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YMMV: Super Robot Wars Z
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Big Fau is probably one of the most pathetic bosses in franchise history, rivaling the EVA Unit-01 in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, due to fairly weak attacks and such a low accuracy rate you don't even need to use Spirit Commands. The only hard part is killing the Overdevils which can be done very easily if you're careful. He's followed by another easy battle that gives you unlimited turns to get the SR Point.
    • Despite being a Duel Boss against whom you can only use Setsuna F. Seiei and the Exia, Alejandro Corner in the Alvaaron can be made into this in Hakai-hen. It only has around 20,000 HP, and the Exia with decently upgraded weapons, Setsuna's "Ace Bonus"note , and casting his "Soul" Spirit Commandnote , he can easily do over 30,000 damage with a single attack.
    • In the same spirit as the above, Saisei-hen gives us Wiseman as a boss for the second half of the final Armored Trooper VOTOMS scenario between him and Chirico Cuvie. The anti-climactic part is that he controls a set of Blood Suckers with about 12,000 HP each, but no special features. These Blood Suckers can be finished in one move. Of course, this is what Wiseman wanted.
    • The Final Boss in Jigoku-hen has half the Hit Points of the Grand Zamboa. Justified since the scenario takes place in an epilogue, while the actual Final Boss for the story's climax is the Grand Zeboma.
  • Best Level Ever: From Z, scenario 36 - "Operation Angel Down". Instead of pitting Shinn Asuka against Kira Yamato, it's hero vs. hero for the entire cast. Mazinger Z vs. Getter Robo? Aquarion vs. God Gravion? Xabungle and Walker Gallia fighting Universal Century Gundams? Yes, yes and yes.
  • Broken Base: Hakai-hen was suffering from this. While some found the cast list to be the best thing ever, others hate the game for removing the "Tri-Battle System" from Z, having only one protagonist (thereby only one route that you can pick), a lack of secrets and the inability to save certain characters who they want to survive throughout the course of the series.
    • There is the fact that many of these complaints were rooted in hardware issues, as a UMD can only hold so much data. The fact the sequel was split into two parts resulted in certain things being wound up on the cutting room floor.
    • People were rejoicing that Tetsujin #28, essentially the great grandfather of Humongous Mecha, is at long last showing up in SRW...only it's the 1980s remake and not the original, which has some people happy Tetsujin #28 is showing up at all, some wishing it was the original, and some happy it's that version.
    • The arrangements for some of the songs in Hakai-hen had fans either cheering (such as "Kanjite Knight" and "HEATS"), or outright wanting to murder the composer in cold blood, with "Tori no Uta" being the largest offender to some. It wouldn't be that big of an issue, had not the same track been used in Super Robot Wars L, giving fans something to compare.
      • Also, fans were upset that certain songs were NOT in the game, such as "Yuusou" (the theme of the Stoner Sunshine event from Getter Robo Armageddon) as well as "New Frontier" and "Angel Voice" from Macross Dynamite 7.
      • Not just music: let fans watch and compare the animations of the Dancouga Nova in L and Hakai-hen/Saisei-hen. People will argue which one is better (recall L is on the Nintendo DS while Hakai-hen/Saisei-hen is on the PlayStation Portable). Same thing can be applied to the Macross Frontier animations.
      • The use of synth violins (Triangular and Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi were the biggest examples). In fairness, this is an almost universally hated thing in SRW music.
    • The plot of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann doesn't end in Saisei-hen, and the Chouginga Gurren Lagann isn't playable, despite the Cathedral Lazengann appearing. While it's an obvious setup for a Sequel Hook, this annoyed certain players.
      • Technically it has endednote , so they can still continue it in the next game.note 
    • The fact that Euphemia li Britannia turns out Not Quite Dead in the ZEXIS Route, but Kamina and Lockon "Neil Dylandy" Stratos stay dead does annoy some players. To be fair, Euphemia coming back alive has less negative impact to the overall plot (for Saisei-hen and Code Geass) than having Kamina and Neil come back would.
    • Jigoku-hen removes certain series like Eureka Seven, Overman King Gainer, After War Gundam X and ∀ Gundam in favor of new series; like Hakai-hen, it is but part ONE of the Third Super Robot Wars Z, making these complaints feel redundant.
    • With Jigoku-hen released, players aren't pleased to discover some attack animations have taken a step backwards against previous titles, especially when new animations are given better treatment. While this base is always broke regarding Banpresto's bias towards different titles (particularly debuts), Jigoku-hen seems to be the worst.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: When a rumor that "Back Alley Space Boy" wouldn't be the theme to Dai-Guard was disproved, the Internet went nuts. And yes, it's probably one of the best instrumentals they have in Hakai-hen. The same can be said of the arrangement for "HEATS" and "Kanjite Knight".
  • Crossover Ship: Shinn Asuka and Setsuko Ohara, and through that, Shinn has actually mellowed enough to fix some of his more objectionable personality problems. It helps they still care for each other when they meet again in Saisei-hen.
    • Kallen Kouzuki and Chirico Cuvie, of all people. They had much chemistry since Hakai-hen, spent much time fighting along together, and even some Ship Tease moments (some in front of Fyana, even).
  • Demonic Spiders: Or "DAMONic Spiders", as the case may be. Dimensional Beasts have high HP, barriers, can inflict Standard Status Effects, good accuracy/evasion rates (and will only go higher due to their "Prevail" skillnote ) and HP/EN regeneration. As someone on Something Awful put it, "It's like someone decided the Ghost X9 should be more annoying".
    • Difficulty Spike: When you face those with MAP weapons in Hakai-hen. In the last scenario, you face a few who have stats akin to a Mini-Boss, and their MAP weapons do not hit their allies.
    • Thankfully in Saisei-hen, Bull- and Rhino-type Dimensional Beasts have less HP, don't have HP/EN regeneration and no barriers. That is, until you start facing Artificial-class mid-game, as the weaker ones are even stronger than the old Rhino-types.
    • Saisei-hen Scenario 15 introduces Axio Burglars (piloted by Fire Bugs). Each are equipped with a "Jamming Device" which makes allied units two grids around them given accuracy/evasion rate increases by 10%, and these bonuses stack if they're adjacent to one another. These make evasive real robots like King Gainer or a Scopedog very prone to their strong attacks (their strongest even reduces Will), while it's almost impossible to hit them without using Spirit Commands. Marilyn Catto in her Axio Burglar/Pearl Fang only makes it worse, since she's always there to lead her gang and boosts their/her accuracy/evasion rates with her "Command" pilot skillnote  and her unit's own Jamming Device.
    • One Saisei-hen scenario pits you against a large number of Blood Suckers. Unlike the ones Chirico faces later, these Blood Suckers are surprisingly accurate and agile, especially if you make the mistake of not taking them down in one shot, allowing their Prevail to kick in. The fact the scenario takes place indoors, rendering any unit bigger than a medium size non-usable, doesn't help.
  • Ear Worm: GAN GAN LEON, GUNLEON! GAN GAN LEON, GUNLEON!...and all the respective Ear Worms of the various franchises, as usual.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Shiony Regis from Hakai-hen is a mostly non-combatant villainess who's a Smug Snake at times, but she utterly dominates the Second Super Robot Wars Z fanarts.
  • Goddamned Bats: In Saisei-hen, any enemy faction aligned with the Earth Federation will get Mobile Dolls with "Support Defend"note  and most have barriers like "Planet Defensors", which nullifies any damage below 2000. Your attacks will constantly be blocked if you haven't been upgrading your units' weapons, not to mention the Dolls hit hard with the "Ignore Size Modifier" pilot skillnote .
    • During the last scenario resolving the Shin Mazinger and Mobile Suit Gundam 00 plots, you need to face Missile Mechanic Beasts and Gaga, respectively, by the numbers. While they aren't particularly hard to destroy, their Suicide Attacks are quite accurate. In fact, you won't earn any experience or credits if they're destroyed this way.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Saisei-hen has two that can trivialize the game for you. The first one is available if you have clear data from Hakai-hen and choose to start a new game via data linking. Progressing to the screen where it asks if you're sure you want to continue, then back-tracking to the title screen causes 500,000 credits to be added to your link data credit total. Repeat until you have all the funds you'll ever need.
    • The second one is a minor, but significant one. In both games, it's possible to leave space on the sub-order menu before enacting orders, thus a player is allowed to go back and fill those spaces and activate orders for them if they wish to. In Hakai-hen, filled rows are locked out, but in Saisei-hen it's possible to visit an unfilled row, switch to a filled row (by pressing the L or R buttons while holding down the triangle button), then swap out one pilot for another who hasn't been given orders yet. This means the player is no longer forced to choose who gets sub-orders when the cast becomes too large.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: An image from Z made the rounds during the game's initial release, showing a man in a black and gold outfit with a full face mask, talking to Gilbert Durandal and saying "They call that man 'Orange'." Guess what series debuts in Hakai-hen?
