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Nightmare Fuel / Titans

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  • Dick's brutality can become this when you realize that it’s one of the main reasons he stopped working with Bruce, and considering how Batman is known for being Good Is Not Soft and Dick seems to have become Robin as a young child like in the comics, he’s watched, observed, and picked up this brutality since he was around 10 to 11 years old.
    • In episode 2 while saving Hawk and Dove, he stabs a guy in the junk with shears!
  • Raven's demon having its ways with the man who killed her mother. It gets into him by his mouth, then the man spews blood and his liquefied guts.
  • Kory / Starfire unleashing her fiery powers for the first time. Kovar and his two henchmen end up charred and crumble to dust.
  • Rachel’s Super-Powered Evil Side that constantly appears in her reflection to either insult her or taunt her.
    Evil Rachel: Who’s gonna help you now bitch!
    Evil Rachel: All your friends are gonna die!
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  • Bruce put a tracker in Dick's arm that Dick didn't know existed.
  • Jason at first seems like an overly enthusiastic about the violence that comes with being a superhero but otherwise a normal decent kid happy to meet Dick Grayson who he spends a good time of the episode fanboying over. But throughout the episode we see glimpses of his overly violent tendencies and it comes to a head when he brutally attacks a team of cops who were doing nothing wrong but coming to investigate the area and from what he tells Dick it’s implied he’s done this before behind Bruce’s back.
  • Rachel undoes her earlier healing of Dr. Adamson, so he bleeds to death.
  • The Titans (sans Raven) being tortured at the asylum:
    • Dick is Mind Raped through a drug that forces him to face his inner darkness and demons.
    • Kory gets a tube shoved down her throat, is strapped to an operating table, and is cut open!
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    • Garfield is chained up, stripped naked and prodded like an animal.
  • Gar biting and eating the orderly. The experience leaves him noticeably traumatized.
  • The Reveal that Kory's mission isn’t to protect Rachel but to kill her.
  • Young Hank getting molested by his football coach in order to protect his brother Don.
  • The season finale shows that Batman flipped his lid and murdered his rogues gallery after The Joker killed Commissioner Gordon. Kory takes Dick to see the morgue where all of the Arkham Asylum staff are laid up in beds with Dick saying "This isn't justice; it's a massacre." Kory even says that the head warden's family can't even recognize him. Fortunately it turns out to all be All Just a Dream.
  • Dick being possessed by Trigon before killing Batman.


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