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Trivia: Super Robot Wars Z
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    Super Robot Wars Z 

    Second Super Robot Wars Z: Hakai-hen 

    Second Super Robot Wars Z: Saisei-hen 
  • Gurren Lagann uses an original story to its plot involvement in Saisei-hen (Banpresto didn't use the TV or the movie endings: the original director made a new, unresolved conclusion exclusively for this game). In Scenario 54, Simon uses the titular Humongous Mecha to rescue Nia from the Anti-Spiral, who uses a unit called the "Anti-Gurren Lagann". The Arc Gurren Lagann only appears as a final attack for the Gurren Lagann, while the Chouginga Gurren Lagann does not appear at all.
  • The translated version of the speech Uther Insalaum recites during the Arclinus Insarius' his strongest attack is as follows:
    As the sun shines upon all creation,note 
    a king's love is for his subjects.note 
    You who walk a foolish path.note 
    By the light of Salvation, Thou shalt be saved.note 
  • The one who handles the make-up for Tieria Erde when he cross-dresses to infiltrate the A-LAWS is Bobby Margot.
  • Wiseman is one of people to snap C.C. out of her amnesic state.
  • Kamille acts as a mentor for Setsuna during those trippy scenes when the eponymous machine of Gumdam 00 allows the latter to sense the feelings of all combatants in the battlefield.
  • Heero is the only non-Code Geass protagonist to know Zero's identity is Lelouch Lamperouge before the big reveal. When Jeremiah Gottwald returns in Scenario 38, Heero and the Wing Gundam Zero is the only unit with the Code Geass cast while everyone else, including the rest of the Gundam Wing characters, head to the Dark Continent.
    • Saji Crossroad is the second person that comes closest to learning of Zero's identity thanks to his job delivery pizza to Ashford Academy and C.C., but never actively gets any concrete evidence. Also, he's aware something is up with Rolo Lamperouge, because having left the academy following the end of Hakai-hen, his memories weren't rewritten, thus he recalls Nunnally Lamperouge is Lelouch's sister, but he decides to keep this to himself out of nervousness, and also since he has no idea what it means.
  • Celestial Being is the one who repairs (and upgrades) the Sandrock to the Sandrock Custom after Quattre Rabarba Winner goes on an emotional rampage with the Wing Zero.
  • Pierre is a big Basara Nekki and Fire Bomber fan. This is because Ozma lent Pierre his Fire Bomber CD collection.
  • The Kedora event from Shin Mazinger traps every ZEXIS member in their dreams, not just Baron Ashura and Kouji Kabuto. This is why various events from each respective series occur.
  • Like the Protodevlin, Dimensional Beasts are affected by Basara's singing, damaging them in the process. Likewise, the Vajra are demoralized by Basara's songs; this explains why Grace O'Connor loses control over Ranka Lee in the Macross Frontier finale. In regards to Gaioh, whatever Basara's songs are doing is heavily affecting his abilities to control dimensional energies.
  • Ribbons Almark has character-specific dialogue for Kamille, Quattro Bagina ("Or should I say 'Char Aznable'?"), Amuro (several unique battle quotes directly referencing him), Heero (though he's just talking about the "Zero System"), the colony Gundams as a whole, the Gundam DX and ∀ Gundam (he refers to them as the "world-destroying Gundams"), the Destiny, Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice (he brings back the "Freedom, Justice, Destiny" motive The Edel and The Edel Bernal had back in Z), Shinn and Kira Yamato. Note that Ribbons refers to Amuro, Kamille, Shinn and Kira by their full names.
  • Kallen gets a lot of interaction with the Gundam 00 cast. Not only does she visit Saji in his cell on the ''Ptolemios, she gradually gets it into his thick skull about the situation of the ADW. Notably, when he repeatedly calls her out as a terrorist, Kallen doesn't accepts the accusation. Later, she's also responsible for motivating Sumeragi Li Noriega to return, rather than Setsuna, as he promptly leaves her with Kallen, who he thinks can talk to her better because "they're both women". While Kallen believes this is the dumbest thing she's ever heard, she manages to convince her when she tells Sumeragi the story of her mother.
