and prodded like an animal.
  • Gar biting and eating the orderly. The experience leaves him noticeably traumatized.
    Episode 8: Donna Troy 
  • The Reveal that Kory's mission isn’t to protect Rachel but to kill her.
    Episode 9: Hank And Dawn 
  • Young Hank getting molested by his football coach in order to protect his brother Don.
    Episode 10: Koriand’r 
    Episode 11: Dick Grayson 
  • The season finale shows that Batman flipped his lid and murdered his rogues gallery after The Joker killed Commissioner Gordon. Kory takes Dick to see the morgue where all of the Arkham Asylum staff are laid up in beds with Dick saying "This isn't justice; it's a massacre." Kory even says that the head warden's family can't even recognize him. Fortunately, it turns out to all be All Just a Dream.
  • Dick being possessed by Trigon before killing Batman.

Season 2

    Episode 1: Trigon 
    Episode 2: Rose 
  • This show's version of Deathstroke is 100% Nightmare Fuel. The odd way he moves, the cold, stoic attitude he displays, and of course, his classic willingness to torture and murder children all create a chilling villain.
  • This show's version of Doctor Light. This character receives a strong dose of Adaptational Badass , with the way his powers work feeling unnatural and unnerving to watch and his more jokester attitude conflicting with his desire to kill. Hell, the man is able to turn an innocent kid into a living bomb.
    Episode 3: Ghosts 
    Episode 4: Aqualad 
    Episode 5: Deathstroke 
  • Rose’s body, after her fight with Rachel, is crumpled and twisted unnaturally and when her healing powers kick in, watching her body twitch and jerk is very unsettling. The look on the Titan’s faces says it all.
    Episode 6: Conner 
    Episode 7: Bruce Wayne 
  • While it's mostly used comedically, there's something creepy about how Dick hallucinates Bruce all of the time. The way it's done almost makes Bruce seem demonic in a way, pestering Dick constantly and driving him a little closer to insanity and desperation.
    Episode 8: Jericho 
  • The opening of the episode which shows Jericho's nightmare is pretty grim as he sees what's effectively the worst of humanity. Special mention goes to the way he tries to scream, which sounds almost banshee-like and looks painful for the innocent boy.
  • Donna walking into the museum to find all of her Amazon friends, basically her family, slaughtered by Slade and she nearly becomes her next victim. Even though Donna and the Amazons are considered to be some of the best , if not the best fighters in the DC universe, it really shows how powerful and ruthless Slade is.
    • Just the way Donna is forced to struggle on the ground to escape the villain right before Slade places a knife to her neck and a pistol to her head. If Slade wanted to, he could've murdered Donna right there and then.
    Episode 9: Atonement 
  • The scene between Dick and Slade. It never ends up with a fight but you can feel the tension in the room. There are two people in a room who clearly want to kill each other but one is just so tired of war and the other just has a chilling amount of patience.
  • Conner attacking a bunch of cops. It really highlights how scary a man with the powers of Superman but little control can be.
    Episode 10: Fallen 
  • Apparently now has the ability to grant sentience to a statue of a gargoyle, which ends up slaughtering a man.
    Episode 11: E.L. .O. 
  • Once again, Gar is forced to maul someone to death and knowing how he reacted to doing so in "Asylum", he's definitely not going to be happy when he's freed of the brainwashing.
  • The reveal that Jericho's alive can be this when you think about it. He's been trapped for five years within his father's body. Watching as he's tortured and brutalized the Titans and who knows else.
    Episode 12: Faux Hawk 
  • The scene inside of Slade's mind is pretty eerie, as it's horrifying to think of how Jericho's been Slade's prisoner for five years
  • The fact that Slade just gouged the eye of his own daughter and some creepy gaslighting implications. How could she go along with his plans after that?
    Episode 13: Nightwing 

Season 3

    Episode 1: Barbara Gordon 
  • When it was announced that Jason Todd would become Red Hood, it was presumed that he'd simply adapt the persona as a way to get revenge on the Titans for supposedly shunning him, with no mention of The Joker due to an embargo keeping the character off of TV, i.e. Gotham. However, when the episode aired, we saw Jason, in an abandoned amusement park, finding the corpse of a security guard... with a Glasgow Grin on their face. A carnival game suddenly springs to life, startling Jason... who turns right into a familiar crowbar. In graphic, brutal detail, we find out that Jason's turning into Red Hood would go the way we'd expect, and that whatever embargo keeping the Joker off screen was gone for good.
  • And in keeping with the above, Iain Glen's Bruce Wayne was always portrayed a bit darker than what we're used to, more manipulative and borderline sociopathic, with little to no empathy for anyone who gets caught up in his mission. So when he got "The Reason You Suck" Speech from both Dick and Barbara, blaming him for Jason's death, you knew something was gonna give. And what gave was Bruce's one rule, as he tracks down the Joker and repays him for Jason's death with his own crowbar, one of the few occasions we see what happens when Bruce snaps.
    Episode 2: Red Hood 
  • The mother coerced into becoming Red Hood's messenger is in such pain when the subdermal pump activates she snaps her own neck. Worse, it's Jason doing this, who previously was a jerk and Well-Intentioned Extremist, but now opens his reign with a gesture as cruel and pointless as any Gotham supervillain, purely as an act of spite against Dick.

    Episode 3: Hank & Dove 
    Episode 4: Blackfire 
    Episode 5: Lazarus