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Genre Relaunch
So, some work had the gall to be a Genre-Killer in some fashion. But then some work comes along and manages to revitalize that entire genre! That of course would be the Genre Relaunch. Commonalities in a relaunch include Reconstruction, a Genre Throw Back, a retool, or being an exceptionally good work.


Anime and Manga

Comic Books

  • Moulin Rouge! brought back the movie musical after the disaster that was Hello, Dolly!.
    • Grease did it before Moulin Rouge way back in 1978.
  • The updated X-Men film franchise brought redemption to the superhero movie industry after the travesty of the Schumacher Batman films.
    • Some argue Blade had a hand in it too. Case in point, Blade came out two years before X-Men and four years before Spider-Man. When Blade came out, it wasn't even marketed as a comic based movie, instead it was a slick vampire action flick. Many movie goers likely didn't even know it was based on a comic book until they saw "Based on the Characters created by Marvel Comics" in the opening credits. Blade's status as a sleeper hit convinced Fox and Sony to nudge X-Men and Spider-Man (respectively) out of Development Hell.
    • As did the Spider-Man Trilogy.
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise made pirates fun for the twenty-first century (although its influence has mostly been in literature rather than in more films).
  • The Disaster Movie genre was left for dead by 1980, but experienced a resurgence in 1996 with Roland Emmerich's Independence Day.
  • 3D movies have had this a few times - the most recent in the 2000s, first with IMAX 3D, then animated flicks such as The Polar Express, and culminating in 2009's Avatar.
  • The Lord of The Rings trilogy directed by Peter Jackson, it can be said, effectively brought High Fantasy (or perhaps even Medieval European Fantasy) in general to the attention of film audiences, but results from attempted films of this genre have been mixed, on one hand, we got successes like The Chronicles of Narnia. On the other; commercial flops like Eragon.
  • There'd hardly been any Sword And Sandal epic movies since Cleopatra had come out in 1963. Then along came a little film called Gladiator in 2000, and the genre became big again.

Live-Action TV

  • Thrash Metal had a resurgence in the mid 2000's on the backs of bands like Evile and Municipal Waste.
  • Boy Bands were practically D.O.A. after the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC faded in 2001-02. The Jonas Brothers were popular for a few years from 2007 to 2009, but that was more of a pop-rock act as opposed to a traditional boy band. Following the success of Justin Bieber, "classic" boy bands like Big Time Rush, The Wanted, and JLS started popping up. JLS and The Wanted had good success in the UK, but were nowhere near as popular as acts like Take That and Westlife were and made no impact internationally. Big Time Rush, meanwhile, had a hit show on Nickelodeon, but as a band weren't very successful mostly because their launch was parallel to the rise of Bieber.
    • The act that would truly re-ignite the Boy Band craze formed on the next season of the hit UK show The X Factor. One Direction were put together by Simon Cowell after their members narrowly missed the cut as solo acts. Although the group finished third, their debut single "What Makes You Beautiful" debuted at #1 in the UK. One Direction would go on to achieve massive worldwide success on a scale that no British boy band has ever achieved, and even broke into one market that their predecessors failed to make it in: the United States. The Wanted also had a massive global hit with "Glad You Came" around the same time One Direction started to break through, but their hype was quickly extinguished by their rivals.
    • One Direction would go on to dethrone Bieber as the biggest teen phenomenon in the world. The Canadian's sales figures began to plummet and he started to lose awards and records to the boy band. Other boy bands like Union J, The Vamps, Emblem3, Midnight Red, and IM5 are looking to achieve success, but it's unlikely that any boy band — or Bieber-esque solo singer, for that matter — will overtake One Direction any time soon.

Video Games

  • The point of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was to do this for classical art.

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