Heartwarming: WWE NXT

  • During the fallout to the the first NXT Takeover, Sami Zayn is feeling dejected during his interview because he (yet again) was screwed out of a big match win. At this point, Adam Rose comes out with the Exotic Express and invites Sami Zayn to join the party in a sincere attempt to cheer him up. What makes it even better that despite being clearly upset, Sami actually accepts Adam Rose's offer and the next night you see him genuinely smiling. Looks like Adam Rose's help worked.
    • Later, Adam Rose offers to be Sami Zayn's tag team partner when he sees Sami being bullied by Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel.
  • ANY time one tag team partner takes a move meant for his partner. The fact that the crowd chants "Chivalry! Chivalry! Chivalry!" every time just adds to the moment.
    • Even more Heartwarming is when the Vaudvillains (a Heel tag team) do it.
  • After FINALLY defeating his former best friend turned rival Adrien Neville for the NXT Title, Sami Zayn goes to offer his former friend a handshake, only to have his hand violently kicked away. For one second you think that this is the end of their friendship forever. Then you realise a simple handshake wasn't good enough for Adrien Neville... he wanted to hug Sami Zayn.
  • Every single face in the NXT locker room coming down to congratulate Sami Zayn is Daaww worthy enough. Tyler Breeze being one of them?! Talk about Jerk with a Heart of Gold!
  • During the early months of the feud between Big Cass & Enzo Amore and Westley Blake & Buddy Murphy, it looked like Carmella was going to turn on Enzo and Cass and side with their opponents. After all, she seemed to appreciate Blake and Murphy flirting with her and had historically shown to be repeatedly annoyed by Enzo's antics. However, the SECOND Blake and Murphy insulted "Her boys." she immediately turned on them and made it clear that for all their stupidity, she will ALWAYS be loyal to Enzo and Big Cass.
    • Her embracing Enzo after he got the pin in their Six Person Mixed Tag Match. Again, considering she normally treats him as an annoyance at best, it's a great Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moment.
  • After a hard fought loss in her challenge for the NXT Women's Championship at Unstoppabe, Becky Lynch is stood in the ring, reduced to tears. The crowd responds by giving her a standing ovation, and singing her theme song before it was cued up again to play Becky out of the ring.
  • The recent series of videos explaining the backstory of Finn Balor are full of them, but when his former student, Becky Lynch broke down crying it really went into the next gear. Also, given how Becky has gone on in Real Life interviews and explained how wrestling saved her life because it got her off of a bad road, Finn comes across as all the more great of a guy, especially because he refuted her claims that she was terrible at the beginning by saying she was a natural at wrestling and he really didn't do much of anything while training her.
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