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YMMV: Victorious
  • Acceptable Targets: Those Northridge girls.
  • Accidental Innuendo
    Jade: "Sometimes it's fun... Like, when I'm in the mood to do it."
    Beck: Which she was yesterday."
    Jade: "I kinda was."
    • From Freak the Freak out
    I scream your name!
    it always stays the same.
    I scream and shout!
  • Actor Shipping: There's quite a bit of actor shipping in the fandom. People like pairing up Victoria Justice/Leon Thomas (Veon), Victoria Justice/Avan Jogia (Vavan), Victoria Justice/Matthew Bennett (Vatt), Liz Gillies/Leon Thomas (Eleon), Liz Gillies/Avan Jogia (Elavan), Liz Gillies/Matthew Bennett (Elatt), Ariana Grande/Leon Thomas (Arieon), Ariana Grande/Avan Jogia (Aviana), Ariana Grande/Matthew Bennett (Mariana), Daniella Monet/Leon Thomas (Laniella), Daniella Monet/Avan Jogia (Davan) and Daniella Monet/Matthew Bennett (Maniella).
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Is Tori sweet, innocent and just trying to be normal without conflict? Or is she a bitchy and unsympathetic Jerk Sue who rivals the likes of Megan Parker, and needs to be taught a lesson? No episode asks this question better than "Prom Wrecker", where Tori's prom renders Jade unable to perform her art project, and when confronted, Tori shows no signs of caring or remorse, while at the end Jade (who tries to destroy the prom as revenge for such) is the only character to receive punishment. This caused an outrage among Tori haters and a few Tori fans themselves. There are some fans who seem to interpret Tori's actions and try to find any possible negative in them:
    • The Birthweek Song: Was Trina really a shallow, Ungrateful Bitch for stating that Tori's performance of a original song (written exclusively for her) didn't qualify as present, or was Tori's performance making herself the center of attention despite supposing to be about Trina?
    • Rex Dies: Was Tori's "revival" of Rex a Heartwarming Moment towards Robbie, or was Jade in the right believing Rex's "death" would improve Robbie's mental health while Tori's actions prevented that?
    • A popular fanfic idea is applying this to her sister. Is Trina really a selfish, jerky Small Name, Big Ego who's so deluded as to think she's the single most talented individual at Hollywood Arts, or is it all a cover-up brought on by the cruel treatment she receives from so many people? Does she belittle others so they can't do it to her first? Is she so dedicated to making it seem real that it's hard for her to snap out of it? Has she received a bad example from watching someone who's both really successful and a complete bastard? Her fans can only wonder...
    • Jade. Is she the cruel AlphaBitch she acts like, and is simply cruel, harsh and undeserving of the relationships and friendships she has, or is it all just a cover-up to hide her insecurities?
    • Andre dating Hope just to get her father to listen to her music: Was Andre stepping into the Ryder Daniels horizon just to get recognized, or was it justified for having to put up with Hope's bitchiness?
    • Does Robbie just joke around with Rex's snarky remarks, or does he use him to vent not only his hatred for his friends who bully him as well as his own self-loathing?
      • Part of the latter might be true. In Slap Fight, Robbie says he hates himself for the way he acted, only for Cat to point out that he's hated himself for years.
      • Or is Robbie really not in control of Rex's words and actions, i.e. Rex is an alternate personality?
      • Much like Alan Harper, is Robbie a Jerk Ass that deserves to be a Butt Monkey, or does the universe constantly screwing him over justify his behavior?
    • Tori and Trina's parents being apathetic towards Tori and borderline abusive towards Trina. They leave town so they don't have to deal with Trina after after surgery, tell her to her face that they are ignoring her, and clearly favor Tori. Mrs. Vega, at least, is not too much better to Tori; flaunting that she made breakfast and telling Tori she has to make it herself, then bragging about how she used up all the ingredients herself so Tori cannot make breakfast after all. She also tells Tori she'll be there for her when Tori is having a crisis, then tells her to close her eyes and leaves.
    • Is Ponnie psychotic or did she genuinely believe that she was kicked out of school in favor of Tori? Why not both?
    • Beck and Jade's relationship- for those that think they make an adorable and realistic Opposites Attract Official Couple, or those who think there are some toxic, unhealthy aspects to their relationship and unresolved issues that the shows gloss over. A good many shippers like the way Beck plays as a sort of Morality Pet to balance out the wilder Jade, though some see an aggressively exaggerated portrayal of Jade as the relentlessly possessive, jealous girlfriend or the fact that she seems to go borderline psycho whenever Beck's not in town.
    • Some fans speculate that Beck sometimes deliberately invokes Jade's overprotective nature, as mentioned under It Amused Me on Beck's character sheet.
  • Ambiguously Bi: This being a Dan Schneider show, almost every main character fits this trope, and many of the most devoted and creative serial shippers have adopted an Everyone Is Bi mentality.
    • Robbie definitely was viewed as Ambiguously Gay early on by a large portion of the fandom, and his several major Ho Yay moments with Beck and the constant running gag of people confusing his gender to just fitting some Camp Straight stereotypes (the expensive manicures, the male make-up) only enhanced this interpretation. Later more blatant ship-tease with Cat downplayed this trope, but still believed in large portions of the fandom to be at least bisexual.
