Funny / The Looney Tunes Show

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In General

  • Generally, Daffy's complete ineptitude in paying attention to what he's talking about results in some very hilarious moments. There's his Digging Yourself Deeper moments, his off-tangent description of a "cheer-leader cleaning lady", and the "tomato-tomAto" conversation in "Casa de Calma", to name a few.
    Daffy (mid-rant): Now! Will somebody please tell me what I was talking about!?
    Bugs: Beats me. I stopped listening after "robots eat breakfast burritos."
  • Lola is a Cloud Cuckoo Lander who creates funny moments with her very presence.
    • In addition, Daffy being a Cloud Cuckoolander as well means that any scenes between the two of them will be filled with these.
  • While sometimes a Tear Jerker, Porky's character in this show can often be funny in just how desperate he is for attention, often resulting in him receiving the brunt of Daffy's wit. He helps Daffy break into an apartment under the promise that he'll receive hate mail from him and he leaps joyfully at an opportunity for a romantic dinner... with Daffy.
    Porky: Maybe I should get a pet.
    Daffy: What? (Poking Porky in the chest) Pets are for people who have no hope of finding another adult who will love them. (Moment of realisation) Huh. Now that I put it that way, you should definitely get a pet.
  • There's a Running Gag throughout the series of Daffy mistaking little boys for girls and girls for boys.
  • Daffy Duck is non-stop Hypocritical Humor in this show.
    Daffy: Are you out of your mind? You're just gonna let him stay here? Until when? He's not going to get a job! He's gonna be here, eating your food, taking up space, making a mess! Do you have any idea what you're getting yourself into?
    (As Daffy has been speaking, the pile of Bugs' ice cream he's been eating has been sliding off onto the floor, getting spread everywhere. He destroyed Bugs' car earlier in the episode and even referenced the fact that he doesn't have a job.)

Season 1

101 — Best Friends
  • Bugs sarcastically telling Superman's origin as his own to get Daffy's attention. It backfires, hilariously.
    • Doubles as a mild moment of awesome with the use of imagery and John Williams music from the 1978 film.
    • And afterwards:
      Bugs: No, you maroon! That's the story of Superman!
      Daffy: Who's Superman?
      Bugs: I can't believe I hitched my wagon to you.
      Daffy: You have a wagon?
      Bugs: Daffy! Concentrate! (Daffy gazes determinedly into space) On me!
      Daffy: Oh, sorry, Superman.
  • Daffy's 'Best Friend' speech, which Mac and Tosh enthusiastically agree with:
    Daffy: "A best friend is someone you would commit a crime for!"
    Mac: "Any crime!"
    Tosh: "No matter how heinous!"
    Daffy: "The heinouser, the better!"
    • Immediately prior to the speech there's this:
      Daffy: I'd like to propose a toast, to the most important person on the ship!
      [The Captain goes to stand up, looking flattered]
      Daffy: Sit down, you glorified bus driver.
      [The Captain sits down, looking dejected]
  • The Merrie Melodies short. It's Elmer Fudd singing an Isaac Hayes-style song about grilled cheese. 'Nuf said.

102 — Members Only

103 — Jailbird and Jailbunny
  • Bugs genuinely loving life in prison is hilarious, as is his casual attitude to everything — especially when contrasted against Daffy's increasing despair.
  • The moment that started a snowballing Running Gag (and meme):
    Daffy: Someday this country will send a man to the moon!
    Daffy (gazing at his own hands in awe): Am I... a wizard?

104 — Fish and Visitors
  • Yosemite Sam sings Cheap Trick's "The Flame" on karaoke. See and hear for yourself.
  • THIS image of Henery Hawk during "Chickenhawk". Just look at it.
  • Yosemite Sam, unaware that Daffy and Bugs are fighting over whether they should throw him out, intercedes and gets carried away by emotion:
    Sam: We're like brothers! Or fathers!... Nah, we're like brothers.

105 — Monster Talent
  • In trying to convince Gossamer to pick a talent (besides singing) for the talent show, he somehow accidentally causes a fire in Bugs' house. They leave, and the next scene changes to firemen putting it out as Bugs drives in and exclaims "MY HOUSE!"
  • Daffy warns Gossamer that elementary school is a jungle, and flashes back to 'Jailbird and Jailbunny':
    Daffy: School is a lot like prison. I should know, I've been to both.
  • Daffy trying to get Gossamer to flee the country as beloved baseball player Fernando Valenzuela. ...along with "his fake phone number, in case of an emergency."
  • Daffy's attempt to tackle Gossamer.
  • Hypocritical Humor at its finest:
    Gossamer: *playing football by himself* Go open! Go long! *throws football* Interception! *runs back* Touchdown! We did it! Yaaaay!
    Daffy: *looking out the window while playing cards* Pathetic. Playing all by yourself. Get some friends, kid! *puts down all his chips* I'm all in. *camera pans out to the table; Daffy scoots over to the other side where there is no one there* Fold. Hmph! *pushes table over* I'm never playing with you again!

