Fridge / Super Robot Wars Z

Fridge Brilliance

  • It may seem strange a Consummate Liar and Manipulative Bastard like Aim Liard has such an upbeat, heroic-sounding Leitmotif like "Untrue Cyrstal", but recall that as the bearer of the Sphere of the "False Black Sheep", everything about him is a lie, thus his Leitmotif wouldn't fit him at all.
  • The fact Jigoku-hen uses the events of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack means Char Aznable has gone against his previously established word of ensuring the "Black History" will not happen on his watch. Players had already declared him a Hypocrite and a liar, except that's exactly what Char is in Char's Counterattack (he lies about not Colony Dropping any more asteroids after The Federation hands him "Axis", but he does it, regardless).
    • Though it likely deals with the memory muckery that has affected all of "ZEUTH" and "ZEXIS" during the game.
      • As it turns out, Char really DID keep his word in the end: he was using "Neo Zeon" for his own goals of helping "Z-BLUE".
  • Wayne Ribtail and his willingness to attack female pilots isn't a case of misogyny: because Wayne's a feminist, he would treat a woman on the battlefield no differently than he would a man, thus he wouldn't give a second thought or hesitate striking a woman, when the core principles of feminism is "equal opportunities for women".
  • The Leitmotif for Australis, "Delusional God of War", is a somber remix of "Broken World's King", the Leitmotif of Gaiou. It makes sense the former sounds similar to the latter because they're both Dimensional Generals.

Fridge Logic

  • The Mayan prophecy's mentioned throughout Jigoku-hen: Blood of Beasts (Team D), Fellowship of Water (Aquarion), Destination of the Wind (Simon), Civilization of Fire(Newtypes) and the Brilliance of the Sun (Tetsujin-28). However, there's no Moon age despite there's so many Moon themed mech around (Zambot 3, Turn A Gundam, Gundam Double X). Also, why isn't Daitarn 3 the Brilliance of the Sun? Banjou Haran even says it as part of his catchphrase.
  • Z-BLUE, specifically the Celestial Being portion, already had to deal with both Al/Hal and Soma/Marie. Why didn't Celestial Being realize that Ambriel is Suzune's Split Personality?