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09:22:13 PM Apr 15th 2015
I pull this from for Examples Are Not Arguable but then realize it's on its way to Edit Warring. Since I'm no American, you guys talk it out.

  • For the North American anime audiences, it can be argued that Free! and Haikyuu!! help resurrect the interest of sports anime and manga.

(remember to remove it can be argued though)

03:38:52 AM Apr 16th 2015
edited by MyTimingIsOff
On top of the whole Examples Are Not Arguable thing, the edit reason that guy left ("You're not the boss of me") was completely unacceptable.
11:31:46 AM Apr 16th 2015
I think he said that as a knock towards me. He thinks I'm an asshole just because I blocked him for constantly spamming my feed with dumb questions about Sentai Filmworks. I'd rather save this for another discussion, though.

As for the Sports anime popularity thing, NOT A CHANCE. Sports anime is not, hasn't been, and will NEVER be popular in North America. It used to be on the Americans Hate Tingle page. One or two popular series aren't going to wipe flop after flop after flop of series in a given genre.
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