    • Hakai-hen included a Fire Bomber CD as an equippable part, as a Continuity Nod to the fact several Macross Frontier characters (particularly Ozma Lee) are fans. We get to see them Squee in person, since Macross 7 is in Saisei-hen.
    • Famitsu once posted a hoax article for a fake entry called "Super Robot Wars U" as an April Fools joke. Among the series listed was Daiguard. Cue the cast listing for Hakai-hen.
    • The term "Char's Counterattack" was always a bit of a misnomer in that movie, since in it Char and Neo Zeon are the aggressors. However, Z3's spin on it makes it no longer a misnomer.
  • Holy Shit Quotient: A playable Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in Jigoku-hen already set the tone following its reveal in the promotional trailers, but to transform into the Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? WOW.
    • The entire Axis Colony Drop event in Jigoku-hen: sure, multiple SRWs have used it before, but to see Char reveal he's not the one dropping the asteroid, but because he and Frontal are Singularities and the Axis is a Great Singularity he will use it to perform space-time recovery (Frontal mentions the other earlier Char Aznables who made different choices in Super Robot Wars games), lead all of Z-BLUE in stopping its descent, AND pull a Xanatos Gambit in case it happens? All this is done as "Beyond the Time" plays in the background.
  • Memetic Mutation: Shiony has probably become the most memetic character in the entire franchise, only rivaling Mist Rex for the top slot. Look at how much fanart exists for her alone compared to how little there is for the other Hakai-hen originals. However, unlike Mist, Shiony's memetic status is due to the fanbase realizing how she acts tough while being meek and frail in reality, overreacting to just about anything; in turn, the fandom latched onto her personality quirks and just ran with it, as opposed to being the result of an accidental rumor in Mist's case. Word of God even acknowledged her memetic status by using her portrait in Saisei-hen for a civilian you met in-game. Some fans actually find her moe due to how ineffectual a villain she is (she's upstaged by her villainous partners and not that hard of a boss); that and how cute she looks in some of said art.
    • It can be debated as she mainly appears in the ruins of the country she used to lead. Same goes for the fanart amount, mainly Marguerite Pistail.
    • Crowe's million-dollar debt is slowly reaching this level.
    • "Wrong Tetsujin!" stemming from the fan reaction to the 80s series being used over the original or 2004 one.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Shikuu crosses it when he kills the pregnant Annalotta, causing the Geminides race to go extinct, as the mother is the one who spreads her genes.
  • Most Annoying Sound: "MOKYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!" Whoever decided the Nirvash should do that every time it attacks should be shot.
    • "Main Theme" for Dancouga Nova (no, not "Tori no Uta") is so over-the-top serious that it quickly gets annoying. Then there's that delayed yell in the Dancouga Nova's final attack.
      • It's actually Aoi, or more specifically, a young Aoi: in the show's final battle with the original Dancouga, when they used the Dankuudangaiken, it showed near the end a young Aoi, since just before using the attack. The other pilots helped her out of a Heroic BSOD where she was imagining herself when she was a little girl.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The sound the Twin Satellite Cannon makes when it locks on, right before it fires is absolutely glorious.
  • Nightmare Fuel
    • The Edel Bernal's ultimate attack: first he creates a rip in the fabric of spacetime, briefly showing off a rather ominous looking eye before a massive, rainbow-colored horde of evil...somethings...burst out in a massive stream, with the boss' mech leading them like some demented band leader, and with the horde making a cacophony of creepy impish giggling. They swoop up, grab the hapless victim(s) and carry them into a dimension of pure rainbow insanity. They then get swarmed by a mass of blobs which is then assails by giant sperm, then eaten by a much larger one-eyed blob, which then collides with MORE one-eyed blobs, zooming out all the while, until suddenly the mass is blasted by at least a dozen lasers, until finally the final boss' mech looms large, The Edel makes a rather wiggly cut-in, completely with a disturbing expression of pure elation and with a "BYE-BYE", before finally ending the madness by ramming his gigantic spear into the whole mess. Definitely a contender for creepiest attack in the series, tied with the Big Bad in Alpha 3.
    • Dimensional Beasts increasingly become this.
  • Nightmare Retardant: Shikuu's Leitmotif would actually be scary if the distorted voice playing in the background didn't sound like someone burping.
