Awesome / WWE NXT

  • Any of the live specials; ArRIVAL and the TakeOvers have delivered in full spades.
  • Being that NXT is toted as the hottest place to be in pro wrestling today, it's become an expected thing for notable wrestlers to make surprise debuts, and almost all of them are awesome, especially if they're already established names. To name a few:
  • The Sami Zayn-Cesaro 2 out of 3 falls match from 2013. Holy cow, what a match.
    • How about Zayn/Cesaro at ArRIVAL? Both matches were Match Of The Year quality easily.
  • Adrian Neville ending Bo Dallas' NXT title reign. After months of lucky wins led to the hated Dallas becoming the longest reigning NXT champion, his luck finally ran out at NXT ArRIVAL in a ladder match.
  • On the September 8 2014 edition of RAW, the fans were treated to an impromptu tag match of Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd against Sami Zayn and NXT champion Adrian Neville. These four guys proceeded to steal the freaking show, considering:
    • Most mainstream WWE fans aren't automatically aware of NXT's players.
    • This was the notorious "Jerry Springer and the Bella Twins" RAW, which essentially killed the crowd dead.
    • They were promoting the WWE Network-only PPV NXT TakeOver II, so the stakes were obscenely high.
  • Finn Bálor's debut. Hideo Itami had already promised The Ascension that he would bring a friend after weeks of attempted one-on-two attacks that usually went against him. When Finn comes out, the crowd practically explodes... then Hideo and Finn proceed to SQUASH THE ASCENSION.
    • The crowd audio was actually dialed down so that the commentators could be heard over it, meaning that live it was even louder!
    • That YOU DONE MESSED UP NOW grin by Hideo before Finn's arrival!
  • TakeOver 3: R-Evolution was quite possibly not only the most awesome wrestling event of 2014, but a potential watershed moment in the future history of WWE itself:
    • The event opened with the NXT/WWE debut of Kevin Owens against CJ Parker. After being driven to Manly Tears upon the crowd's embracing applause of him during his entrance, Owens awaited Parker's entrance, then immediately cut off the expected standard match-opening sequence by crushing Parker in the corner immediately after the bell, going on a flurry which culminated in an over-the-top suicide plancha done with the grace and agility of a cruiserweight. Owens would go on to generally dominate the match, though he did get busted open hardway from the bit of offense Parker did get in, before pinning him decisively with a pop-up powerbomb. An ultimately fitting and very strong WWE debut for one of the most violent athletes in wrestling.
    • Before TakeOver 3, Finn Bálor promised the Ascension that he'd bring something to their match that they'd never seen and boy, did he deliver. Bálor's entrance began with dramatic lighting and a foreboding Heartbeat Soundtrack, leading into his already-impressive hard metal music theme and the reveal on stage of the return of his Prince Devitt body paint tradition. This paint job resembled predatory teeth from his chin to the top of his chest(that made his neck look like the maw of the other half of his namesake, the demon king Balor), and accentuated his theatrical entrance to the point it drew "holy shit" chants before he even started down the aisle and even had Konnor and Viktor noticeably reeling and contemplating their predicament at ringside. As the match itself went forward, Bálor had the entire crowd behind him and Itami, and they quickly began to overwhelm the Ascension with their speed, agility, and energy. Konnor and Viktor did take control of the action for a while, making sure to single out Itami because they knew they wanted nothing to do with Bálor, but once Hideo was able to get them off his back long enough to tag in Bálor, the flurry returned and pretty much never let up until Itami and Bálor decidedly finished the Ascension with simultaneously double foot stomps and pin covers. When you can thoroughly and convincingly freak out and overwhelm, first mentally, then physically, the very guys who've been doing exactly that to everyone else for the past year-plus, you are definitely the man in the yard.
    • The NXT Women's Championship match between former Beautiful Fierce Females Sasha Banks and Charlotte at TakeOver 3 was widely considered by fans to be one of the best women's matches for quite some time. Banks and Charlotte came in with loaded history and plenty of heat, and both proceeded to deliver in the ring, with Sasha's performance winning over many fans who had been skeptical of her abilities and Charlotte using her gymnastics background to display creativity in the ring that WWE Divas haven't been allowed to show in years. In the end, Charlotte would win this surefire candidate for any Women's Match of the Year poll with what could best be called a Super Natural Selection.
