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Headscratchers / Titans (2018)

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  • I get they can't use Cyborg because he's already a part of the Justice League, but why not use someone else who currently is/was a member of the Titans in the comics, like Tempest or Flamebird, to replace him?
    • They most likely have more Titans planned outside just Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven given the casting calls, so this might in the works.
      • Fair enough, but why not just have them present from the start? Or do they plan on doing a Sixth Ranger situation?
      • Apparently yes since Cyborg was announced to debut on the Doom Patrol and is supposed to move here later.
  • Regarding the infamous wig photo: Anna Diop has hair that's roughly elbow length naturally. While it's not as long as it is in canon, why not just have her dye said hair as opposed to wearing a wig?
    • It's not an official look at the character, so she'll probably look better in the series.
    • Also? Because then she'd have to walk around with Red/Orange hair for all of filming, even off the set.
    • And black hair is very difficult to dye. She would have to undergo heavy bleaching first, which is very bad for hair. I think a better question is why she can't just have black hair. If we're going to cast Starfire as a woc, then go all the way. Maybe even give her some red streaks that could glow when she uses her powers. The contrast would look amazing.
      • My best guess as to why they don't is that they want to avoid making her look too much like Blackfire should they end up using her down the line.
  • I am really trying to understand from where Dawn and Hank get their money, cuz the clearly aren't into heroing from money. At least for the rest of cast is clear, Donna and Dick have normal day jobs, Starfire is an alien princess, Beastboy, Conner and Rachel are kids, Rose got shit tons of money from her father, probably Jason too from Bruce. But Dawn and Hank? They do nothing for a living, but somehow they can travel a lot without worrying about money.
  • So like... HOW did Donna Troy die again, and why? For one thing, Connor wasn't exactly that worn out from what happened before, and it seems the only way they could contrive him not being able to catch the tower was that the people running away had a bad case of 1-Dimensional Thinking and didn't know to just step to the side. Speaking of Connor, she went toe-to-toe with him; electricity may not directly translate to physical force, but really, how does someone who takes hits from a Super-anybody get killed by a bad shock? Is this all just an excuse to have Rachel learn to bring people Back from the Dead?