    • Tori, too, is often viewed as Ambiguously Gay or Bi, partially cause she subverts the common and often derided cliques of the usual "hetero" tween heroine (constant obsessing over their appearence, expressing their love for boys every ten seconds) plus the mostly androgynous attire, the more bro-mantic way she acts around other boys to the often flirty way she acts around other girls, as well as little overall romantic motivation seem to leave this impression on a large portion of fandom. A good number of viewers who don't even ship her with other girls still intepret her as a lesbian, despite a few (one-episode) boyfriends and occasional ship-tease with Beck. It helps that actress's other characters on Dan Schneider's previous shows have fit the Ambiguously Gay or Bi tropes, and that Victoria Justice has become something of a lesbian icon in her own right.
    • Cat is also commonly viewed as Bi or pansexual, mostly with her seemingly equally flirty with those of both genders and perhaps her agreeably warped mind not likely to make much of a gender distinction when she finds someone she likes. Her close relationship with Jade and Tori certainly are more feul for the shipping fire.
    • Jade isn't as universally thought this because of her canon Official Couple status with Beck, but there are more than a few fans number of fans who view her at least as bisexual or a case of Hide Your Lesbians, perhaps going on the fact that she may fit a good number of (mostly outdated) lesbian stereotypes. There's also the ambiguously close relationship with Cat, her Foe Yay with Tori seems to ooze UST (and given near-canon ship-teasing) and certainly no shortage of Les Yay moments to go on, so for many it's not that far-fetched her fitting this trope.
    • Sinjin, like cat, doesn't seem to have a lot of restraints when it comes to attraction, as while he's a Stalker with a Crush to Jade there's also heavy implication...something... is going on with his pal Burf and some minor Ho Yay with Robbie and Beck.
  • Base Breaker: The entire episode "Prom Wrecker," mostly because of the debate over who caused the entire conflict. Alternative Character Interpretation comes into play here, too: Was Tori a bitch for not trying to reschedule the prome, which ended up being on the same night as Jade's play, or was this a little payback for Jade's bitchiness? Was Jade's revenge justified because Tori did not reschedule? Was it Sikowitz's fault for not warning Tori about the schedule conflict? Did anybody cross the Moral Event Horizon here, and was the episode itself a Crowning Moment of Awesome?
    • Much like another Dan Schneider character by the name of Sam Puckett, Jade herself has been becoming one, largely because of her abrasive personality and how she tends to be a huge Karma Houdini.
    • Robbie is either an annoying, whiny Jerk Ass who deserves everything that happens to him, or he's The Woobie who has to put up with his own friends treating him like crap.
    • Rex is either one of the best things about the show/Robbie and has the greatest lines, or is the one thing you would change about the show in a heartbeat and finds everything about him irritating.
    • Beck: Some people like him for being the Only Sane Man, while others see him as a bland pretty-boy with unneccesssary Ship Tease with Tori.
    • Sinjin, for all his weird and cringe-worthy awkwardness, will either be hated or beloved for it.
    • Brain Squeezers receives plenty of hate for its gratuitous use of violence on the entire cast. People argue that it was meant to be comedic with all the violence, but others say that the violence is overused for a children's show.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Mr. Sikowitz entering class through the window, and the scene accompanying it.
    • In "Tori Tortures Teacher", when Robbie is playing hide and seek with Rex. And finds him in Tori's bag.
    • Tori spotting her neighbor, Mr. Busey, lurking around in the patio in "A Christmas Tori." The scene changes right after that.
    • Andre's "Run Dance" in the Breakfast Bunch episode. It ends with a parrot exploding from the awesomeness of his dance.
      • The end with the panda and the balloon...
    • Sikowicz taking the Alpha Bitches' song and owning it at the end of "Freak the Freak Out". Well, compared to them he owned it.
  • Bizarro Episode:
    • "April Fools Blank"
    • "The Breakfast Bunch"
  • Broken Base: Most of the cast were Flanderized in some degree or another in Season 2, but Cat and Jades were the most severe.
    • Jade, like Sam, Megan and Zoey, has split the fans between those who like her and those who hate her. While her Creator's Pet status is a lot harder to see then with, say, Sam, it is still hard to ignore once first noticed.
    • The show's cancellation - Word of God himself makes many claims regarding it. These include that it was not cancelled for Sam and Cat, and that it wasn't "cancelled", so much as it was going to end anyway due to closing in on a 60 episode run (which was around the likes of his two other shows aside from iCarly had). Were these claims nothing more than convenient lies to appease the fans? Was he getting tired of doing the show or is the claim that he and everyone else wanted to continue it the truth? Or was the show ended thanks to the angry anti-fans who for the longest time couldn't stand when he would hold the show in such high favor and seemingly provide total disregard to iCarly itself?
      • The real truth was revealed by the person who ran the (also cancelled at the same time) show How To Rock. As that person didn't need to protect Sam & Cat, he made it perfectly clear that all of the shows being cancelled are being cancelled because of Sam & Cat and the (Now defunct) Gibby spin-off.
  • Crack Ship
    • Liz Gillies has jokingly said that she ships Jade/Rex.
    • There is some evidence of a Tori/Rex ship as well.
    • Tori/Sikowitz.
    • Tori/Jade's Boobs
  • Crazy Awesome: Sikowitz.
  • Creator's Pet: It's Dan- this type of character is all too common in his shows. Jade and Tori both have elements of this- Tori more so as the show is a vehicle for Victoria Justice. There is a huge debate amongst fans as to who is worse. This commonly ends with Jade being declared the Creator's Pet, but even her haters will admit that she's far more tolerable than Sam or Megan (With many male fans simply pointing out Jade rarely, if ever, invokes the Double Standard). For debate about Tori, see Alternate Character Interpretation and Base Breaker.
  • Crossover Ship: Freddie/Cat. Sadly very little interaction between them happens in the crossover.
    • Cat and Gibby had a bit of interaction and they seemed into each other. This don't hurt either.
  • Designated Hero: Tori. Sometimes, she does some very morally questionable things, such as kissing someone else's boyfriend for payback or selfishly leaving a friend behind at the Sushi place.
    • Also, Jade sometimes gets this when she's portrayed as a hero.
  • Designated Villain: Sure, Robbie's no saint, but you feel like the crap he has to go through is way too much.
    • Hope Quincy from Andre's Horrible Girl. Yes, she is spoiled and controlling, but Andre only kept dating her to get a music deal with her father, he breaks up with her on her birthday, and when she is seriously injured from a peice of falling debris, her own father won't go to the hospital with her, choosing to listen to Andre sing.
  • Die for Our Ship: Tori got this treatment early on from some Bade shippers, while Beck started getting this treatment more often when the Jori ship started becoming a very popular, darkhorse favorite.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: If we're not supposed to like Jade for the horrible things she does, her fanbase makes that hard to believe.
    • Ron the Death Eater: Beck's not exactly the perfect boyfriend, but most Jori shippers tend to blow some of his slight Jerk Ass tendencies out of proportion and argue that he's abusive towards Jade.
    • Some see Tori as this, where she's labeled as a sickening, perfect Mary Sue by a sizable portion of the fandom, or when she does show some character flaws or signs of vulnerability they're exaggerated to the extremes, making her out to be some sort of evil Jerkass
  • Dude, Not Funny!:
    • The bloody scene in "Tori Gets Stuck" has been considered this by some viewers.
      • For some viewers, that entire episode is considered this trope.
    • Also, Robbie's dependence on Rex and Andre's rarely-seen grandma come perilously close to "let's laugh at the mentally ill." Some believe Cat also qualifies, since it was said in one episode she has psychological problems.
    • We're supposed to think Trina deserves her parents not caring about her because she is selfish and egocentric most of the time. Not only do a lot of viewers disagree, but few find it funny.
    • Robbie leaving Tori's house (during the day) in Ice Cream for Ke$ha, only to come back AT NIGHT, having being beaten up by full grown adults for offering their kids ice cream. He was on a bike. And isn't even 17 yet. A group of adults just spent at least an hour beating up a defenseless teenager. Plus, the fact that it's implied the adults find him a pedophile.
      • A lot of the abuse Robbie suffers through can be considered this.
      • Worse, nobody EVER cares. They just shrug off Robbie's pain like he deserves it for existing. For example, in "Helen Back Again", Tori's plan to keep Trina in Hollywood Arts involves Robbie getting hurt. Robbie tells her he always hates getting hurt. Tori responds by just ROLLING HER EYES AT HIM.
    • Jade shaving Cat's head just for accidentally waxing her eyebrows. The worst part was that she got away with it.
    • For some viewers, Ponnie. She drove Tori to the near point of having a mental breakdown and nobody would believe Tori when she insisted Ponnie was real. You would think they'd at least realize that something could be up, but they all just call Tori crazy. Ponnie's behavior bordered on being psychopathic and she seemed to be out to kill Tori.
    • A young girl comes to Tori's house, crying that she is lost after getting on the wrong bus and asks Tori to call her parents. Tori and Jade turn her away and slam the door on her, thinking she is part of a prank by the guys to get them to use their cell phones (as part of a bet by Sikowitz). It was HIGHLY implied that it was not a prank and the girl really was lost. But even after realizing this, Tori and Jade just choose to leave her outside to wander without any way of contacting her parents.
    • Another moment of unfunny Robbie abuse is when Trina threatens and bullies him into writing a good review for her terrible play. Robbie tells her that he can't lie just because she wants him to, to which she responds by slapping the sleeves of his shirt in his locker. She also throws him around a lot and threatens to kill him. If Andre laughing at his expense wasn't enough, there's a scene where Trina walks into one of Robbie's classes and death-threats him right there. Does the teacher act against this obvious bullying and crime? Nope. She tells Trina to leave because she interrupted the class.
  • Ear Worm: Most of the songs so far.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Cat. Again. She lost some popularity in Season 2, when she was Flandarized to being Too Dumb to Live.
    • Rex, Trina and Jade are also quite popular, though they're not as unanimously liked.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: A video/song on TheSlap has this on purpose. It starts off as An Aesop about not trusting strangers, but later develops into "don't trust anyone".
    • More blatant than in most other shows, "Beggin' On Your Knees" has REVENGE FRICKIN' ROCKS.
      • That one may be a little more understandable. The full message is, "Sometimes, it's nice to forgive and other times, REVENGE FRICKIN' ROCKS!!!" What Tori does to Ryder is revenge, yes, but when you consider how many girls he's used like he did Tori, it can also be seen as saying he's not going to get away with what he does anymore (imagine the aesop that would've resulted if Tori had just pitied herself over it).
  • Fan Darling: Jade, no question. She does many things that by all means should have landed her in jail or at least expelled from Hollywood Arts, an in general treats those close to her like crap most of the time, but she only gets heaps of praise from a large portion of the fandom for her actions, no matter how far she goes (like shaving Cat's head or stealing pints of blood from Tori, possibly putting her's and Robbie's lives at risk simply because she didn't get the lead in a play) any possibly major Moral Event Horizon is easily forgiven, being chalked up to her being "edgy" and harboring "secret feelings of vulnerability" and her expected Freudian Excuse.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: The widely reviled "Tori Gets Stuck", for many reasons, mainly for it's extreme Character Exaggeration, Jade's slap-on-the-wrist punishment when she committed actual felonies on the show, and what many thought was gratuitous violence or shock tactics in an attempt to illicit cheap laughs, particularly during the exploding-bag-of-blood scene.