106 — Reunion
  • "The Reunion" has quite a few:
    • Trying to come up with the most impressive lie he can in order to impress the people at his high school reunion, Daffy dons a variety of costumes while trying out various lies. The best being "I'm Batman." (That may be even funnier if you're familiar with show Darkwing Duck, given that Darkwing is often described as "Daffy Duck as a Batman Expy.")
      • At the end of the episode, Bugs finds a home video of his past. Hilariously, all the moments shown are exactly the scenarios and identities Daffy had tried to create for the reunion. And yes, even Batman.
    • The opening of the episode with Daffy stealing someone else's mail.
      "Restraining order, bill, invitation to my high school reunion, restraining order."
    • Daffy runs into Pete and Marvin at the reunion and asks what they've been up to since.
      Marvin: I have spent every moment since graduation plotting to destroy the Earth!
      Daffy: Well, I hope you have better luck with that than I did.
  • "You want me to go to my reunion and lie about my accomplishments? That's a horrible idea! I'm lying. It's a great idea! Or is that the lie?"

107 — Casa de Calma

108 — Devil Dog
  • Any moment Pete Puma is on-screen.
  • Taz chasing Sylvester and Tweety, while the oblivious Daffy goes on his "cheering maid" rant.
  • "You want me to take guitar lessons?"

109 — The Foghorn Leghorn Story
  • Any of the moments between Daffy Duck and Foghorn Leghorn while filming the Foghorn Leghorn story.
    Daffy: So, basically, you say "I say, I say" a lot. Got it. See you on the set.
    Daffy: I'm crying so hard!

110 — Eligible Bachelors
  • The little exchange when Daffy arrives at Granny's house.
    Granny: We're going to clean out my attic.
    Daffy: Clean out your attic? What's romantic about that?
    Granny: I'm a 90 year old woman. Get your mind out of the gutter.
  • "I hate to tell you, lady, but you're still a WAAC".
  • "Did you fall to your death? You fell to your death, didn't you?!"
  • Bugs and Lola's date in Paris.
  • Lola in Paris.
    Lola: (in front of the Eiffel Tower) Stonehenge. One of the oldest structures in the world.
    Bugs: Lola...
    Lola: Was it the druids who built it, or aliens, hmm? The world will never know.
    Bugs: It's the Eiffel Tower.
    Lola: The world... will never... know.
  • "Can you at least tell me if you're a boy or a girl?" [...] "Huh. I was wrong."

111 — Peel of Fortune
  • The We Are in Love music video, especially when Bugs does things like knock Lola off his car with the windscreen wipers.
    Bugs: I won't lie, you're a very pretty lady...but you're crazy crazy crazy, you make me wanna move to Bolivia...
  • The Stinger in "Peel of Fortune", in which Daffy goes back in time to throw toilet paper at some cavemen.
  • Daffy's second attempted invention:
    *Daffy closes the garage door on him*
    *from inside garage* "Mine was gonna be called butt paper!"

112 — Double Date
  • Daffy's bounced check and his fake money.
    Daffy: "Don't try to use that money; you could get arrested."
  • Lola in Daffy's room:
    Lola (w/ disturbed smile): "Not every girl is as stable as me." (slowly crushes soda can against her forehead without changing expression or flinching).
    • At the end of the scene:
    Lola: "I'll just leave this ladder here. For later."
  • Preceded by Daffy's towel dropping when he sees Lola in his bedroom. And then he hauls it up around his chest.
  • Bugs's reaction to all the episode's tension suddenly defusing itself in four seconds.
    ...what just happened?
  • Marvin's musical interlude: "Be polite...or I'll vaporize you."
  • When Daffy realizes he's won a free romantic dinner for two, he invites Bugs. When Bugs points out that Daffy just described a date, Daffy decides to call Porky. And Porky's delighted. Then Bugs suggests that Daffy invite a woman, putting the main plot in motion. The stinger's a callback, with the double-daters returning from the restaurant only to find Porky sitting out in front of Bugs and Daffy's house with a bouquet.
    Porky: Th-there you are! W-what happened t-to dinner!?
    Tina: Uh, I think I ate your dinner, porky.
    Porky (who's never met her): H-h-how do you know m-my name?
  • Lola's distracted driving and Bugs' reaction:
    Lola: "That time I actually did hit an oil truck. Gotta go!"