  • The telepathic conversation Alto, Ranka and Sheryl Nome have during the Macross Frontier finale is facilitated by Setsuna using the TRANS-AM Burst in the 00 Raiser.
  • In one of the route splits mid-game, ZEXIS is watching Ranka's concert. Setsuna and Heero are talking about the power of Ranka's song, but Lacus Clyne corrects them and explains her song is not about power but rather a feeling. Unfortunately, both are slightly confused:
    Setsuna: "Do you know what she's saying?"
    Heero: "Not in the slightest."
  • Crowe and Marylin Catto's relationship is pretty much a Hilarious in Hindsight if you take into account their voice actors portrayed Keitaro Urashima and Mutsumi Otohime, respectively.
  • Sumeragi wrote a thesis back in university about combat with unmanned units. This ends up as the concept behind the Mobile Dolls, which is what led Sumeragi to quit the Organization of Zodiac. They decide to put them in stuff found from the UCW.
  • Saisei-hen ties Charles zi Britannia and C.C. to the plot by making the Code be a mark of the Black Knowledge. After Charles dies in the Sword of Akasha, Lelouch and C.C. discover the ultimate end of the universe, with the former at least trying to think of a way to avert it.
    • Also, the power of Geass is revealed to share the same roots as the Overmen, an ability that exists so that humans may protect themselves from "Ba'al".
  • "The Abyss" is a rupture in the dimensional boundary line that connects the various UCW, ADW and other worlds. It only opens at specific times and conditions, but allows safe passage between worlds with correct timing. The Eternal battleship is able to use it to travel to the ADW on instructions from Gen Fudou, who appears to be the only person capable of moving between worlds at will. The Abyss is also responsible for triggering the Anti-Spiral's "Human Extinction System". Because the Abyss is currently acting as a conduit between the UCW and ADW, the system calculates both worlds' human populations together. With a combined total exceeding ten billion (rather than one million from Gurren Lagann), it initiates the second phase.
  • Every person with access to the Black Knowledge is trying in their own way to resist fate:
    • Dr. Hell wants to conquer the ADW so he can use all of Earth's means to fight against it.
    • Wiseman wants humanity to evolve through conflict in order to fight the Ba'al and, failing that, for Chirico to inherit his powers and knowledge to fight in his stead.
    • Lord Genome knows that the Spiral Nemesis is part of the Ba'al, thus works with the Anti-Spiral to suppress all Spiral beings.
    • Charles and V.V. aim to convert all of humanity into a single consciousness so they can survive it.
  • It appears the Zero System is also part of the plans created by Aeolia Schenberg. This implies the system was designed over 200 years ago along with VEDA. In a way, this appears to be a Homage to the Isaac Asimov Foundation trilogy, where the Zero System functions as the "Second Foundation" or backup for VEDA should the plan ever get derailed. On Stage 58 on the Believe Zero/Black Knights Route, once Tieria had gained control of VEDA, Ribbons was Dangerously Genre Savvy to quickly board his Reborns Gundam and destroy Seravee before Tieria could finish using the Trial Field to shut down all the Gagas. However, Heero was able to use the Zero System to interface with VEDA and disable all the Gagas functioning as sort of a backup Trial Field which was something that Ribbons did not see coming. Heero also revealed a Gundam 00 Movie easter egg which identified Ribbons Almark as: Code X1409 EA Ray
  • Kira has unique battle dialogue (while attacking and evading, possibly taking damage, too) when fighting Gino Weinberg and Brera Stern, where he refers to them by name; Gino returns the favor (instead, he refers to Kira by his full name). All three characters are voiced by Soichiro Hoshi.
