Playing Against Type / Professional Wrestling

  • In contrast to being typecast as a heel in Japan after getting heat from the wrong people, Kana aka. Asuka spent much of her time in America was spent working as a face.
  • One of the main criticisms as The Authority storyline was Triple H's depiction across brand lines. On Raw and Smackdown, Hunter's the Corrupt Corporate Executive that many have believed him to be behind the scenes. In NXT however, he's the Benevolent Boss and A Father to His Men and Women who's pet project beloved to the point of fans begging for Vince's retirement for HHH to take over the company.
  • AJ Lee was almost always a Plucky Girl face on the indies, due to her small stature. However she made a Face–Heel Turn in FCW to hold both titles and, while she was called up to WWE TV as a face, she found all of her success as a Yandere. She only turned back face in the last couple of months before she left.
  • Paige was essentially a bratty, clownish heel whenever she wrestled as Britani Knight. She says she's suited to being a heel because she looks fake whenever she smiles. Well in WWE she was never able to make a heel run work for very long, crowds loving her dark Anti-Hero image.
  • Madison Rayne was always a face on the indies, but really found her niche in TNA as a screaming Alpha Bitch. Numerous critics had insisted that she wasn't right for the face role, and held her eventual TNA pushes as proof.
  • Becky Lynch only ever played a face in her native Ireland if she was in an intergender match. She was a heel pretty much everywhere else, SHIMMER fans especially coming to know her as an obnoxious Boisterous Bruiser. She also had an Oireland gimmick, which did not go over well at all when she tried it on WWE TV. Since getting signed to WWE, she has not been able to get booked as a heel; fans loving her natural likeability and Genki Girl personality, making her one of the biggest underdog faces of the New Era.
  • Wrestlicious featured a few indie girls using their own gimmicks Up to Eleven (Daizee Haze as a hippie for example) but a few of the characters were played by women departing radically from their usual routine: