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Roleplay: Personification Life
A NationStates RP created by Dabfia and maintained by Swith Witherward. As of May 2013, the IC page is run by Cerillium, and OOC by Swith.

Can PRESENTLY be found here.

The most fitting description of this RP is "'It's supposed to make sense?'" Some characters are from the nations created by their users, while others are...of uncertain nature. A reading of the effin' manual says: "'We have anthros, velociraptors, gods, demons, angels, cyborgs, robots, magic users and mystical beings, warriors/soldiers/super soldiers, average mortals, A.I.s, thieves, spies, emperors, mad scientists, and whatever Bones and his brothers are. Anime seems to be a big theme, followed by offshoots of various pantheons and fiction.'"

Among many others, some genre that is currently in use includes Portal, Cthulhu Mythos, Warhammer 40K, Star Wars, Star Trek, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and Doctor Who. All Myths Are True, but some figures and pantheons are relegated to control by certain players.

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