Creator / Mitsuhiro Ichiki

Mitsuhiro Ichiki is a seiyuu from Kagoshima. He plays teenage boys, often leaning heavily towards the Jerk Ass spectrum.

In 2012, he had been subjected to a cruel prank by his fellow voice actors Takuma Terashima and Hisako Kanemoto when he entered a fake audition to get a role in Kokoro Connect. Needless to say, he received sympathy among the fans and saw the prank as a very dickish move from both the voice actors and the production studio note . Tomokazu Sugita helped him to reveal this prank. You can read more on the story here. Despite the scandal, he eventually did get an actual role in the later episodes of the anime.

In 2015, he married fellow voice actress Nana Inoue.

Some roles by Mitsuhiro Ichiki are: