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  • Dick and Bruce may not be on speaking terms, but Dick is still following in his example when it comes to taking care of kids.
  • In episode one there's a moment where Dick flashes back the night at the circus when his parents died. There's a quick shot of a certain someone's hand resting his hand on Dick's shoulder saying he wants to help him.
  • A smaller moment that counts is when after Dick saves Rachel he takes her to his car, describing it as a family heirloom. When she asks if it's from the circus he just replies: "Not the one you're thinking of". On some small level at least Batman is still family to him.

Hawk and Dove

  • Dick hugs Rachel and promises her that nothing bad is going to happen to her.
  • We see a photograph of Dick, Donna, Dawn, and Hank - in this universe, they're the original Titans, and even after their falling apart, Dawn still cares about them enough to keep the picture.

Doom Patrol

  • Gar saw the damage Rachel caused, and he still thought it would be best to chase her down and bring her to his home with the (incorrect) belief that Chief could help her.
  • Gar’s reaction to Rachel wondering if her powers make her evil is to tell her that there is nothing evil about her.
  • Rachel telling Dick to stay away from her because she doesn't want him getting hurt and him refusing to leave, assuring her that she's not alone because she has him, and giving her a Cooldown Hug.
  • The Doom Patrol's relationship with each other. It’s made very clear that they are a family that care for each other deeply.


  • When Rachel asks Dick to turn the mirror in her room around and she asks him if he was going to ask why, he tells her that it's enough that it had been bothering her.
  • Dick revealing to Rachel, Kori and Gar that he's Robin. He could've joined the fight as Dick Grayson the Detroit Detective, but he chose to put on the costume and fight as Robin the Boy Wonder to show he trusts them.
  • Jason Todd saving Dick from an ambush at the end. This either means that Batman has been keeping an eye on his former ward (most likely), or that Robin II saw that his predecessor was in trouble and joined in. Either way, it shows that regardless of whatever falling out Bruce and Dick had, he is always a member of the family.

Jason Todd

  • Jason's unashamed fanboyism towards Dick.
  • After nearly six full episodes filled with moments of Dick expressing his anger towards Bruce and his desire to move past Robin, he acknowledges that Bruce did the best he could.

Donna Troy

  • Rachel running to catch up with Dick and give him a hug.
  • Dick and Donna have their comic counterparts' Platonic Life-Partners relationship. This includes her giving him pep talks and him gushing about her to the random guy he's trying to make small talk with at her showing.
  • Dick casually refers to Bruce as his dad.

Hank and Dawn

  • As horrible as it is Hank taking the place of his younger brother Don to prevent him from getting molested by his coach.
  • The montage of Hank and Dawn getting to know each other. It includes Dawn introducing Hank to a high-class English breakfast, and him introducing her to hot dogs.

Dick Grayson

  • In The Stinger, Superboy's first impulse after escaping his container is to go rescue one of his fellow test subjects.

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