    • For shipping reasons, Tori Goes Platinum for the Beck/Jade shippers, Crazy Ponnie for Jade/Cat shippers, some Cat/Robbie shippers hated the way Cat acted at the end of "The Blonde Squad" and just pretended the moment never happened (if they didn't Abandon Ship altogether).
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: The preferred couples are split into 2 parts, the canon-plausible het ships, and the implausible (as Nickelodeon is extremely unlikely to approve them) Les Yay or Ho Yay pairings:
    • Het pairings: Andre/Tori, Robbie/Cat and Jade/Beck are the preferred couples, and form a nice neat set of Ship Mates, leaving only the older Trina out.
    • Jade/Cat was the preferred Les Yay pairing in Season 1 and was arguably the most preferred couple in the fandom as a whole.
      • Jade/Tori has left it for dead after Season 1 and is easily as popular if not more so than Jade/Beck is, to the extent it was a trending worldwide topic on Twitter.
    • Robbie/Beck seems to be the preferred Ho Yay pairing.
    • Just to put it out there, Tori/Trina ("Vegacest") definitely seems to be the prefered No Yay pairing
    • Noticeably seems to really differ by age, with Jade/Beck being most popular among adolescent viewers, Beck/Tori among the youngest fans and Jade/Tori among the older-teenage and adult cult audience. Tori/Andre and Cat/Robbie tend to be popular beta pairings among all age groups, however.
  • Fanon: Jade's middle name, August. Jade and Beck's full names - Jadelyn and Beckett.
  • Foe Yay: Tori and Jade
  • Friendly Fandoms: You'll rarely see a Mass Effect fan bad-mouth Victorious- some fans joke that this is because both of their products end terribly (Mass Effect 3 had an infamous ending, while Victorious' final episode is anti-climactic, to say the least).
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The ending of the Flour Bomber sub-plot in "Robbie Sells Rex" with Jade, Beck, Andre & Cat complaining about how anti-climactic the reveal of the Bomber's identity was, becomes a lot less funny when you remember Nickelodeon unceremoniously cancelled the show in order to proceed with Sam & Cat without even letting the show have a series finale.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Not a full example of this trope since it is very popular in the US, but surprisingly has a huge following in Brazil, as well as the European markets of the UK, Germany and Greece.
  • Girl-Show Ghetto: subverted to a certain extent, thanks perhaps to the many Ms. Fanservice characters, though most of the vocal online fandom tend to be women.
  • Growing the Beard: the show started out a bit wobbly, as it struggled a bit to find a consistent rhythm between episodes and several of the characters felt a bit too underwritten or exaggerated, but it definitely started hitting it's stride among the mid-point of the first season, as it downplayed the Jade/Tori/Beck love triangle supposedly set up from the pilot and put greater focus on the rest of the cast outside of Tori, with episodes managing to show the more vulnerable, human sides of the divisive characters like Jade and Robbie. Although season 2 took flack for either it's extreme character exaggeration or covering mostly similar ground as the first, Season 3 drew praise for it's attention on more interesting plotlines and a willingness to take greater risks (Jade and Tori's Playdate, anybody?), though that wasn't a universal feeling as some seemed to see just more character Flanderization in place and thought the show was relying too much on either exaggerated or recycled plots as the season went on.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: All of the jokes about Cat's Bibble addiction. Sam & Cat has shown that Cat once ran out of money and then tried to steal and sell her grandmother's jewelry, causing them to have to attend a therapy session for said grandmother to forgive her.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Robarazzi spoofed the conference-like format of TMZ along with a paparazzi-style ambush on Beck and Jade. A few months later, the said show caught Beck's actor Avan Jogia in a "compromising" photo with Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus on the latter's 18th birthday.
    • There was a fanfic that parodied The Breakfast Club. Then several months later, an actual episode paying homage to the movie aired.
    • About a year after "Take A Hint" came out, Robin Thicke's misogynistic "Blurred Lines" came out, which it sounds like "Take A Hint" is a response to.
    • "Star Spangled Tori" involves Tori running into a mishap while singing The Star Spangled Banner. Maybe they should've gotten Cat, considering her experience in the matter.
    • The show often brings up the social media network, and now both Liz Gillies and Matt Bennet are involved in a viral spoof video actually named The Slap.
    • Cat refuses to sing the "booty" lyric (which is rather tame) of a song because it is "dirty". When she became a full-blown singer a few years later, Ariana Grande is now a walking Cluster F-Bomb.
    • Rob Riggle played Principal Dickers in The Breakfast Club parody. His later role ends up losing his manhood in an extremely embarrasing way.
  • Hollywood Homely: Trina and Robbie suffer the most:
    • Trina: In "Ice Cream For Ke$ha", a boy who came on to Cat, Tori and Jade is repulsed when Trina offers to let him kiss her. Can't imagine any het male turning down a chance to kiss Daniella Monet.
      • Even earlier, in "Wi-fi In The Sky" the idea of getting a close-up look at Trina's butt is supposed to get the response "Gross!" instead of "Thank you". It's probably the sweat stain...
    • Robbie may not be a drop dead stud, but he's average at worst. Yet people seem to find him repulsive.
    • The reason the gang had to particpate in Sinjin's game show in "The Worst Couple" is because the original contestants were not better looking, even though all of them looked like average teenagers.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Despite being obnoxious, Trina does kinda receive a bunch of crap from everyone that isn't really deserved. Not even her own family wants anything to do with her. It doesn't help that in just after pulling a Crowning Moment of Awesome in "Helen Back Again", Rex ruins her performance in the next episode because she punched him, leaving her seriously injured. Tori's the only one in the Vega family who seems to actually appreciate Trina because if it wasn't for Trina, she would have never gotten into Hollywood Arts.
    • Jade, barely halfway through season 1:
      Jade: (close to tears) "This kite is broken. I was just walking around and (voice breaks) I saw this kite in a bush, and... and it's broken and somebody should fix it!"
      • Jade in "Wok Star". Hard not to feel sorry for someone who had her play rejected by the school, then got offered the chance to perform it, only to have the person funding it force her to change a scene in a way that was going to make her play look like a joke in front of her overly-judgmental father. (Who, by the way, hates that she wants to be an actress.)
      • Jade again in "the Worst Couple". And Beck in "The Worst Couple."
    • Rona Patterson can count within the show's standards, while she was mean and grouchy to the girls she becomes this when Cat's candle causes a fire that burns her house down.
    • Robbie. He's the resident Butt Monkey, his mother left him, his dad is embarrassed of him, and he has trouble trying not to cry. The jerkass part is obviously played for laughs but his woobie moments are actually sad.
    • Ponnie (Fawn). More on the jerkass end of things. She may have been crazy but she's convinced that the reason she was removed from Hollywood Arts (a school that its students love) was Tori's admittance. So her mayhem against Tori comes from sadness in addition to all the crazy.
  • LGBT Fanbase: Notable as it one of the largest and most vocal for a (supposedly) children's show, thanks to the many sexually ambiguous characters, gay-friendly cast and the increasingly popular Jori pairing, and actually initiated some more serious discussions about the representation of LGBT characters on youth-oriented TV.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Cat is the prevalent fandom bicycle, having popular pairings with Tori, Jade and Robbie, and semi-popular pairings with Beck, Andre and Trina, and a popular Crossover Ship with Freddie from iCarly (Now that Sam And Cat is out, Sam has joined the ranks). Just like Sam from sister show iCarly, the fandom interpretation of her is bisexual.
    • Jade also seems to have attracted a similar amount of ships, with her popular pairings being Tori, Cat and Beck, semi-popular pairings with Andre and Robbie, and a Crossover Ship with Sam from iCarly.
    • Tori, too, with popular and semi-popular pairings with every major character (even Rex!) and a crossover ship with Carly from iCarly.
  • Like an Old Married Couple: Jade and Tori definitely seemed to be developing this rapport as the series wore on, given possible Lampshading in the episodes Helen Back Again, Tori And Jade's Playdate and Car, Rain and Fire.
    • Played straight with Tori and Andre in The Bad Roomate.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Kicking Tori out of Hollywood Arts in Helen Back Again.
  • Love It or Hate It: "April Fools Blank" takes this Up to Eleven. Opinions have ranged between the two opposite ends of the spectrum-it's either the funniest thing in the history of the world, or a piece of trash. There was practically no middle ground whatsoever.
    • The reactions you get concerning Jade fall into this sometimes.
    • Cat, post-season 1
  • Memetic Mutation: The phrase "If X, (Y, and Z happened), s/he would burst into flames." Most likely derived from the scene discussing Andre's crazy grandmother, "The woman would burst into flames."
  • Moe: Cat.
  • Moral Event Horizon: "Breaking up" with Tori becomes one in hindsight for Ryder Daniels when its revealed he was just using her to get a good grade and would've dumped her the moment he didn't need her anymore anyway. This means he broke up with her simply to play with her emotions and make her come begging for him to take her back. A more onscreen one would be telling the boy hooking up his mic that he can have Tori in about 5 minutes once he was through with her. His delivery is so callous it makes it clear he doesn't have any regrets about breaking someones heart.
    • Jade crosses it when she steals the pint of Tori's blood, which Robbie needed, so Tori would be unable to perform. Let me rephrase that: She potentially put two people's lives in danger just because she got snubbed the lead role in a play.
      • She crossed it again in Ice Cream for Ke$ha by encouraging Robbie to give out free ice cream, knowing full well that he'd be Mistaken for Pedophile and beaten mercilessly.
      • Then she went back and crossed it again with Cat when she shaved her head.
    • Cat and North Star. Cat misled a whole bunch of people who were probably in life-threatening situations for a week. A bunch of people probably died because of her, and she didn't even get upset when her friends pointed it out.
    • In "Wok Star," Jackie Bonet (Trina in disguise) feigns a heart attack in the middle of a restaurant, and while the other patrons are concerned, the owner (Ms. Lee) takes a picture with her while Trina's on the floor to have put it placed on her "wall of celebrities". When the waiter asks what to do with her, she tosses it out this lovely gem:
      Everybody: O_O
    • The Yerbian Chancellor crossed it by sentencing Tori to prison just because his eye was punctured by accident
    • Vice Principal Dickers crossed it when he gives everyone detention just because they were late after saving Robbie from choking, giving Tori and anyone more detention just for any small slip up that was made, and to top it all off, harassing and threatening Tori in the Janitor's closet! None of this grants him any points whatsoever.