  • Player Punch: Esther Elhaas becomes a Dimensional Beast in Saisei-hen. She gets better, though.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap, alongside Author's Saving Throw and Took A Level In Bad Ass: When The Big O debuted in Super Robot Wars Destiny, it was near useless by that game's broken standards and many, many players were pleasantly surprised after seeing it in action in Z, where it's one of the best units and becomes even better if you manage to get all of its weapons, making it a nigh-Game Breaker with its high defense, range, and Roger Smith's high stats (more accurately, his skill set, allowing him to make use of the "Attack Again" pilot skill) and accuracy. It seemed like the developers were issuing a warm, heartfelt apology for its sheer shafting in Destiny.
    • Same with God Mars, which was a scrappy unit in the same game due to the same bug and if it was destroyed, it was an instant game over. Although the same "game over" situation is in Hakai-hen, Godmars is rendered as an ass-kicking tool of destruction that's nearly unstoppable. One fan on the Gamefaqs board described it as "two trucks duct-taped together with an atomic bomb"...which is an oddly accurate description of Godmars itself. It also helps that after the Godmars finale, the bomb is disposed of safely and there's now no game-ruining risk involved with using it.
    • Getter-3 in Hakai-hen is no longer a situational unit (at best): it's actually pretty good unit.
    • If there's one unit and pilot people ragged on out of the Gundam 00 pilots, it was the Kyrios and Allelujah for just not being quite up to snuff with the other Celestial Being Gundams. Cue a 180 with the Arios in Saisei-hen, winning fans over with better specs, having what many consider the best opening TRANS-AM animation, an eventual ability to unleash Hallejuah and watching the Arios jump between jet and robot mode in glorious slow motion animation.
    • Nena Trinity, in a sense. She's still an evil psychotic bitch, but the thing that made her so hated was killing Louise's family at a wedding on a total whim. In "Hakai-hen", this is altered so that all three Trinity siblings bomb a political party that Louise's parents happen to be at, apparently under orders to. Thus, while Nena still holds culpability, she doesn't hold sole culpability, and it being a politically-based event she's ordered to strike at rather than an innocent wedding she strikes at for fun makes her come off as less reprehensible.
    • Quess is noticeably less of a crazy bitch and Gyunei isn't too bad either (tsundere for Char, so much so that he shows up to help push Axis back yelling what basically amounts to "I'm not doing this for you, don't misunderstand me!").
  • Scrappy Weapon: Gurren Lagann's Troidel Burst MAP attack - consumes a lot of EN, can only hit five enemies at most and cannot be used post-movement it also can't be used in space terrain maps and can't hit flying enemies normally unless you waste parts slots to give Gurren Lagann the ability to do so which is sub-optimal at best.
  • Tear Jerker: Many from the various franchises, but especially Aki's death, which can be avoided through a Guide Dang It by getting invisible "points" which will putting her in stasis until a method to stop the bomb in her is discovered. Also doubles as a Player Punch, as many players mercilessly slaughter the Gaizock forces responsible for it in revenge. Kappei's portrait even changes from his usual smile to an angry expression for the rest of the stage along with his character description changing.
    • Also Kamina, Euphemia and Neil in Hakai-hen. The worst part is while you can save Aki from her canon death (which you did in Z canon), but Kamina and Neil are Killed Off for Real...or maybe until the sequel to ''Saisei-hen''.
      • Especially with Kamina, where Batshit Ryouma Nagare, of all people, screams for his name in the same way he screams whenever Musashi bites the dust.
      • Not Quite Dead: Euphemia faked her death in Saisei-hen, but it is only available in the ZEXIS Route. Retconned in Jigoku-hen, where events reveal "Lelouch" was defeated by the Black Knights, thus following the normal route, where Euphemia is Killed Off for Real.
    • Before going off to fight the Anti-Spiral, everyone can use the teleport/warp points inside of Chou Ginga Dai-Gurren to go home to visit their friends. Everyone gets to have one last good time with the people they love. The exception is Noriko because she has nobody. Of course, everyone is quick to cheer her up, but it was still a really sad moment. Overall, it's nice for Noriko to have a character moment that's outside the typical story beats of the OVA.
  • That One Boss: The Overdevil, Turn X and Dewey Novak's flagship, the Ginga-gou in Z
    • Hakai-hen has the dreaded big three of Emperor Zul, Moon Will's Original Dancougar and Lord Genome's Lazengann. All of them can and will one-shot your units if you aren't careful.
