Nightmare Fuel / Victorious
Rex! No! No, no, no, no, no!

The show itself has been getting Darker and Edgier as it progresses, but they are a few moments in Victorious that appears to be some lovely Nightmare Fuel.

  • Wok Star: "Just hide the body and don't say nothing to nobody!"
  • Cat taking Northstar calls and telling these people she's sure help is on the way, then not doing anything.
  • Tori Gets Stuck: Tori donating three pints of blood, the second bag splattering on the floor and all over Tori and Robbie.
    • Ever since he was a kid, Robbie had a toy car logged into his intestines. He's sixteen now, and it was still there before the doctors got it out.
  • EVERYTHING in "Locked Up!"
  • Jade's re-audition. Enough said.
    • To explain: It's a horror film that she wrote, directed, and starred in. It's extremely disturbing. It's Jade, lying in a bathtub with a Jack-in-the-box playing "Pop Goes the Weasel." There are screams in the background and a voice moaning from inside the Jack-in-the-box "Let me out." Suddenly a little boy on a rocking horse appears beside the bathtub and asks, "Why are you doing this?" Jade replies in an incredibly creepy monotone, "Because you're bad." She then starts humming along creepily to the song while the little boy whimpers, "No, no, no, no." He starts yelling "Stop it! Stop it!" The Jack-in-the-box pops open and Jade screams in her "man voice" "POP GOES THE WEASEL!" The little boy completely loses it and starts screaming, "I HATE YOU!!!" while Jade screams back, "I LOVE YOU!!!" It's way creepier than it sounds.
  • Jade's creepy video at Prome.
  • Jade in general, especially to anyone who's been bullied or tormented in high school before. At her best, she's mean-spirited, manipulative, and almost always looking for a way to make happy people miserable and miserable people borderline suicidal. At her worst...well...let's just say you'd better have your insurance paid up. There's a reason guys "start shaking...and peeing," when she simply stares at them.
  • Terror In Cupcake Street - the gang is traveling in a giant cupcake that goes 4mph. It breaks down in a bad neighborhood of Los Angeles, leaving them stranded. And they're all wearing candy jammies.
    • Tori, a fairly small sixteen year old girl, goes out to look for help. Alone.
  • The Monster Clown at the gas station during Tori, Cat, and Jade's road trip. "Can I get a your house?" The way that he moves, like a strangely hypnotic dancer, is also quite unnerving.
  • Jade driving Tori to school with a shovel, through where "there's not much of anything".
  • Ponnie is essentially a mixture of a manipulative Serial Killer and a dangerous mental patient. She's bent on ruining Tori and driving her victim to insanity. She nearly wins and is a Karma Houdini
  • In Robbie Sells Rex Robbie begins to slowly go mad due to lack of Rex, and starts hallucinating in class, which results in Cat and Tori's faces morphing into versions of Rex. It's insanely disturbing.
  • In the infamous episode "Brain Squeezers" the gang, including Sinjin, compete for the prize money in the game show no one heard of. If you answer the question wrong you get a "doink!". The first doink shows Robbie getting spray by the Pus Blaster right in his right eye. Then Trina gets pelted by nuts and bolts, which cause her head to bleed. Beck gets hit right in the gut by a guy wielding a bowling ball on a stick, Cat got hit right in the jaw twice, Jade was pelted by salt, batteries, and a car battery, Andre gets pelted by batteries for no reason, and Sinjin got hit by the toilet even when he was about to answer the question. A few doinks later, we see the gang, except Tori, got seriously hurt. How this game show is legal is anyone's guess.
  • Cat's Sanity Slippage in "Cell Block" was rather terrifying to behold.
    Jade: Its kinda sad watching Cat go mentally insane. I always thought it would happen more gradually.
  • "A Film by Dale Squires", Cat's character Monica kisses Beck's character, but then dies. Jade's character tries to make sure she's alive, to no avail. Beck's character is then interrogated, followed by a scene where Jade's character takes a bloody knife and cleans it off. (Cat, watching this, gasps.) Jade's character then puts the knife in a drawer with a picture of Monica. After she shuts it, the last scene shows a car driving in the night on a lone road. Plus, that music really feels creepy.
  • In "Beck's Big Break", when Robbie has a dream of a GIANT REX towering over him in a darkened atmosphere while he's in a cereal bowl, and the giant Rex blasts him with snot. Doubles as Nausea Fuel.
  • Melinda Murray's injury. She gets an arrow impaled through her hand, coupled with her agonizing screams afterward.
  • Tori gives Robbie three pints of blood. The first is stolen by Jade. The second he drops and gets all over himself and Tori. I will have nightmares forever...
    • The clown in "Car, Rain, And Fire". No only does he look terrifying. He also creepily asks Tori if he can go to her house. The girls drive away AS FAST AS THEY CAN.
  • The two dweebs who relentlessly hit on Tori and Jade at the Nozu in "Tori and Jade's Play Date". They obviously don't take "No" for an answer, even after Tori and Jade sing an entire song about guys not taking a hint; Jade even elbows one of guys in the gut at one point, and he still comes back for more. Then, they show up at the girls' play, causing Tori and Jade to run offstage like a pair of scared bunnies. Sure its funny on here, but the implications are disturbing to say the least, especially when one considers how similar situations usually end in Real Life.
  • The earthquake in Andre's Horrible Girl.
    • Andre's relationship with Hope seems like the horrific start of an abusive relationship. If she was a reoccurring character, who knows how much worse the relationship would have gotten?
  • A good portion of Locked Up- Traveling to a war-torn foreign country run by an authoritarian dictator, getting put up in a less than third-rate hotel infested with creepy-crawlies, being forced to perform for said dictator when you try to cancel out due to personal safety concerns, being unfairly tried and imprisoned due to a simple accident or misunderstanding, being incarcerated in a jail that's even worse than the hotel you were put up in, complete with sadistic or uncaring guards and violent inmates, need we continue?
  • The gang gets trapped inside Wanko's Warehouse while sneaking into it for an early bird sale... at the same time that a couple of robbers decide to hit the place
  • This picture of Hope is quite disturbing.