    • In "Star Spangled Tori" Tori was merely worried about becoming a laughingstock after a huge dog dragged her on its leash on national television; Sikowitz went the extra mile and got a guy in a dog suit to drag him around on a leash.
  • Name's the Same: A girl named Jade? Who is connected to someone or something named Bec(k)? It would be Hilarious in Hindsight if the comic didn't predate the show.
  • Never Live It Down: Tori kisses Beck in the pilot. Both of them still take flak for it.
    • Justified, as it's mostly from Jade. Jade is clingy and jealous towards Beck, and spiteful towards... well, everybody, but especially Tori.
  • Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: Cat can be this, as seen in the Northstar incident and any time her brother comes up.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Tug in "Prom Wrecker", who turned out to be enough of an oddball to match Cat.
  • One True Threesome: For many, Cat/Tori/Jade aka Catorade.
    • More viewers, instead of getting involved with the (minor) ship wars of the Beck/Jade/Tori pairings and rather just passionately shipped them all, and wondered if the only way to truly resolve things is if they all just dated each other.
  • Periphery Demographic: The show's audience skewed older than the usual tween demographic pretty early on, thanks to an attractive older-teenage cast, a rapidly growing LGBT fanbase and massive Getting Crap Past the Radar moments.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: Tandré (Tori/André), Bori (Beck/Tori), Bade (Beck/Jade), Jori (Jade/Tori) Cade or Jat (Cat/Jade) and Cabbie (Cat/Robbie). And that's just the most popular ships.
  • Protection from Editors: It's becoming more and more obvious as the radar list grows that we here at TV Tropes are... fans, to say the least, of the show. Considering the fanservice for both genders, can you blame us?
    • Yes.
  • Relationship Writing Fumble: It becomes harder to tell exactly what Robbie's relationship with Rex is: is he simply a way for Robbie express his more confident casanova-type side of his personality he's too afraid to show in real life, an alternate personality that Robbie has trouble controlling, or is Rex just simply his own being, magically coming to life when being held by Robbie?
    • If Jade and Tori were just supposed to be standard Type A Protagonist vs Type B Antagonist rivals rather than giving off a near Faith/Buffy level of Foe-Yay-Meets-Les-Yay subtext, you could've fooled this troper. Given this being a Dan Schneider show and his penchant for sneaking in a lot of Ho Yay undertones it was possibly intentional, and if not from the start clearly they ran with it as the show went on.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Leon Thomas III played the homeless guitar player Arthur in August Rush, and had a minor role in an early episode of iCarly.
  • Seasonal Rot: Season 2, mostly because of how some of the characters have been flanderized. As of Season 2, Cat Took a Level in Dumbass, Jade Took a Level in Jerkass (or rather, the writers seemed to forget that she's supposed to have a Hidden Heart of Gold) and some of the characters seem to have lost a little focus. Jade's Karma Houdini status has been seriously downplayed as she goes out of her way to stir up more trouble, but thanks to Moral Dissonance, Tori seems to become one in her jerkier moments.
    • Season 3 is either the Growing the Beard point because of more interesting and enjoyable plots, or even worse because of Character Exaggeration.
    • The post-"Tori Goes Platinum" episodes started getting derided by the fandom as increasingly aimless and reliant on recycling past episode plotlines (Robbie Sells Rex), Character Exaggeration (Three Girls and a Moose") and tired sitcom formulas (Wanko's Warehouse''), and the lack of a finale didn't help matters either.
  • Screwed by the Network: The show's sudden cancellation is a mystery to those not involved in the decision-making process, leading to some rather unpleasant rumors regarding certain cast members.
  • Shipping
    • Ship Mates: A common triple Ship Mates consists of Tori/André, Jade/Beck and Cat/Robbie. It avoids anyone having to Die for Our Ship or even having to break the only canon pairing up.
      • Tori/Beck can be this for Jade/Cat shippers, either to set the stage (if Tori steals Beck away) or as a means of throwing Beck a bone (if Tori and Beck get together after he and Jade break up).
      • Things get a little more interesting if your One True Pairing is Jade/Tori. The Ship Mates for that one can end up being Cat/Beck or Cat/Robbie (the former being ideal, as it allows you to avert both of the popular Jade pairings). May also involve a nasty breakup between Beck and Jade in order to set the stage. Unfortunately, there aren't many people who've been willing to set those two up together.
      • Paradoxically, Jade/Beck and Cat/Jade go very well together. Beck/Jade stories will often have some focus on the Cat/Jade friendship, or even a nod to the romantic ship, or even (in rare cases) say that Cat and Jade are Friends with Benefits.
    • Likewise, Cat/Jade stories will often develop a Beck/Jade friendship after the break-up, or have Beck and Jade still together.
  • Ship Tease: Happens a decent amount. "Jade Gets Crushed" is huge one though. There's Jade/Andre as the main plot with some Tori/Andre and possible Tori/Jade in the scene where Tori dresses and acts like Jade.
    • Tori/Jade gets more Ship Tease than the canon Tori/Beck in season 2, turning Jade into a classic Tsundere for Tori, while Tori seems to be pushing Jade's buttons to try and get Jade to admit her feelings for Tori. Pushed even further in Season 3 when they actually go on a date (albeit mandated by Sikowitz).
    • Beck/Cat in "Andre's Horrible Girl" - notice that when the Disaster Dominoes starts he shields her first?
    • Tori/Beck in "Opposite Date".
