Heartwarming / Super Robot Wars Z

2rd Super Robot Wars Z: Hakai-hen

  • Shinn and Kamille seeing eachother again since after the last game in a battlefield is pretty sweet. Shinn is happier then you would usually see him, and both their love interests have to tell them to calm down and get back to the fight.

3rd Super Robot Wars Z: Jigoku-hen

3rd Super Robot Wars Z: Tengoku-hen

  • During a save-game skit, Noriko and Nono get to play with the former's action figure collection, which is quite adorable.
  • Brera becomes much kinder due to his Character Development, as the Z Saga uses both the TV Series and Movie versions of his characters, having him start of as a Jerkass as TV!Brera, but gradually develops him into a nicer person as Movie!Brera. As such, he acknowledges Alto as his friend and eventually takes back his "I don't entrust Ranka to you" statement.
  • Chirico temporarily entrusted Sousuke with the piece of equipment he literally sleeps with. This is important because he views Sousuke as true comrade. Also, the Magnum came in handy during the Full Metal Panic! climax.
  • AG Gives Z-Blue 1500 Z-Chips and Marida gets ice cream if the player unlocks the conditions for saving her.
  • Everyone cheering on Z-BLUE during the Final Boss battle. This gets their hopes up. As well as being a Call Back to the plan to stop Axis in Jigoku-hen.
  • The ending has several moments. Namely when the characters are in a limbo waiting to return to their worlds. Many characters make peace with each other, such as the Sphere Users, which include those previously dead. And even Advent makes peace with Hibiki before passing on. Also EVERY ONE of the series featured, including the originals, has a heart warming scene where they are in their own world.
  • The fact that Kei gets to say the last voiced line in the game, and by extension the entire Z saga, since he personally started the entire mess after all in a meta way.
    Kei Katsuragi: " And now, everything will end.. and a new pluralised world will begin!"