  • Mikhail Blanc doesn't think Lyle Dylandy is fit to replace Lockon since he isn't a dedicated sniper, more so since Mikhail takes it upon himself to pick up the slack after Neil dies. Following the scenario where Mikhail, Gain Bijou and Lyle needed to destroy a Dimensional Beast from long-range, Lyle comes through perfectly and decides he's fit to take over after all.
  • The death of Nena Trinity in Saisei-hen can occur in different scenarios depending on whether the player chooses to trust Zero or not. If the former is chosen, she dies in Scenario 51; if not, Scenario 52. What makes her death different from Gundam 00 is Setsuna wonders what she's doing at the abandoned satellite where he's supposed to rendezvous with Wang Liu Mei (in the anime, the appearance of the Throne Drei was a surprise). ZEXIS witnesses Nena assassinate Liu Mei as she proclaims the real relationship between Liu Mei and Hong Long (in the anime, no one finds out about this). Even her dying words are slightly different, as Louise Halevy tells Nena she knows she doesn't want to die this way AFTER dealing the lethal blow, while Nena is coughing up blood.
  • During Scenario 27, when the main ZEXIS force arrives, attacking Heero in his Wing Zero with specific pilots will result in special dialogue where they either briefly manage to get through to him (resulting in Heero receiving a Will decrease) or enrage the Zero System further (Heero gets a boost in Will):
    • Characters who decrease Heero's Will:
      • Quatre, Kamille, Basara
    • Characters who increase Heero's Will:
      • Lelouch, Setsuna, Crowe
  • Emperor Muge Zorbados and Emperor Zul use the power of darkness to bring the Zeravire into the ADW, though the Black Knowledge may have some part in knowing how to create them.
  • Getter Energy is what the Gods from Shin Mazinger use to power their armor.

    Third Super Robot Wars Z: Jigoku-hen 
  • The dimensions and the corresponding series merged in Jigoku-hen are as follows:
  • The movie within a movie from A Wakening Of The Trailblazer is parodied in Jigoku-hen, with a unique map, characters and units (such as Mazinger, Gurren Lagann and Shin Getter), but is non-playable. In-Universe, viewers are under the impression Celestial Being has access to Super Robots - if they see something like Godmars in Real Life, they'd believe it's part of the organization. Jigoku-hen also gives names to the pilots in the movie: Setsuna -> Michael; Lockon = Warren; Allelujah = Jennifer; Tieria = Olson.
  • In Scenario 9 of the Chase Route, every young member of your team really wants to help Sousuke and Chidori track down a mysterious pervert. Hijinks ensue, including randomly running into Ryouma and Viral. They find the Pony pervert who wears a horse head . . . who ends up running into Beastmen . . . who of course, are all piloting the horse headed Ganmen. After that, cue the debut of Bonta-kun here to save us from all of these ponies. Every girl is insanely jealous pony dude attacked Alto instead, turning him into a pony girl too Ryouma and Viral mistake Hibiki and Sousuke for the pony dude and attack them along with the FMP?F policewoman. In the Training Route, everyone is Rugby hell training with Sousuke, Bobby, Ryouma and Viral. Katz Kobayashi gets Mao's training hell from her personally. Both routes introduce Bonta-kun, so you'll end up trashing the entire stage with Black Getter + Bonta-kun either way.
    • The Rugby team decides to play Brockenball with Brocken's head.
    • After the the battle on either route, Ryouma is hired by Jindai High as a security guard/assistant janitor. Apparently, adventuring doesn't pay all that much.
    • Amalgam pops up a lot, working with Martial and Geminis and so on, and A21 and Sousuke tie in to the Endless Waltz stuff.
    • Kamille, Banagher, Amata, Shinji, Alto and Kouji bust into the women's hot spring in a enactment of a scene from Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. However, Gates appears out of nowhere and ruins their fun.
    • Beck and Kan Yu are now Gauron's lackeys in this game where those two will usually show up along with Gauron and maybe Gates. They also get Firebug to follow them because Gauron made them work for him and that they were out of a job.
    • Chidori's whispered knowledge apparently gives her knowledge of black history; She's the first person to mention the Axis drop, before even Char mentions it. The ZEUTH people recall seeing this in the black history stuff back in Z1
  • Due to Laser-Guided Amnesia, Z-BLUE cannot remember characters from any absent series in Jigoku-hen. However, only memories in the combined world in this game are affected: when Kei and the Orguss arrive from an interdimensional rift into the world of Jigoku-hen does Z-BLUE recall he is their comrade. Played for Laughs regarding Apollo near the end of the game - when told he was a "dog", Z-BLUE agrees, a Call Back to his scruffy appearance and feral demeanor.
  • As a parallel to his Super Robot Wars Alpha counterpart, Shinji Ikari converses with Mikono Suzushiro about feeling "useless", yet Z-BLUE actively praises Shinji's efforts, such as the fight against Ramiel. Misato Katsuragi, who's usually around with the Dai-Guard characters, has Shunsuke Akagi become Shinji's Big Brother Mentor in Jigoku-hen.
  • Heero and Chirico each use the Bonta-kun suit once, on different routes; Heero remarks that it doesn't suit him, and ends up returning it to Sousuke.
    • Heero saving Sousuke's teacher in the hijacking scene
    • Heero, Sousuke and Chirico "......" conversation.
    • At onw point, Chirico goes after Fyana with CC. Teitania shows up, they fight. Gauron is working with the cult from Shining Heresy. Chirico is wary of Fyana's safety so he leaves her with the cult.
  • Graham Aker takes a page from Zechs Marquise and calls himself Preventer "Lightning", a Shout-Out to Zechs' own Preventers Code Name "Wind". If Graham is in a support attack with Zechs, he'll refer to the latter as Fujin ("God of Wind") and himself as Raijin ("God of Thunder").
  • When the Mariemeia Army kidnaps Relena Darlian, they also take with them Nunnally vi Britannia. This leads to Zero and Suzaku Kururugi infiltrating the Brussels Presidential Bunker and saving the hostages.
  • Shin Mazinger plot is takes ideas from Shin Mazinger Zero. They speculate what would happen if Kouji loses control of the Mazinger and if the Photon Power kept leaking. on that note Zeus battle was fun, they also mention Tetsuya again and Yumi mentions of a possible another dimension Mazinger existing in their world. because Brocken had to run from a battle against a Mazinger and he wanted revenge against Kouji ( 2nd stage event) so he attacked him, Kouji notes that he doesn't understand why Brocken wants revenge, Sayaka reminds him he did beat Dr.Hell who went into hiding. Oh and Viscount Pygman is dead.
    • It turns out that all the rank and file Mycenaeans were killed by Gaiou, he DIDN'T kill Hades and the 7 Generals
    • Hades and Zeus appear in the present time because Baron Ashura kills him/herself.
    • Hades said that if Z-Bl UE can't beat the Kedora made with the brains of the Invaders, how could they hope to beat the Baal army?
    • At some point, Mykage's forces will attack Hades' and vice versa.
    • At one point, Kouji has a hard time against Hades. Go and the Shin Dragon shoots him with Getter Rays and Mazinger Z powers up.
  • As a Shout-Out to Zeta Gundam, Kamille becomes upset when a student from the karate club at Jindai High calls him a girl. He proceeds to beat him senseless, a reference to him doing the same thing to Jerid Messa.
  • Since Katz Kobayashi survived the events of Z, he returns in Jigoku-hen as part of Londo Bell and becomes a Big Brother Mentor to Hathaway Noah. In contrast to his Alpha counterpart being The Scrappy, Katz has matured and is less obnoxious about others, particularly about Char being Obviously Evil with regards to Neo Zeon.
  • Neo Zeon in Jigoku-hen is primarily based on Char's faction from Char's Counterattack. This causes problems with Marida Cruz, as she comes from the original Neo Zeon faction created by Haman Karn in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, which doesn't appear in the Z series. Instead, Marida is more or less a "prototype" of Elpeo Ple; her history as a sex slave is glossed over.
  • In-Universe, conspiracy theorists state the Mineva Lao Zabi representing Neo Zeon is a fake because she's too young, given the time frame between Z and Jigoku-hen. Naturally, any person who has read Gundam Unicorn or watched its Animated Adaptation knows Audrey Burne is the real Mineva.
  • Mykage uses the Vajra as mooks because Mykage brainwashed the Vajra with his song.
    • Mykage kidnapped Ranka and Sheryl in one of the NGE missions and proceeds to use their songs to power the Evil Aquarion in a later scenario. An angry Basara says that their songs have been twisted by Mykage.
    • Jin's first contact with women are the one in Z-BLUE He thinks that all women are immortal, that they are able to command the battle while drunk and violent, and that they are hard to understand.
    • Jin isn't trapped in a frog, and Kagura and Zessica are actually be allowed to interact so Zessica getting over Amata for Kagura will actually not be forced and contrived.
    • The original Aquarion was stored in Central Dogma within NERV along with Lilith.
  • The Z-BLUE pays a visit in Paradigm City, which results in Aoi vs Schwarzwald, then Gunbuster to the rescue.
    • Roger essentially reverts to living out the dream state he was in during Episode 14/the first episode of Big O Season 2. Hobo Roger spends a good part of the game wandering around Paradigm until Dorothy finally finds him, he suddenly remembers who he is, and he becomes Roger the Negotiator once again.
    • Big Venus is involved with the incident 12,000 years ago that Zero and Gendou and other people who actually know what's going on talk about. Paradigm City is supposedly a trial run of the time prison. The wasteland outside the dome is the result of the nuclear winter caused by a parallel Char's Axis drop.
    • Big Venus came into conception because that jerk Gadlight managed to give Angel that "push" to go ahead with it.
    • Big Venus works like Zonuda. It deletes your units after the fight.
  • In the Alternate Space Labyrinth, Z-BLUE experiences their idealized world. In a twist, the Labyrinth forces Gundam characters to experience nightmares; for the most part, the worst elements from their shows' respective canon storylines:
    • Setsuna in despair
    • Shinn' fury over Kira
    • Amuro and Char bickering against one another during the Axis Colony Drop
    • Heero being given the order to assassinate Relena
    • Paptimus Scirocco successfully Mind Rapes Kamille before he dies
  • Ryouma shoots Simon with Getter Beam to give him a power boost needed to combine into the Chouginga Gurren Lagann
  • As per its series, the eponymous Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the size of a galaxy. To justify how the rest of Z-BLUE can fight the Anti-Spiral and the similarly, galaxy-sized Grand Zamboa, Spiral Power affects all of their respective Humongous Mecha, rendering them into galaxy-sized versions of their normal units. This is designated in-game with an infinity symbol as unit size.
    • Alternate Armageddon Ryoma mentions that the UCW Getter Team has "vanish[ed]"
    • Axis just fulfills yet another of Ba'al/Anti-Spiral's attempts to drop something onto earth and gives Simon his moment where he promises Nia to save her and we get to see the real Nia for a short moment.
  • If Ryouma, Kouji or Simon engages the Anti-Spiral, dialogue reveals the latter is an ally of the Mycanae Empire and is supposed to guard the titular "time prison" to ensure organizations like Z-BLUE does not exist.
  • Jigoku-hen is the first SRW since Super Robot Wars Compact the Final Boss is not an Original Generation (Shikuu is the Post Final Boss), but the Anti-Spiral with the Grand Zamboa, due to it being the authority behind a "battalion" of the Ba'al, having half of the antagonists in the game under its command. Essentially, Jigoku-hen is a lead-up to the encounter with the Anti-Spiral.


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