    • The finale to Sami Zayn's incredible series of matches with Adrian Neville throughout 2014 for Neville's NXT Championship, culminating in Sami finally beating Neville for the title. First, let's paint the picture: Zayn and Neville, close friends since the days of Generico and PAC, faced each other for the gold several times throughout the year, throwing all they had at each other every single time, showcasing the talent and passion that has gained them the respect of the independent wrestling world. Each time, Neville would take a shortcut or capitalize on a lowered guard in order to retain his title. Between frustrations and redemption match series and constant pestering from Neville about how he lacks the pragmatism to be champion, Sami reached a boiling point before TakeOver 3, shoved Neville's respect into the backburner, and declared that if he couldn't beat Neville at the event he would quit NXT.

      The TakeOver 3 finale, despite being preceded with the crowd turning against Neville for his antics against the ultra-popular Zayn, was yet another display of why these two are among the very best in wrestling today, both hitting each other with amazing impact moves and scoring multiple near-falls—until Neville pulled the referee in the way of a corner attack. From there, Zayn had an opportunity to strike Neville with his title belt, and appeared super tempted to do it, but ultimately stuck to his morals and decided not to take the shot. Neville, having recovered, took advantage for a roll-up from behind, but Zayn was able to kick out, Exploder-suplex Adrian into the corner, then finally nail him with the Helluva Kick, pin him for the three-count, and obtain the NXT Championship. Finally vindicated, Zayn would celebrate his championship win heartily with the fans as well as pretty much every babyface in the NXT locker room, all overjoyed at Sami's accomplishment and the awesome match it took place in, with the most fitting theme music ever played for a celebration on NXT in the background. Neville, after convalescing in the corner for five minutes, was helped up by Pat Patterson, then had a staredown with Sami as the music stopped. Zayn stuck his hand out to an angry-looking Neville, who eventually kicked the leg away…only to instead embrace Sami and raise his arm in respect.
      • The whole thing is a Moment of Awesome not just for Zayn and Neville as wrestlers and performers, but for the NXT creative department's construction of their characters through this angle as overseen by Triple H and Dusty Rhodes. They managed to construct an epic, dramatic feud between a Combat Pragmatist and a consummate Face practically made of Incorruptible Pure Pureness, where the pure guy's quest to beat the pragmatic guy follows a condensed versionnote  of a standard shonen series arc, with the two players involved being friends the entire time and remaining as such in the end without it taking away from either the seriousness or the believability of it all. A top-level wrestling storyline that's a) centered around the wrestling, b) fresh in its juxtaposition of friendship and rivalry between competitors, and c) legitimately heartwarming and awesome on every level? Talk about a combination not seen in a million years!
    • The above moment is cut short and replaced with a different kind of awesome moment at the very end of the show, when NXT newcomer Kevin Owens, a longtime friend and rival of Sami's, returned to the ring after everyone else left, offering to help Zayn to the back…only to suddenly take him down with a harsh STO type move on the ramp, then viciously powerbomb him back-first into the edge of the ring apron. Within the kayfabe it's a despicable betrayal, especially given the stretcher spot, but this is particularly awesome for those who recall the days of Kevin Steen in Ring of Honor as the Antichrist of Professional Wrestling, as well as the heated feud which stemmed from Steen's violent betrayal of El Generico. We're getting Kill Steen Kill, Take 2. On NXT.
    • How popular was TakeOver 3? Well, first off, after it aired, the wrestling section of Reddit actually sent Triple H a fruit basket as a thank you gift for it. Think that through, internet wrestling fans sent notorious Base Breaker Triple H a token of their thanks. This is extra notable in light of the fact that this was just weeks off of CM Punk's incredibly shocking tell-all session on his best friend Colt Cabana's podcast which took over the wrestling world and painted a VERY torrid spotlight on WWE and especially Triple H. This show singlehandedly won him back all the goodwill that he'd lost in the eyes of the fans and the younger talent and then some.