    • Cat/Robbie in the Berry Ball episode.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Nowhere near the legendary ship wars of iCarly, but in a show that provided a lot of fuel for Shipping perhaps it was inevitable there would be a few quarrels,
    • Really any discussion promoting your OTP over others, discussing character's sexual orientations or author's intentions when it comes to shipping will most likely NOT end well.
    • Noticeably there was a vocal anti-Beck/Tori stance in the fandom early on, especially among the supporters of the instantly popular Beck/Jade pair, perhaps leading to strong downplaying the Love Triangle that was supposedly set up from the pilot.
    • There was some strong anti-slash sentiment when the Jade/Tori ship became a darkhorse favorite, but that's really come to be expected towards any popular same-sex ship (the Carly/Sam pairing from iCarly elicited similar reactions), especially one on a show aimed, at least ostensibly, for tweens.
    • Once Jade/Tori grew increasingly popular there were some minor Beck/Jade v Tori/Jade feuds when it became clearer they were the most popular ships inside the Beck/Tori/Jade trio. Often it could lead to rather childish arguments or ship warring, with some hate-tagging by the Jade/Tori shippers and increasing denial of the character's possible bi/homosexuality (even in subtext) by the Beck/Jade shippers, often with a refrain along the lines of "It's a children's show. Jade/Tori's not going to happen. Deal with it" that many Jade/Tori shippers found condescending and a rather dubious argument against their ship.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Trina's one-woman show. Eventually weaponised by Robbie to avoid writing a bad review.
    • Trina's acting/singing in general.
    • Robbie's songs about broken glass may also count, depending on the definition of bad.
      • Speaking of, "Favorite Food".
  • Sophomore Slump: see Seasonal Rot, above.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: "Give It Up" from the karaoke episode to "Lady Marmalade".
    • "5 Fingaz 2 da Fase" is this to "Baby Got Back".
    • "The Gorilla Club" uses the "Hammer Dance" as a Running Gag, the actual dance is about right but the music used is not "U Can't Touch This".
  • Squick:
  • Take That, Scrappy!: The Bad Roommate was one big Humiliation Conga for Jade, and to many, it was satisfying to see Jade finally get comeuppance for her actions.
  • Testosterone Brigade: Ariana Grande, Liz Gillies, Victoria Justice and Daniella Monet would rank right up there for 'hottest female cast' ever in a (supposedly) children's TV show.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Fans did NOT react well to Rex's, or should we say Christopher Cane's, greatly increased roles in the "Evenings with Victorious" and "iCarly". Possibly a reason for his Ensemble Darkhorse status is getting in a few funny lines and dissappearing for a majority of the episode. In-universe, Trina seems to be this to everyone around her.
    • Trina is meant to be an annoying Bratty Teenage Daughter and untalented in an attempt to be funny, but it worked too well, and many fans can't stand her.
    • To some fans, Tori herself, who suffers from Character Shilling, and effortlessly succeeding at everything she attempts, despite not being noticeably more talented than anyone else, and a lot more boring, than the other, more complex characters. There are frequent suggestions on forums that the show would be much better if it focused on the likes of Cat and Jade.
    • Cat has been descending into this territory as of Season 2 due to Flanderization.
    • Beck to some, obviously to adament Jade/Tori shippers but also to other general viewers who just find him rather dull and lacking personality, and bringing the least to the overall group dynamic, leading to some debate whether he's simply a Nice Guy scrappy or, when looking at his more passive-agressive tendancies, a hidden Jerkass. His actions in "Tori Goes Platinum" drew the ire of many previous fans and even led to some jumping the popular Beck/Jade ship, a pairing for which he seems to get disproportionate scolding for his percieved mis-steps in comparison to Jade.
    • Jade. Yet another in the long line of Dan Schneider created Jerk Sue special snowflake mean girls.
  • The Woobie:
    • Cat in "WiFi in the Sky". The poor girl was just having some fun with the effects... Granted, she was distracting everyone from the project and not really helping, but she's Cat. Tori could've known what was going to happen if she yelled.
      • Cat again, in Cat's New Boyfriend. Her squeaking voice and devastated facial expression when she caught Tori on the act of kissing her boyfriend makes you want to hug her. When she asks "Why would you be mean to me?" the moe/woobiness is just amplified.
      • Cat at the end of Crazy Ponnie. And then there's the time she was dogsitting at the house with expensive things that kept breaking. And the time she wound up living in the school attic because her parents moved away and her only alternative was with mean relatives. It's like they were going for Break the Cutie here.
    • Sinjinn. He's not COMPLETELY ignorant.
    • Robbie.
    Andre: Why are you crying?
    Robbie: Sometimes, it's hard for me NOT to cry...
    • He's a Jerkass Woobie, but it's mostly played for laughs. The other examples tend to be more serious.
    • In one episode, its implied that his mother left because of him. Definitely Woobie status.
    • And then there's Andre in "Jade Get's Crushed."
    "But if I sing her the song, then she'll know how I feel, and then Beck will know, and then I'm a bad person, and I promised my grandma I'd never be a bad person . . . you know, before she lost her mind"
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks: If you were a fan of Taina, you may hate this show, especially when you consider Nickelodeon screwed over the former and more or less adores the latter... right up until they cancelled it.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The iCarly crossover. There was little to no interaction between characters from either show except for the ending. The plot was the same of 'Beggin On Your Knees' except the villian is a two-timer, and Tori was the only one with major interaction with the iCarly gang, as well as a minor rap battle between Robbie/Rex and Sam.
