Headscratchers / Man-Thing

The Comic

  • Why does Man-Thing seem to be so selective about who he kills? The comic keeps hammering home the point that Man-Thing is a mindless monstrosity, a beast of instinct that lashes out at anything that feels fear in range of his senses because fear is so discordant to his empathic senses. Well, given that A: he's a horrifying-looking muck monster, and B: he's a known killer that seems to strike out at random, who wouldn't be afraid of him when they first meet? You'd expect him to rack up a higher bodycount of innocents as a result of that.

The Film

  • Why everyone involved didn't do anything before Kyle arrived? To elaborate:
    • Pete Horn could have tried to stop the creature any time. He knew what it was, so what kept him?
    • Why didn't LaRoqe blow up the oil plant in the Darkwater that seemed to be the root (ha!) of all problems earlier?
    • Schists and brothers Thibadeux could have gone after LaRoque at any time, why did they wait so long?