      Furthermore, only days later the main roster held a pay-per-view called TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs…and Stairs which found itself widely panned as inferior to TakeOver 3 in every way, with only Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler's opening ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship and Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose's main event TLC match even coming close to the acclaim of TakeOver 3. Reports started coming in that main roster talent were becoming resentful of the fact that they weren't getting the booking that NXT guys were or the associated accolades, and that some of the wrestlers at TLC phoned in their matches in a form of "silent protest" in favor of Triple H, knowing they wouldn't be able to match the NXT special's quality. At the same time, NXT wrestlers have begun to feel like they've got the must-see product and should be getting paid on the level of the main roster.

      Between TakeOver 3 and TLC bringing the programming discrepancy between the two rosters to the forefront, Vince McMahon's remarks during his appearance on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's podcast in the week following Punk's exposé (especially the "brass rings" comment, which Hunter took a subliminal shot at following Takeover 3, and the ill-advised "millenials" comment, whereupon EVERYONE started shitting on Vince), and the well-documented monetary troubles of the WWE Network, we now have a groundswell in the company where a wide range of folks, from fans to superstars to company investors, are wanting to see Vince McMahon and executive producer Kevin Dunn ousted from power—preferably in favor of TRIPLE H.
  • Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy going from jobbers to the tag team champions in two weeks. What makes this a really cool thing is the fact that Blake and Murphy had been seen increasingly gelling together as a team and proving their mettle for months against the teams that were getting the push, thus they come across as unexpected but not the least bit undeserving as winners and champions.
  • Regal preceding over the contract signing for the Owens/Zayn grudge match. He announces before it starts that he won't let it turn out the way every other contract signing in WWE history has gone (i.e. starting out civilised and ending in a brawl), and to make sure of it, he tells Zayn and Owens that if either of them attacks the other, the match will be called off. And it works!
  • Hideo Itami vs. Finn Balor had the fans chanting 'This is awesome' and 'We're not worthy' before they'd so much as thrown a punch.
  • The TakeOver awesomeness trend continues with TakeOver 4: Rival:
    • The show opened with Tyler Breeze vs. Hideo Itami. Breeze showed more of an impressive mean streak in this match, continuing to grow organically as a fierce competitor within the otherwise campy "Prince Pretty" gimmick and even attacking Itami's leg with a Figure 8 corner post leg lock ala Gail Kim. Itami, meanwhile, got to both tease the GTS to a massive semi-pop once again as well as showcase some of the force that his educated feet are capable of, even while selling the damage Breeze had been doing to his favorite kicking leg (the left). In the end, the former Kenta won the day with what a Busaiku-like running kick finisher in a solid opener.
    • Blake and Murphy defended their newly-won tag team titles against the Lucha Dragons. The champs' performance in particular was impeccable, in spite of the Lucha Dragons giving it everything (a slight botch from Kalisto aside, anyway), and they set out to prove that they didn't just get lucky and stack up a small guy when they won those tag team titles. Blake and Murphy had one of the best impact spots of the night, with a highly angle double team toss-up into a neckbreaker on Sin Cara. Despite the Dragons' flurries (including a spike hurricanrana from Kalisto and a couple of school boy powerbombs from Sin Cara), Blake and Murphy held on with an impressive running suplex-frog splash combination for the finish, showing both in and out of kayfabe that they were truly deserving champions.
    • The NXT Championship #1 contender's match between Adrian Neville and Finn Bálor. We got Bálor's freakish body paint entrance all over again, but this time we saw what he was capable of against an opponent who would not be intimidated by his demon king antics. Bálor and Neville came at each other with everything and put on a dynamic wrestling clinic, a match with ebbs and flows which told the story of "whoever can execute their top rope finisher first is gonna win the match". The crowd was more or less behind Finn, who inevitably won the match with his Coup de Grace super high double foot stomp, and once again a disappointed Neville walked off after showing respect to his opponent while being thanked profusely by the fans.
    • The fatal four way match for the Women's Championship in which Charlotte put her title on the line against Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Becky Lynch. Becky and Sasha both came in with a game plan involving working together, with great results at first…but soon after communications broke down, Becky attacked Banks with a strong pump handle back suplex and then went on to compete fiercely in her own right, making a statement that she belongs amongst the top ladies of NXT. Crowd favorite Bayley came into the match focused and aggressive, and when she got her momentum surges in, she got them in good and came extremely close to taking the title home on at least two occasions. Sasha Banks used both her deviousness and her technical chops to perfection, taking the floor several times during this match. Charlotte, meanwhile, took much more of a beating than she gave in this bout. Ultimately, in the end, Sasha would capitalize on a Super Belly to Bayley delivered onto Charlotte, going for a crossface submission attempt on the champ and then converting into a crucifix pin to take her down for the 1, 2, 3 and become the new NXT Women's Champion.
