Film: Man-Thing

Man-Thing is a 2005 horror movie based on the Marvel comic of the same name. It was directed by Brett Leonardnote .

The film starts with one Kyle Roberts arriving the town of Bywater to be its new sheriff. He then starts investigating the deaths in the swamp near it, which all seem to be linked to the Schist Petroleum oil rig nearby. It seems that the company's wrongdoings in the area has awakened its guardian...

Examples within the movie:

  • Darkness Equals Death: Lights go out in Schist's oil rig before Man-Thing attacks Steve.
  • Death by Sex: Billy James dies in the opening scene dies amidst an embrace of passion.
  • Evil Laugh: Schists let out one after Frederic tells Jake that the new sheriff will be dead soon.
  • Eye Scream: When Man-Thing kills Pete, we are shown his eyes bursting.
  • Fanservice: Not even five minutes into this film and there's already a pair of bare breasts.
  • Flipping the Bird: Frederic gives Kyle the finger after threatening him near Pete's place.
  • Hollywood Darkness: Played straight, averted and played straight again; most of the nightscenes take place in visible darkness, but when Roberts ventures into deeper parts of the swamp, the darkness is initially displayed more realistically, before returning to more visible output.
  • I Am the Noun:
    Kyle: We'll take this to the county.
    Frederic: I am the county!
  • Jump Scare: The comatose victim suddenly attacking Kyle in the hospital.
  • Putting on the Reich: Schist company logo is very similar to the Nazi-party flag.
  • Race Lift: Sallis, who was a Caucasian in the comics, was in this instance a Native American shaman before becoming the Man-Thing.