    • A case of What Happened to the Mouse? in "Jade dumps Beck", where Jade tried to give Beck a dog only to have it get violent on his dad. Jade later refused to drive Tori home, claiming "it's not that far a walk". Surely letting Tori take the huge dog that's only docile in her presence (she helps blow its nose!) would settle the safety issue.
    • In "Prom Wrecker", Jade tries to ruin Tori's prome. It was mentioned earlier that Cat got 12 gallons of blood for Jade's (cancelled) show. Now, what exactly could she do with blood at a prom she's trying to ruin?
    • The end of "Tori Tortures Teacher" shoehorns one last gag in to avoid What Happened to the Mouse? - Tori keeps the bunny she'd gotten for Sikowicz, and they sit on a couch watching CSI. And that's it. They missed an opportunity to end the episode with a proper line, and have the tv provide the accompanying YEEEAAAAAAHHH to wrap it with.
    • "Jade Gets Crushed"-Andre falling in love with Jade, they could have him and Beck fighting, Jade feeling conflicted, and maybe giving Cat an actual role. But no.
    • "How Trina Got In" could've been a good opportunity for Trina to receive Character Development and reveal that she does have talent, but instead, she performed during Sikowitz's Mushroom Samba, thinking she was talented.
    • "Helen Back Again" could've had Trina actually get kicked out of Hollywood Arts, discover her true talent (martial arts) that becomes apparent in that episode, and actually have her turn down that path and ironically gain what she most wants (fame and glory) through actual hard work and something she's good at, but why would the show give up such an easy comic target?
    • Seriously, the end scene from the play in "Tori and Jade's Play date" where Tori and Jade play a married couple showing affection is the time, in of all episodes, to deny a climatic stage kiss?
    • "Three Girls and a Moose". Trina appearing this week would have been the perfect chance to twist the knife, making Moose fall for her over the other three girls, especially with Trina showing up in a mess. But there's NO WAY that'd happen, right?
    • Many were surprised by the ContinuityNod's, previous episode references and main characters other than Tori having their slap updates displayed that were all prevelant in "Robbie Sells Rex", with some thinking the show was suddenly going to become more cohesive episode-to-episode and put the spotlight on more of it's supporting characters. The episodes that followed, however, didn't follow suit. Either they didn't have the chance to put in these newly discovered tactics before the show's cancellation, or this episode just proved to be a strange anamoly.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Despite the general success of Dan Schneider's works as a whole, the series in general was hard pressed to live up to the praise of Drake and Josh and iCarly, and Zoey 101 to a lesser extent. This could be responsible for the show not being quite on the level of the previous works per se, and ultimately kicking the bucket in the end.
    • Even still, some thought that since Jade was getting punished for her actions (One of the major complaints of Sam and Megan) and no-one's a perfect character (Like in Zoey), that it was actually better then both.
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible: Any original plays written by the gang can fall into this, from Jade's re-audition film from "Helen Back Again" to Tori's play where Trina only spoke in alien in "Who did it to Trina".
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Robbie. In season one, his Butt Monkey moments were somewhat justified. However, this got Flanderized to his friends treating him like dirt for no reason. Watching the later seasons, you'd be thinking to yourself no wonder he's a jerk to them.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Jade in The Worst Couple. The writers want you to feel sorry for her that Beck broke up with her, but it's hard to actually do that when she acts like a spiteful bitch to everyone. Giving a "Reason You Suck" Speech to her so-called friends and breaking Sinjin's leg by running him down make the audience cheer for her misery rather than feel sorry for it.
  • Unnecessary Makeover: Jade's season 2 hairstylenote , according to this wiki , has not been seen favorably. In all fairness, according to Liz Gillies, this change came because she felt that she needed a tan after finding herself pale in a bikini in "Survival of the Hottest" (Which she lampshades hilariously). But the producers may have went a bit too far.
    • In an interview Gillies explains that she was actually too pale and needed to be darkened. This change may not have been wise in conjunction with the other alterations to her appearance.
  • Vanilla Protagonist: Some see Tori as this, though she's more complicated than most tween-sitcom heroines and averts the boy-crazy, image-obsessed cliqu'e, her character's considerably less mercurial than the likes of Jade, Cat and Robbie nor noticeably more talented, so there are some that prefer if more episodes or perhaps the entire show would focus on one of them.
  • Wangst: Andre. Certain plotlines usually had him lamenting about a certain disaster either to his talent or a budding musical career, prompting Tori to step in and help for the rest of the episode.
    • Other examples of this include him doing the same thing with his always kissing girlfriend and never being stung by a bee.
      • At least the wangst about his girlfriend was somewhat reasonable. She was forceful, which isn't exactly pleasant.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: obviously aimed at the younger set (it's on Nickelodeon) but despite the broad humor it's much more of a young adult show, thanks to the older cast, massive amounts of innuendo, many Mr and Ms. Fanservice characters and constant hinting at darker and more mature themes lying below it's seemingly tame kiddie-sitcom surface.
  • Why Does Everyone Think I'm Andy Samberg? Definitely occurs in-universe, but since one may not think Robbie looks like Samberg, that's why it's on this page.
  • White Collar Crime: "The Great Ping Pong Scam". The kids and Sikowitz embezzled money from the school and had they been caught, could face up to a least ten years in prison or more because they repeated the same offense.
  • X Meets Y: Fame meets iCarly.
    • Or, Fame meets iCarly with large helpings of Zoey101, Glee and Series/Saved By the Bell (and it's myraid clones) all thrown in.

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