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  • Arc Fatigue: Season 5 really stalled halfway through, after not having a single elimination in months. They then dropped all pretense of it still being a competition.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: The Ascension are straight up heels in the vein of the Ministry of Darkness, but the NXT crowds love watching Viktor & Konnor destroy anyone placed in front of them.
  • Ear Worm: Just try to get Emma or Adam Rose's themes out of your head.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • The first season had some guy named Daniel Bryan.
    • Kaval, during the second season. He won the competition because WWE fans kept voting for him over the company's preferred picks, and subsequently the competition rules were rewritten to remove any input from the fans on the outcome.
    • When the show dropped the competition aspect and became more storyline based, a few wrestling fans started seeing it as an undiscovered gem that sadly wasn't seen by enough people and, more specifically, they credited a lot of its cult success to the storyline of Maxine, Johnny Curtis, and Derrick Bateman, and expressed genuine frustration and regret when Maxine announced she asked to leave the company.
    • Since the NXT/FCW merge, one person has managed to completely overshadow everyone on the roster in terms of popularity: Bray Wyatt, formerly Husky Harris. He was almost universally considered to be one of the best things on it, before he was called up the main WWE roster & did it again.
    • Sami Zayn and Paige are considered this as well. Especially Paige, who went on to win the Divas Championship from AJ Lee. It was commented at least once that there were more signs for Paige in the crowd than anyone else, male or female.
    • Kassius Ohno also had this before he was released.
    • Enzo Amore's hammy, hyperactive Miles Gloriosus gimmick made him a fan favorite, which is why he eventually made a face turn.
  • Funny Moments: Whenever Emma entered, there would usually be a shot of the commentary team with William Regal or Tensei/Jason Albert doing Emma's dance along with the crowd.
  • Fountain of Memes:
    • Every Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady promo seems to have at least one line that gets quoted all over the internet after the episode airs. It's at the point where the crowds at NXT have started doing the schtick along with the two of them, and they've only been around for a few months.
    • Any wrestler who has a really noticeable and repeated yell when performing moves; the crowd will pick up on this and begin chanting it when the wrestler is out. Examples include Michael McGillicutty/Curtis Axel ("SHAH!") and Konnor/The Ascension ("YAH!").
  • Growing the Beard: The latter half of Season 5 and the subsequent shift to being a show for their developmental talent.
  • My Real Daddy: When Vince McMahon was still involved with dictating the direction of NXT, it was filled with silly competition segments. When Triple H took over, it basically became his own personal project & he essentially turned it into an indie show with a WWE budget to much acclaim.
  • The Scrappy:
    • David Otunga in Season One. Despite being the worst wrestler in the group, Otunga was kept around until the finale where he came second, with the repeated assertion that Otunga had the "It" factor & deserved his spot because he was married to Jennifer Hudson. The finale saw Otunga receive several Take That, Scrappy! moments, with Wade Barrett delivering a scathing promo on Otunga & the rest of the Rookies asserting that Barrett was the obvious choice to win of the two.
    • Bo Dallas. The reason the IWC hated him so much was because he was pushed to WWE despite being very green in the ring, and eliminated Wade Barrett in the Royal Rumble of 2013. The hatred was so bad that WWE eventually turned his character into a Heel who believes he's a popular Face and pretends to be a nice person. This spared him further X-Pac Heat.
    • Wound up happening again with CJ Parker. A peace-loving hippie gimmick in the 2010s did not go over at all with the crowd and much like the the Bo Dallas example, this eventually led to him turning heel, becoming more of a smug, whiny environmentalist.
    • And after that, Mojo Rawley began to get flack for what the fans saw as a generic face character gimmick.
  • So Bad, It's Good: While the whole show was this prior to becoming the Developmental brand, NXT Season 3 in particular. The show was so ridiculously bad on purpose, that it seemed like its target audience were those who read WrestleCrap every week. It was almost as if WWE took everything that was narmy about the WWE Divas, highlighted it, and placed a few other comedy acts on the show to act as foils, such as heel Michael Cole, Goldust, and Vickie Guerrero. By Week 3, the show was so bad that you had Michael Cole banging a gong at ringside following the rookie challenges. The show's entire appeal is the ensuing Narm Charm, as well as Cole's and Josh Mathews' sarcastic remarks on everyone else involved.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Season 1 was by far the most successful set of Rookies, with the end result (The Nexus & Daniel Bryan, and eventually the singles careers of Bad News Barrett & Ryback), meaning that whoever were the next Rookies had their work cut out for them. As evidenced by the end results of Season 2 being a failed attempt to replicate the formation of the Nexus, it did not pan out well.

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