    • Level 99 Gaioh, who is only available if you're on hard mode and pick the second of a particular conversation choice.
    • Haman Karn in Jigoku-hen, during the "Day of the Unicorn" event, due to god-like evasion rates and having no one on the allied roster having accuracy-increasing Spirit Commands at their disposal.
    • From the same game, Gauron, as usual. Arguably even worse this time if simply due to, but not limited to, that he can ignore size differences meaning he can now tear through your Super Robots just as easily as Real Robots now.
  • That One Level: The final scenario for Rand Travis on EX-Hard mode is insanely annoying, both because of its length and the sheer difficulty spike the Big Bad is compared to the previous few scenarios. Save Scumming is almost a must to avoid an Unwinnable situation.
    • Some of the special mission requirements are near impossible to beat without a great deal of luck and Save Scumming. The only real way to beat Z on hard mode while getting the skill points, ending points and such is Level Grinding repair units (making Rand's route a little easier since the Gunleon has this ability) to high levels as soon as you get a scenario without a time limit.
    • Just about any stage in Hakai-hen with Dimensional Beasts is a pain in the ass, especially Scenario 50. This doesn't get any better when Artificial-class Beasts present themselves anywhere in Saisei-hen.
    • Scenario 35 of Saisei-hen (of both routes, no exception) starts off with all your characters getting their heads messed with, starting them off at 70 Will, no use of Spirit Commands while hordes of Artificial-class Dimensional Beasts close in, dealing high damage to your units while taking paltry amounts in return due to the low Will.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Hakai-hen and Saisei-hen being on a handheld attracted a large number of complaints, as well as the removal of the Tri-Battle System. A combination of these two things has also limited the returning series to their key cast members and units only. Additionally, the fact that it was planned to be a PlayStation 2 game had some fans upset, as the PSP is seen as a downgrade in terms of graphical capabilities.
    • Replacing the Eureka Seven TV series with the not-so-well received movie in Hakai-hen, which had fans crying it was ruined now that the Nirvash is no longer broken, and the film version was considered by many as garbage.
    • Macross Frontier units are rendered medium-sized rather than small in Hakai-hen, and no longer have their "Pinpoint Barrier", which means they're no longer the Game Breakers they were in L. Naturally, people complained; however, the barrier does return in Saisei-hen.
      • What's funny is L got the size wrong, too: the VF-25 Messiah is roughly the same height as medium-sized mainstays Mazinger Z and the RX-78-2 Gundam, making it too large to be considered "small". L worked them in due to a lack of small units (it only had the Jeegs and the Iczers), but Hakai-hen has enough small units to restore them to their original size.
    • Part of the fanbase that complained that Tori no Uta, "LION", and by extension the entire soundtrack of Macross Frontier, is much better in L. Don't even try to mention "Absolute Nova Beast Attack" for the Dancougar Nova.
      • Likewise, Macross 7 gets a bit of a flak for not including some of their songs, mostly "Angel Voice" and "Holy Lonely Night".
  • Too Cool to Live: Although Advent and Ascpelius are awesome for using rescuing Hibiki in very dynamic moments. Gadlight kills Advent and Hibiki becomes so infuriated that he comes up with his finisher.
  • The Woobie: Setsuko; Uther might've surpassed her for this status in Saisei-hen.
  • Unfortunate Implications: In Scenario 57 of Saisei-hen, during the " Lelouch leaves" route, he enacts the Zero Requiem, and ends up being stabbed through the chest. Apparently, he can survive with no one the wiser thanks to Celestial Being's regenerative technology, despite death occuring within a couple of minutes. The unfortunate part is all of ZEXIS state now that the world believes he's dead, he has to become Zero for the rest of his life. Canonically, Suzaku Kururugi becoming Zero forever is treated as a horrible punishment, but since ZEXIS is Lelouch's allies and frirends, it's treated as a heartwarming event. It's disturbingly out of character for the entire team, and it's hard to tell if Lelouch is simply being given a free pass or a Fate Worse than Death. On the other hand, that makes it practically the same as the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing ending, which is contrasted with in the other available ZEXIS route.
    • One way to look at it is ZEXIS is telling Lelouch that if he wants to repay for all the crimes he's committed, he must live and work to make up for it instead of throwing his life away while still making people suffer because of the Zero Requiem.
  • Up to Eleven: Saisei-hen is the only SRW to date to surpass the number of series in a single game previously set by Alpha 3.

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