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Heartwarming / Titans (2018)

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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Season 1

    Episode 1: Titans 
  • Dick keeps a poster from his time at Haly's Circus, that shows his family’s act on it.
  • Sally, from the Soup Kitchen, wanting to help get Rachel into a youth shelter and off the streets.
  • Dick and Bruce may not be on speaking terms, but Dick is still following in his example when it comes to taking care of kids.
  • In episode one there's a moment where Dick flashes back the night at the circus when his parents died. There's a quick shot of a certain someone's hand resting his hand on Dick's shoulder saying he wants to help him.
  • A smaller moment that counts is when after Dick saves Rachel he takes her to his car, describing it as a family heirloom. When she asks if it's from the circus he just replies: "Not the one you're thinking of". On some small level at least Batman is still family to him.

    Episode 2: Hawk and Dove 
  • Dick hugs Rachel and promises her that nothing bad is going to happen to her.
  • We see a photograph of Dick, Donna, Dawn, and Hank - in this universe, they're the original Titans, and even after their falling apart, Dawn still cares about them enough to keep the picture.

    Episode 4: Doom Patrol 
  • Gar saw the damage Rachel caused, and he still thought it would be best to chase her down and bring her to his home with the (incorrect) belief that Chief could help her.
  • Gar’s reaction to Rachel wondering if her powers make her evil is to tell her that there is nothing evil about her.
  • Rachel tells Dick to stay away from her because she doesn't want him getting hurt and him refusing to leave, assuring her that she's not alone because she has him, and giving her a Cooldown Hug.
  • The Doom Patrol's relationship with each other. It’s made very clear that they are a family that cares for each other deeply.
    • Also, the other Patrol members send Gar out to live the kind of independent life which he, unlike the others, was too young to experience before being saved from death.

    Episode 5: Together 
  • When Rachel asks Dick to turn the mirror in her room around and she asks him if he was going to ask why, he tells her that it's enough that it had been bothering her.
  • Dick revealing to Rachel, Kori and Gar that he's Robin. He would have joined the fight as Dick Grayson the Detroit Detective, but he chose to put on the costume and fight as Robin the Boy Wonder to show he trusts them.
  • Jason Todd saving Dick from an ambush at the end. This either means that Batman has been keeping an eye on his former ward (most likely), or that Robin II saw that his predecessor was in trouble and joined in. Either way, it shows that regardless of whatever falling out Bruce and Dick had, he is always a member of the family.

    Episode 6: Jason Todd 
  • Jason's unashamed fanboyism towards Dick.
    • And not only his fanboyism, but Jason tries to present himself an "inflated" version of himself to Dick just to impress him.
  • After nearly six full episodes filled with moments of Dick expressing his anger towards Bruce and his desire to move past Robin, he acknowledges that Bruce did the best he could.
  • Dick's re-connecting with Clayton, and the flashback to how the latter had wanted to adopt "Dickie" after his parents' deaths, but forfeited that wish so the boy wouldn't have to live in poverty.

    Episode 8: Donna Troy 
  • Rachel running to catch up with Dick and give him a hug.
  • Dick and Donna have their comic counterparts' Platonic Life-Partners relationship. This includes her giving him pep talks and him gushing about her to the random guy he's trying to make small talk with at her showing.
  • Dick casually refers to Bruce as his dad.

    Episode 9: Hank And Dawn 
  • As horrible as it is, Hank taking the place of his younger brother Don to prevent him from getting molested by his coach.
  • The montage of Hank and Dawn getting to know each other. It includes Dawn introducing Hank to a high-class English breakfast, and him introducing her to hot dogs.

    Episode 11: Dick Grayson 
  • In The Stinger, Superboy's first impulse after escaping his container is to go rescue one of his fellow test subjects.

Season 2

    Episode 1: Trigon 
  • How much does Bruce trust Alfred? He took him to the fucking Justice League with him! If that doesn't say trust, especially after all these years, nothing will - especially as he did not take Dick or Jason.

    Episode 2: Rose 
  • When Dick calls Bruce and asks him if he regretted taking him in, Bruce says that if he could go back, he would do everything exactly the same.

    Episode 4: Aqualad 
  • Garth's awkward attempts to ask Donna out is adorable to watch. There's also the fact that Dawn is completely supportive of the relationship, scolding Donna when she continuously pushes him away. Later on, even Jillian, Donna's Amazonian mentor, tells her to reconsider returning to Themiscyra for Garth's sake, despite the difficult relationship between Amazonians and Atlanteans.
  • Garth's Anguished Declaration of Love at Donna, who responds with her own in turn. Sadly, it's followed by a massive tearjerking moment, as Garth is murdered by Deathstroke.