      • For 90% of women's matches, you'll be lucky to get more than a three star rating—three and a half might as well be the best you can hope for. Well this match got awarded a solid four star rating.
    • A villainous moment of awesome for Kevin Owens in the NXT Championship title match. Picking up where he'd left off in the two-month buildup towards this match, Owens continued pissing Sami Zayn off by constantly stalling. This lasted until Zayn suddenly hit a somersault plancha over the ref onto Owens, jump-starting the offense and then staying on Owens. When Zayn got too caught up in punching Owens up on the turnbuckle, Kevin quickly capitalized, then went on to complete control and brutalize Sami with a series of vicious moves which either practically sent him flying out of his pants or flattened him out on his feet. Even the commentators compared the match to John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar, as much like Lesnar Owens was in control almost the entire match. Oh, Zayn had his near falls and flurries of life, but in the end Owens won the title in dominant fashion—as in, the referee had to literally call a KO and stop the match to ensure that Owens didn't powerbomb barrage a possibly-concussed Zayn into becoming a permanent fixture on the mat. Impressive on its own but as Owens himself repeatedly reminded the audience, he had only been in NXT for two months. Damn.
      • Sami Zayn gets a retroactive Awesome Moment during this match. By now, the Pop-up Powerbomb has been firmly established as a One-Hit Kill that can beat pretty much anyone. However, Sami Zayn managed to kick out of, not just one, but three consecutive powerbombs. There is a reason he's the superstar with the best chance of beating Kevin Owens.
  • The NXT show in San Jose during Wrestlemania Week on March 25, 2015 was this in spades. Though essentially a glorified house show, numerous internet photos and video showed the place was stuffed to the rafters with passionate fans. In addition to that, not only were the matches considered excellent…but Vince McMahon himself was watching. This is quite meaningful, as that means that he was a witness to Hideo Itami HITTING THE GTS. Yes, the same move popularized by a man who Vince wants to completely erase from WWE history.
  • WrestleMania 31 provided a meta moment of awesome for the NXT brand's legacy, as the first-ever NXT Champion, a little-known guy called Seth Rollins, became the first man to cash in Money in the Bank (A) at a WrestleMania, and (B) during a championship match, as well as the first NXT alum to become THE champion of the entire company. The NXT Twitter page, of course, lapped this up.
  • After Sami Zayn takes up John Cena's US Title challenge and fails, a few weeks later, Kevin Owens suddenly appears on Raw... and doesn't take up Cena's challenge. Instead, he flatly tells Cena that he's not interested in the US Title because he values the NXT Title more, that while they will fight one day, it'll be on Owens' terms, not Cena's, shuts down Cena's attempt to give him a condescending speech by pointing out that Owens has actually wrestled longer than Cena has, and to top it all off, he gives Cena a pop-up powerbomb and steps on the US Title like it's trash. Hell of a way to introduce yourself.
  • TakeOver: Unstoppable gives us the WWE debut of Samoa Joe, who has a staredown with Kevin Owens.
    • Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch continued the recent trend of the women's title match stealing the show (it got over 15 minutes, the longest of the night, and is considered the match of the night). Both women tore the house down in a masterpiece featuring technical mat wizardry, strong storytelling and brutal hard-hitting spots reminiscent of 90s Japanese joshi. Banks eventually tapped out Lynch with the Bank Statement, but it was the post-match moment that fans will remember. Becky struggled to compose herself in the ring, visibly exhausted and beat up after giving her all, and the crowd started to chant her name and sing her theme song in a show of appreciation, moving her to tears and cementing her Heel–Face Turn after spending months as Sasha's lackey.
    • Another standout moment that crosses over with Nightmare Fuel: During the match, Sasha Banks locks in a modified Armbar and then, to add more pressure, stands on Becky Lynch's arm as it's being wrenched past her shoulder blade! It legitimately looked like Becky's arm was about to be snapped in half or ripped out of it's socket, the move was THAT brutal.
