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Nightwing and Starfire will be the Official Couple

Candidates for Season 1's Big Bad

  • The Acolyte
    • Appears, but he isn't the Big Bad.
  • Deathstroke
  • Trigon
    • Confrimed!
  • Brotherhood of Evil
  • Terra if Deathstroke is adapted out

Cyborg will never appear
Everything with the Justice League movie, his upcoming movie and the whole DCEU, it's unlikely he appear. Sure the Arrowverse/Supergirl-verse has some characters that were also seen in the movies, but it's not like they'll over do it.
  • Alternate idea: He'll appear later on, but he'll instead become the Justice League's liaison to the Titans, and the movies featuring the JL will be set in between his appearances (or alternatively, he'll disappear at certain points for "League duty", and much like the Kamen Rider summer movies, the Justice League movies will take place in between certain episodes).
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  • He will appear and be established as a former Titan and current Justice League member, and serve as the Hero of Another Story similarly to Superman's appearances on Supergirl (2015).
  • Jossed. Cyborg has an Adaptation Origin Connection in Doom Patrol, confirmed to be set in the same Shared Universe as Titans.

Harvest will appear, but will be done better.

Instead of poorly defined motives and powers, his anti-field is defined as a field that becomes stronger the more you push against it and his motivation is revealed more succinctly to be "harvesting" the metahumans and other superpowered people so as to prevent his future from happening, wherein non-powered people are persecuted by people with powers - and wherein his son is killed as a member of La Résistance. His hero complex is revealed to be spectacular derangement - he honestly still sees himself as human and everyone else as horrible monsters akin to what he actually looks like.


Batman will be unseen.
Much to be expected considering the DCEU and Gotham.
  • Jossed. He will be played in season two by Iain Glen.

This show is set in the same universe as either Supergirl or Krypton
It just seems like there are too many different continuities with the DC shows to follow, not that we need them all to be connected or anything. Word of God says Batman exists in the world of the Supergirl series, but that he can't appear in the the show itself and Bludhaven seems to be set in Bludhaven, which is traditionally a city on the East Coast of the US, presumably far away from National City (which seems to be Los Angeles-like). Krypton is a prequel set in the Superman mythos. That means that this show could be the parts of the larger world that we don't see in these shows. This means both could theoretically be set in the same continuity while still being justified in not crossovers or anything like that. This is admittedly more wishful thinking on my part.

They'll pull a Sixth Ranger(s) on us at some point in the show and add more Titans
Since there's a huge wealth of characters they could add to the team, maybe the reason they're only starting with 4 Titans is that they want to establish the core 4 before bringing it to the traditional 5 (or maybe even 6), adding someone like Tempest or Flamebird later on.
  • Given that superhero teams tend to start with a small group and slowly meet more allies (such as the 03 cartoon Titans) this seems a given.
Potential other Titans
  • Bumblebee
  • Aqualad
  • Red Devil
  • Jesse Quick, who'll be Truer to the Text compared to The Flash (2014)
  • Red Arrow/Arsenal
  • Kid Flash
  • Omen
  • Damage
  • Freddy Freeman (depending on Jack Dylan Grazer's availability and/or WB's willingness to recast)

Jason Todd will inspire Dick to grow closer to his comic self.
Jason will attempt to emulate Dick's Darker and Edgier schtick, only to take it too far (going by Word of God that Dick wasn't actually killing those thugs). Dick will see this and feel guilty about inspiring Jason to go down that path, leading him to intentionally go for a Lighter and Softer image to try and set a better example for his successor.

If Deathstroke is one of the villains in the series, he'll be named Slade rather than his codename.
Likely a Mythology Gag to the Teen Titans cartoon.

If Terra reappears, she'll be the Sixth Ranger Traitor and the Judas Contract saga will be unavoidable in a certain moment of the series

Terra's personality will be similar to the cartoon version

Robin's personal Arch-Enemy is Deathstroke/Slade.

Jason Todd will be the series version of Red X
And he will become an Ensemble Dark Horse, maybe even an outright replacement of Robin because let's admit it, Robin should have been Jason Todd from the start.
  • Jossed. Todd is depicted as a heroic sidekick to Batman with no major conflict with Dick, let alone criminal aspirations.

Starfire's costume in the promotional material is her intial outfit and will be changed overtime

  • She's an alien who just came to Earth and probably had to grab to what she felt comfortable in. But since she will stay in Earth, she will get new clothes.

The other Robins will appear, albeit with different backstories
Since it seems as if this version of Jason Todd will be spared as opposed to killed, that would mean that they'd have to come up with a different reason for the other Robins to show up (since I doubt they'd have Todd and Batman have a falling out and have 2 Robins on the Titans). So, I came up with the following ideas for how they could show up:
  • Option 1: The other Robins skip their tenure as Robin and going straight to the identities they adopted after becoming Robin (Tim Drake becomes Red Robin, Damian Wayne becomes Redbird, Stephanie Brown becomes Batgirl)
  • Option 2: Batman takes multiple sidekicks at the same time, but the most experienced one is the one that just goes by "Robin", whereas the others use different designations (i.e., Tim Drake goes by Red Robin).
  • Option 3: They show up as their civilian identities, but don't become superheroes.
  • Option 4: Robin is a title that cycles through identities over time so no one person suffers from burnout. Season 2 would have Time Drake show up as Robin, season 3 would have Stephanie, and season 4 would have Damian Wayne, with Season 5 going back to Jason Todd (assuming the show lasts that long).

The original Titans were formed
Donna and Dick are seen to have known eachother through their mentors being Justice League members, so there's nothing saying the other sidekicks didn't join them in making their own team through a similar connection.

The Justice League roster
If they appear at all the League will be an "all-star" version made up of iconic members with a few thrown in that serve as homage to the Superfriends roster in terms of ethnicity. Such as follows:
  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Lantern
  • The Flash
  • Aquaman
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Green Arrow
  • Hawkman
  • Black Canary
  • Hawkgirl
  • The Atom
  • Zatanna
  • Shazam
  • Black Lightning
  • Metamorpho
  • Red Tornado
  • Firestorm
  • Vixen
  • Vibe
  • Doctor Light
  • Plastic Man
Batman isn't actually any worse than the normal adaption
  • We know that the Word of Saint Paul that Bruce is a killer is false, as in then Trigon-induced nightmare when told that Batman tried to kill Joker Dick was shocked, suggesting that is something he wouldn't do, a line he hadn't crossed. We also know that Dick is haunted by trying to kill his parents killer and letting him die when his former bosses showed up to kill him. So my theory is it wasn't actually anything Bruce did, rather that Dick was frightened by his own darkness and projected against Bruce. Added to that the only other detailed account of Bruce was from Jason, who lets face it is a little jaded. It wouldn't be surprised if Batman, if/when he finally shows up, will be pretty much what we would expect from a normal Batman.

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