Film: Elektra

Elektra with her signature outfit and weapons.
"Her name was Elektra. She was a warrior. She was also dead. Well, nobody's perfect. Only a warrior can come back from death and even then the second life is never quite like the first."
Stick, Trailer narration

A 2005 spinoff of the Daredevil film starring Jennifer Garner as Elektra, a contracted assassin who is reluctant to carry out a hit on Mark and Abby Miller. In helping them escape, Elektra learns that Mark and Abby are not as normal as they appear to be. As she faces off against The Hand, an organization that seeks to capture Abby because she is the sacred "Treasure," Elektra soon learns that Kirigi, a member of The Hand, was sent to kill her mother when Elektra was only a child.

This film contains examples of: