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Tear Jerker / Titans (2018)

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season 1 


  • Raven has a vision of the demise of "The Flying Graysons" in a circus accident, with poor Dick being powerless to save his family and watching them fall to their death.
  • Dick begins the series on terrible terms with Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Hawk and Dove

  • Dick and Rachel discussing feeling left behind by their parents.
  • The entire scene on the roof where they discuss how Dick was planning to leave Rachel with Dawn and Hank is devastating.
    • Especially with the follow up involving Rachel being kidnapped, Dawn getting thrown off the roof, and Dick having flashbacks to his parents' deaths - deaths that occurred because they fell - while trying to help her.


Doom Patrol

  • Dick beating a father in front of his young child. From the look on his face one can tell that he is disturbed by how much he is becoming like Bruce.
  • The Doom Patrol themselves. While they do love and care for each other greatly and are grateful to The Chief for saving them, some of them (mostly Robot Man) long for lives they lived before.
    Raven: Are you... invisible under there?
    Negative Man: (dryly) Wouldn't that be nice?


Jason Todd

  • The episode opens at the Graysons' funeral.
  • Dick quotes The Prince from memory while staring at a picture of Machiavelli. It goes to show just how disturbed he is by the weapon he's become.
  • Jason referring to the Robin suit's "lame colours" becomes this if you remember Dick's origins - the colours were his family's colours, and Robin was his mother's nickname for him. Jason not knowing that indicates that Bruce not only gave away Dick's legacy immediately after Dick left without permission, but that he didn't consider the meaning worth explaining.
  • Clay says that Dick looks happy and asks him if he is. It's tough to watch when you know how isolated and struggling Dick's been since well before the start of the season.
  • Dick's flashback to having fun with his fellow Haly's circus performers while cutting away to pictures of their tortured bodies.
  • As much of a a monster as Nick Zucco has become, his Freudian Excuse for hating Dick is a painful one.


  • The look of utter horror on Gar's face after he bites the orderly.
  • Dick's greatest fear is the person he's become, so much so that when he hallucinates "the deepest, darkest parts of himself", he sees his younger self, telling him that he tried to blame Zucco and Bruce, but the only person responsible for who he's become is him.

Donna Troy

  • The opening flashback, with Dick talking to Donna about the Joker.
    • The scene really shows the psychological toll that being a Kid Hero can have on that child. Dick's personality in adulthood is now a lot more understandable.

Hank and Dawn

  • Hank as a child getting molested by the football coach to protect Don. Understandably the memory has a great emotional impact on him into adulthood.
    • Also with the way Hank recognizes the coach’s intentions towards Don, it can be argued that this is not the first time something like this has happened to Hank.
  • The deaths of Hank's brother and Dawn's mother.
  • Dawn asking her grief group why they can't make the world fair.


Dick Grayson


    Season 2 


  • Garfield nearly being killed by the possessed heroes, his own friends, is hard to watch


  • Hank and Dawn are unable to save Ellis from blowing up, Hank has to drag Dawn out of the house



  • Garth's death is 100% this. The creators were able to make him so likeable in this show that when Deathstroke kills him, you can't help but feel bad. Donna's cries don't make it any better.


  • Rachel runs away and breaks down when she thinks that she has killed Rose, fulling believing that she was born bad.


Bruce Wayne

  • Just about everything involving Jason this episode. How he's now traumatized from nearly falling to his death. How everyone is blaming him for things he did not do. The way his voice slowly starts breaking. This is all capped off by him standing on a rooftop thinking of committing suicide. By the end of the episode, you just want to give the kid a hug.
    • Even worse is how when the team starts ganging up on him, he doesn't even have a snarky comeback and he barely defends himself. He just sort of accepts that everyone sees him as a screw-up.
  • Throughout the episode, Dick's guilt manifests as a hallucination of Bruce, which constantly pesters him and makes it look like he's slowly going crazy. You really get the idea that he blames himself for Deathstroke coming for the Titans, but he's afraid of not only how the team will see him if they found out, but how he will start seeing himself: as a killer. It's only when Dick confesses his secret to Jason that he feels any sense of peace.








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