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Mao Ichimichi is an actress and gravure idol born on Febuary 1, 1992, in Osaka, Japan, affliated with Yellow Cab Next. She used to be a part of the idol group, "HOP Club".

She is well known for portraying Luka Millfy/Gokai Yellow in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (following in the footsteps of her former HOP Club batch mate, Suzuka Morita, who portrayed Kotoha Hanaori/Shinken Yellow). She also voices in anime and toku under the name "M·A·O", basically making her a female Japanese counterpart of Johnny Yong Bosch (actor who started out in Toku and then goes on to have an ongoing anime career).

Notable roles by Mao Ichimichi

Alternative Title(s): MAO