    • The first half of Sami Zayn's rematch against Kevin Owens was one of these for Zayn, with Zayn smashing Owens around the ring, outside the ring, into the crowd and back into the ring. Zayn repeatedly dodged and countered Owens' moves, including repeated pop-up powerbombs. If Zayn hadn't gotten over-eager and walked into a pop-up powerbomb against the apron (and been forced onto the disabled list by a legitimately torn rotator cuff), Owens might well have been in serious trouble. Of course, post-powerbomb, it was a very different story...
  • Elimination Chamber 2015 would follow WrestleMania as a main roster pay-per-view with an NXT milestone when Kevin Owens, in his first match on WWE mainline programming, became the first man to win a main roster pay-per-view singles match as the reigning NXT Champion, and he did so by CLEANLY DEFEATING JOHN CENA.
  • Kevin Owens calling out the Full Sail crowd on their blatant hypocrisy & entitlement by booing any mention of the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn special; pointing out that they say they love NXT & want it to grow, but don't want it to leave Full Sail because they don't want to have to watch the shows on the WWE Network like everyone else has had to. Even better: This seems to have actually worked, Takeover: London has been met with nothing but cheers from the Full Sail crowd.
  • Even before it took place, TakeOver: Brooklyn sold out from the Barclays Center-13,000 tickets (officially over 15,000). Then the event itself:
    • The intro featuring Triple H was all sorts of awesome. The show started with him under a spotlight, alone in the NXT ring, Playing Against Type with a quiet, subtle speech outlining the history of NXT, with references to the names of previous TakeOvers. He raised his arms, cuing the house lights to a rabid 15,000+ person crowd going absolutely bonkers. It was a goosebumps moment when everyone who didn't know already realized the degree to which this once small, tucked-away developmental sub-promotion had taken a life of its own.
    Triple H: It started as a whisper...
    Until you screamed it at the top of your lungs.
    We gained momentum... you made us unstoppable.
    We had a vision for change... you made it a revolution.
    We told you "we are the future" until you told us... the future... is... now.
    (The lights come up at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, revealing the crowd.)
    • Jushin Thunder Liger proved he could still go at 50, taking on and defeating Tyler Breeze.
    • The Vaudevillains, with the help of Blue Pants (to counter Alexa Bliss), finally won the Tag Titles from Blake and Murphy.
    • The freakishly athletic Apollo Crews (the former Uhaa Nation) made his debut, defeating Tye Dillinger in a fun match.
    • Samoa Joe used his Coquina Clutch to make Baron Corbin unconscious, handing Corbin his first significant/clean loss. The match itself was a physical clash in which the much-maligned Corbin showed he could stand toe-to-toe dishing out and absorbing punishment with one of the best in the game and make it look believable.
    • Sasha Banks, making her entrance in a black Cadillac Escalade (with a security detail), then faced Bayley, who, in a tribute to Dusty Rhodes, had yellow polka dots on her headband, for the NXT Women’s title. It was the culmination of a effectively simple storyline years in the making as Bayley the underdog finally won the NXT women's championship from Sasha Banks who'd never believed she could do it. These two wrestled for over 15 minutes, and the crowd was into it the whole time. Notable spots included Sasha with a somersault over the top rope to the outside, Sasha smashing Bayley’s injured hand against the steps and ringpost, and Bayley reversing the Banks Statement into one of her own. The match finished with Bayley performing a Reverse Frankensteiner from the second turnbuckle and then finishing it with a Bayley-to-Belly. Then the two, along with the other two "Four Horsewomen," all embraced in the ring, similar to The Curtain Call.
      • See that note above about how rare it is for a women's match to rate over a three? This one clocked in at a four and a half star rating, the highest in WWE history; this match (and the below-mentioned rematch) were consensus picks for, if not THE match of the year, two of them.
    • Finn Balor defended his title against Kevin Owens in a ladder match, which included a Coup De Grace from the top of the ladder.
  • A month before the next TakeOver took place, it was announced that the main event would be, in a likely first for the company, a 30-minute Iron(wo)man rematch between Bayley and Sasha for the title.
  • Asuka's contract signing was interrupted by Emma and Dana Brooke, who proceeded to try to bully her out of the ring. At first it seemed like they'd successfully run Asuka off... and then she turned around to look at them. The speed at which the two go from smug to "I have made a huge mistake" is something to behold.
  • Sasha and Bayley's Iron(wo)man match at TakeOver: Respect. We have a Women's Championship match as a main event in a WWE event. And not only is it another amazing match with excellent character psychology showing an angry determined babyface and a bitter desperate heel, but the entire crowd was completely behind it, booing whenever Sasha did something blatantly heelish and cheering everything else.
    • To show its power, this bout was the first time in its 44 year history that the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Match of the Year went to a women's contest (their match at TakeOver: Brooklyn was first runner-up).
  • Asuka taking the hit from a slap from Cameron and turning it into a flying armbar before she'd even hit the ground.
  • Takeover: London had been incredibly hyped up almost from the moment they announced it, and the event itself did not disappoint:
    • Emma and Asuka pushed each other to their absolute limit in a hot opener, with Dana Brooke backing Emma up outside the ring with cheating maneuvers straight out of Eddie Guerrero's playbook and an incredibly tense finish that saw Asuka win via functional knockout.
    • Enzo and Cass put on their best match ever against Dash and Dawson for the titles, only losing when the champs started to go after Cass's previously injured knee and slammed Enzo from the top rope. Carmella also elbowed Dawson in the face when he tried to use her as a human shield.
    • Baron Corbin handed Apollo Crews his first loss in their grudge match, once again putting on another great showing against a well-acclaimed wrestler in the process.
    • Bayley took advantage of Nia Jax's arrogance and inexperience to work around Nia's incredible physical advantage. Even after being thrown around the ring like a rag doll, Bayley was able to eke out a submission victory by refusing to give up and repeatedly trapping Nia in the one move her broken body could still perform, a guillotine choke, to retain her championship.
    • Finn Balor and Samoa Joe's match for the NXT title began with a modified version of Finn's demon entrance that saw him come out as Jack the Ripper. The match itself was a brutal back-and-forth, with both wrestlers delivering some of the most physical performances of their careers.
  • On the January 13th edition, we got a women's battle royal to determine the #1 contender for the NXT Women's Championship. The "someone hidden outside the ring" finish to battle royals has been done numerous times in WWE circles by now, and by the end, we thought we'd seen perennial Scrappy Eva Marie do this trick to put one over on fan-favorite Asuka, when suddenly, the other fan-favorite Carmella reappears herself and tosses Eva to win, prompting a massive reaction for Carmella's big moment.
  • Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn's absolutely INSANE 2 out of 3 falls match for the NXT championship number one contendership that went for 43 minutes. (This match wasn't just the main event of its NXT episode, by the way—it was the damn episode.) Joe won with the Coquina Clutch to face Finn Balor for the second time at Dallas.
    • To elaborate on the "it was the damn episode" above - the episode started with William Regal cutting a brief promo & hyping the three matches for the night, before starting Joe/Zayn. Then throughout the show, Tom Phillips & Corey Graves would talk up the other matches booked to occur later in the show, before ultimately announcing that the other matches have been pushed back to the following week's show, since they can't guarantee Zayn & Joe's match will be done in time.
  • NXT TakeOver: Dallas is a big one for the company as always, two days from WrestleMania.
    • American Alpha wins the Tag Team titles in an excellent opener over The Revival.
    • Austin Aries is the first one to ever escape Baron Corbin's End of Days and gets him with a rollup.
    • Before the Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura match began, the crowd was already chanting "HOLY SHIT" and "THIS IS AWESOME." The match itself was nothing short of legendary, prompting a "fight forever" chant from the crowd.
    • Asuka won the NXT Women's title from Bayley in another great NXT women's match. In a bit of Death by Irony, Asuka won by outhugging Bayley.note 
    • Despite the interruptions to patch up Samoa Joe after getting busted open over his eye, he and Finn Balor put on an absolutely brutal NXT Championship match. Finn's entrance has him as the Demon swinging a chainsaw around!note 
  • NXT TakeOver: The End
    • After a hard and brutal match, The Revival becomes the first 2X NXT Tag Team Champions after beating American Alpha. After the match, two unknown bruisers take down Jordan and Gable. Coming out to the arena is Paul Ellering which prompts a HOLY SHIT chant as the new team leaves with Paul.