    Episode 5: Deathstroke 
  • The moment between Kory and Rachel discussing the latter’s lack of control over her power.
  • Donna and Kory sharing a drink, while Kory reveals that she is next in line to the throne on her home planet and that she wants to stay on Earth but doesn’t know if she has a choice.
  • While it's also tearjerking, Hank is the person most persistent in trying to save Jason, despite their previous enmity, saying that he knew how terrifying it is to suffer in the dark at the hands of a psychopath, hoping that your friends would save you when ultimately, they don't.

    Episode 6: Conner 
  • Conner absentmindedly shielding Lionel Luthor from being shot at by the Cadmus mooks shows that, despite his abusive upbringing, Lex still has a soft spot for his father.
  • After the incident at the Luthor house, it's briefly shown that Lex calls the people on-site to confirm that his father is okay.
  • Conner saving Jason from falling to his death. Despite the fact that Eve previously asked him not to be a hero, the Superman part of Conner will always convince him to be one.

    Episode 7: Bruce Wayne 
  • The fact that Bruce serves as Dick's good conscience shows that, even though he considered him a Toxic Friend Influence in the previous season, it is more of the opposite.
  • Kory talking with the comatose Conner, saying that him being comatose means she is not in control, and she hates not being in control, so she asks him to stay alive for her.
  • Conner smiling at Kory after she successfully neutralizes his Kryptonite poisoning.
  • Conner calling Eve his mother is adorable to watch. Her kissing his forehead gently makes it even cuter.

    Episode 8: Jericho 
  • Though they don't mean well (at first), Jericho finally finds a circle of friends in the Titans after years of abandonment by his father. It's especially hard not to smile at his joy of playing with Hank.
  • Even if they hate Deathstroke for killing Garth, both Hank and Dawn ultimately refuse to use Jericho to spy on Slade, saying that he is just an innocent kid.

    Episode 9: Atonement 
  • Hank's and Dawn's duet.

    Episode 10: Fallen 
  • Rachel befriending Dani, an abused girl, at a shelter. Then when Dani's father comes to forcefully collect her, Rachel uses her powers to threaten him from abusing Dani. Dani's response?
    Dani: You're fucking awesome!
    • Rachel then moves in with Dani, who is living with other stray girls. Even though the apartment they live in is dilapidated, Rachel finally finds a place she completely fits in.
  • Luis, one of Dick's inmates at Kane County prison, is given a deadline to kill Dick in return for his unpaid rent. However, he ultimately refuses to do it, saying that he has his conscience. Though this causes another inmate to be killed, Dick is touched by the act and factors this to the decision to help Luis and his friend Rafi escape from the facility.
  • Dick helping Luis and Rafi escape prison. Double this since he previously dismissed Rafi's faith in "a bird spirit" helping them, only to end up playing the role instead.
  • Despite her animosity, Donna still reports to Dick about Rachel's disappearance. At the end of the episode, when she tries calling him again after visiting Titans Tower, his voicemail inbox is full, indicating that the other Titans, most of whom are also not on speaking terms with him, have been trying to contact him as well.

    Episode 11: E.L. .O. 
  • Bruce Wayne inviting Kory, Donna, Rachel, and Dawn to a run-down diner in Nevada to convince them to reunite the Titans. Really shows Bruce's fatherly tendencies to the younger superheroes for him to go into trouble doing it, despite being busy in heroics himself. This also means that he still looks after Dick, his former sidekick and surrogate son.
    • While Dawn and Donna are still mad at Dick and refuse to help Rachel bail him out of the mess he's put himself in, Dawn does give Rachel an affectionate touch to the face before leaving, telling her to come find her and Donna when she's done.
  • The episode reveals that Jason and Rose have undergone Relationship Upgrade and are living together in a mansion outside Gotham. Jason later takes Rose to see the place where he grew up before Bruce took him.
  • Rose terminating her cooperation with Slade, having grown to genuinely care for Jason and the rest of the Titans.
    Episode 12: Faux Hawk 
  • Jericho is still alive, albeit in Slade's body. He still considers himself a friend of the Titans, and Dick in particular, and is battling his father to be able to break free.
  • Dick goes to the tailor shop where got his Robin suit to create a suit for his Nightwing persona. When he talks to the shopkeeper, he finds out that Bruce had anticipated this and helped with the design.

    Episode 13: Nightwing 
  • Dick's reunion with Jericho, especially when the latter uses sign language to communicate again, in spite of possessing Rose.
  • Dick manages to bring Conner's conscience out from Cadmus' brainwashing. They end up in the Smallville farm, in its full shining glory.
  • Dawn bonding with a little girl after the end of the fight with Conner, giving her a doll.
  • Bruce comforting Dick after Donna's funeral. Later, he attends the new Titans' dinner before their first mission, commending Dick for finally bringing the Titans back together.
  • Even though he still feels betrayed by Dick and the others, Jason is seen sending off Donna's coffin before it is taken to Themiscyra, though he quickly leaves afterward.
  • Hank convincing Dawn to work together again, not as Hank and Dawn, but as Hawk and Dove.

Season 3

    Episode 1: Barbara Gordon 
  • Before the conversation turns heated, Barbara actually enjoys her visit to the Wayne Manor, even laughing with Bruce and Dick while reminiscing about their past experiences with Jason.

    Episode 2: Red Hood 
  • Hank giving Dick a pep talk when he feels conflicted about the team's loss in securing the Gotham City Bank.

    Episode 3: Hank & Dove 
  • Hank's preemptive goodbyes to everyone in case he doesn't survive. His conversation with Dick, in particular, is touching, as it's merely a simple promise for them to eat out together.

    Episode 4: Blackfire 
  • Kory deciding to free Blackfire from her inhumane punishment. No matter how much she hates her, she is still her sister.

    Episode 5: Lazarus 
  • In their second session, Jason actually seems to have gotten into good rapport with Leslie, even offering to share his insecurities and hopes. He then promises to attend their next visit. Had Bruce not benched him, Jason might have been on the way to full recovery.
  • In a sad way, Jason confronting the Joker by himself is not out of defiance to Bruce, but because he believes it will prove to him that he is still worthy of being Robin.
  • Jason, as Red Hood, promising Molly that he will never hurt her, because she has been kind to him.

    Episode 6: Lady Vic 
  • Conner bonding with Blackfire over their shared status as outsiders.
  • Blackfire not being as untrustworthy as she appeared to be. It turns out that she left not to wreak havoc on the human world, but to help the Titans in their mission to track down Scarecrow.
  • After he escorts her back home, Barbara invites Dick to her house, as they reminisce the last time they went there together as a couple.

    Episode 7: 51% 
  • Starfire finally forgiving Blackfire and accepting her into the Titans, gifting her a suit so they can fight together.
  • The Titans celebrating their victory over Scarecrow at the end, which culminates in Dick and Barbara kissing.

    Episode 8: Home 
  • The Titans' successful mission to shut down Scarecrow's drugs operation led the GCPD to install a Bat Signal-esque searchlight, except this time to honor the Titans.
  • After Dick is hit by a car, he glimpses Jason approaching him before passing out. When he wakes up at the hospital, he realizes that Jason didn't finish him off but called an ambulance to save him, and starts second guessing his true loyalties.
  • Dick wakes up at the hospital with Barbara by his side. A doctor chimes in and states that she has been by his side for an entire night, even if it caused her to miss out the city gala.
  • Conner and Blackfire having a romantic night by gazing at a simulation of space, pinpointing their home planets to each other.
  • When Conner admits that his sex with Blackfire was his first one, and he enjoyed it, Blackfire replies that she enjoyed it too, even if, as a Tamaranean, it's far from her first one.
  • After Jason leaves Scarecrow, he confesses to a porn star he hires to hear him out that all he wants is to go back home. Home, in this case, is a place in the Titans.

    Episode 9: Souls 
  • Donna's motherly tendencies to Tim while they are stuck in the Next Place. Although she has reservations regarding Hank's plan, she ultimately agrees because Tim wants to go back to life.
  • Hank's final goodbye to Donna and Tim, and telling them to say hi to Dawn for him.
  • Hank reuniting with Don. The two decide to partner once more to save lost souls in the Next Place from the wrath of the Ghouls.
  • The literal first thing Donna does upon resurrection is saving Bruce from his suicide attempt.

    Episode 10: Troubled Water 
  • Lydia telling Donna that she doesn't see her as inferior because she's half-human, but rather a leader who has the potential to surpass any other.
  • Barbara siding with the Titans by saving them from the GCPD's wrath. However, this gets her arrested.