    • Austin Aries vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. The two of them have a great match with each other going back and forth with each other, one segment involving Austin hitting Nakamura with a Death Valley Driver on the edge of the ring. The end comes with Nakamura hitting Austin with a reverse exploder suplex, then hitting him with the Kinshasa.
    • Nia Jax vs. Asuka for the NXT Women's Title. In this David vs. Goliath match, Nia uses her strength and size against Asuka, powering out of many of Asuka's submissions, taking the Empress of Tomorrow to town. Asuka brings Nia down with flurries of attacks before kneeing her in the face to pin her down. Also for good measure, the theme for the Asuka video package is "Karate" from Babymetal.
    • Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship in a Steel Cage match. The two of them are in a brutal fight with each other, tossing each other into the walls of the cage as well as bringing all hell into the ring. Samoa Joe puts Finn Balor, and the Demon, down by hitting him with a Muscle Buster from the top rope!
  • The Revival/American Alpha 2 out of 3 falls match on the 6/7 edition of NXT. Once again these teams put on an incredible match.
  • July 13, 2016: The entire broadcast is dedicated to a showdown between two New Japan Pro Wrestling alumni as Shinsuke Nakamura takes out Finn Balor in the Demon King's farewell match, as the King of Strong Style assumes the role of NXT's new face.
  • TakeOver: Brooklyn 2 continues the streak of awesome:
    • The opening match saw No Way Jose, entering with a conga line, taking on Austin Aries in a fun match. After Aries won, he continued to attack Jose, causing Hideo Itami to make the save. He laid out Aries with the Go To Sleep.
    • Bobby Roode made his NXT debut, beating Andrade "Cien" Almas. Special mention to Roode's GLORIOUS entrance.
    • Ember Moon (the former Athena) made her debut, with another cool entrance, against Billie Kay. Kay held her own, but Ember's athleticism and badass finisher were too much.
    • The Revival had another classic tag match, this time using a bit of sneakiness to beat Ciampa and Garganno.
    • Bayley and Asuka continued the streak of very-good-at-worst NXT Women's Title matches, with Bayley giving everything she had, but unable to beat Asuka. After Asuka showed respect, Bayley got a standing ovation, hugged the other three Horsewomen at ringside, and walked out, in what is likely her final NXT match.
    • In the main event, Samoa Joe defended the NXT title against Shinsuke Nakamura, who had Lee England Jr. playing his theme. After a match that saw each kick out of the other's finisher, and a real broken jaw from Joe, Nakamura hit a second Kinshasa to become the new champion.
  • TakeOver: Toronto gave us what has been hailed as possibly the best NXT or even WWE tag match ever, with a 2/3 falls match between #DIY and The Revival for the NXT Tag team championship. Despite the deviousness of Dash and Dawson, #DIY won the day with a simultaneous Gargano Escape and armbar on both members of the Revival to win the titles.
    • Bobby Roode pulls off another GLORIOUS entrance, with a full choir (and the crowd) singing his theme. Tye Dillinger also got a huge wave of love, in fact, the crowd was chanting "Both these guys!" and "This is awesome!" before their match even started.
    • The Authors of Pain got taken for a ride by TM61, though in the end the Authors came out on top to win the Dusty Rhodes Classic.
    • Mickie James vs. Asuka for the Women's Title was the closest Asuka had come to losing since making her debut in NXT, showing the veteran still had moves to keep up with the next generation of women's wrestling.
    • Samoa Joe defeats Shinsuke Nakamura to become the first 2X NXT Champion. Nakamura's entrance has his theme played by 10(!) violinists to top his Brooklyn 2 entrance.
  • On the November 30th episode, Samoa Joe boasts that Shinsuke Nakamura isn't in the same league as him. Tye Dillinger dares to challenge that and in a ballsy move, slaps Joe upside the face, provoking the wrath of an angry champion.
  • January 25, 2017 has a confrontation between Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Asuka and Nikki Cross. All hell breaks loose when Asuka comes after the Aussies. Asuka and Nikki stare each other down until security tries to break them up, only for the two to clean house on them, leaving Billie and Peyton with a look of terror.