113 — To Bowl or Not to Bowl
  • Daffy assigning his bowling team their "weekly nicknames."
    Daffy: Porky? Your nickname tonight... The Porkinator!
    *types up the name, the scoreboard, limited to three-letter names, lists Player 1 as "THE"*
    Daffy: Pete? Your nickname... The Peteinator!
    *types up the name, and the scoreboard lists Player 2 as "THE"*
    Pete: Ooooh, I like it!
    Porky: Uh... D-Duh-Duh-Daffy?
    Daffy: Hold on. Marvin? Your nickname...
    Marvin: The Marvinator?!
    Daffy: Nope! The, uh.. uh... okay, yeah! The Marvinator!
    *types up the name, and the scoreboard lists Player 3 as, what else, "THE"*
    Porky: Duh-Daffy?
    Daffy: I said hold on, The Porkinator. And finally, since I am the team captain, my nickname will be... The Grand Poobah! — Wait! Make that — Poohah the Grand!
    *types up the name, and the scoreboard lists Player 4 as "POO"*
    Daffy: Porky, I changed my mind. You're Player 4.

114 — Newspaper Thief
  • Daffy's holiday celebrations. In particular how he celebrates Columbus Day, by releasing dozens of rats all over the neighborhood.
  • Yosemite Sam's speech after Daffy's first accusation, he counts his reasons with his fingers and toes, having Four-Fingered Hands and all.
  • And of course, the dinner/apology party, complete with Daffy calling out Bugs about the insanity of "carrot pie". And Daffy's inability to say "sorry".
    Bugs (amazed): Did you just say you're "SOLLY"?!?
  • And this gem:
    *after finding out Daffy never reads the paper, but uses them to make a paper mache parade float for his car*
    Bugs: What parade are you in?
    Daffy: I'm not in a parade. I AM THE PARADE.
    Bugs: What did your parents do to you?
  • Are we going to ignore the fact that the end of this episode was him complaining about the newspaper constantly sending him renewal notices?
115 — Bugs & Daffy Get a Job
  • Daffy gets some great lines.
    Sorry, you just have such a slappable face.
    Here (hands Bugs a toilet from out of nowhere) Take this home for me. It's a really good toilet.
    • It's actually a callback to Daffy's indignant reaction to the plastic surgeon having a key to the public washroom.
      Daffy: What do you think I'm gonna do? Steal your toilet?
  • Bugs pestering Porky in his work cubicle
    Porky: Bugs? What are you doing here?
    Bugs: Oh, I was gonna push Daffy off the roof.
    Porky: (perplexed look)
  • As Bugs and Daffy are leaving the office building via elevator
    Daffy: Why didn't you tell me I have a bump on my beak?
    Bugs: I never noticed a bump.
    Daffy: Do not patronize me. If there's something wrong with me, then you owe it to me, as my best friend, to tell me.
    Bugs: All right. You're narcissist. You're a sociopath. You're probably a psychopath. You're a...(elevator door closes, reopens on the bottom floor)...You're paranoid, sexist, and you make fun of the elderly.
    Daffy: Those are just quirks! Endearing quirks!

116 — That's My Baby
  • When Daffy is forced to leave a movie theater, because Tina's baby nephew is bothering the other patrons, he decides to spoil the movie's ending before leaving.
    Daffy: Lt. Riggs doesn't make it! He never sees Barbara again!
    • Which could also count as a CMOA for Daffy, showing how much he cares for that kid.

117 — Sunday Night Slice
  • Daffy took his role as general in charge of pizza seriously. To put things in perspective, he delivered pizzas WITH A TANK.
  • When Daffy thought he was a wizard. This is then given a nice Call-Back in a song with his adventures as a wizard.
    Famished from his latest quest, the wizard seeks a snaaaaack
    He sets sail for ecstasy at the Quesadilla SHAAAAAAAAACK
    HE'S THE WIZAAAAAARD!!!!! *cue guitar roll*
  • During a job interview, Daffy asks Marvin what he would do in the event of a robbery, Marvin assures that wouldn't be a problem all while patting the laser hanging from his belt. Daffy decides to test this by bursting in the restaurant, pretending to be a robber, and is immediately blasted by Marvin's laser.
    • The best part is that this is instantly followed by Bugs hiring Marvin on the spot.

118 — DMV

  • Lola is terrible at consoling people.
    Lola: Oh... you don't have a license? Be strong. I've been there. But I'm not anymore! Woo hooooo!

119 — Off Duty Cop
  • Bugs' panic attack from the beginning of "Off Duty Cop".
    Bugs: Syracuse?! That's a basketball school. (tears his doctor's degree in half).
  • Daffy has decided to live his dream - no, not the wizard one! The one where he's a cop. An off-duty cop. Just like the one on TV!
    Daffy (to his 'chauffeur' Porky): No! Park illegally!
    (Porky double-parks)
    Daffy: No! More illegally! Like you don't have time for the rules!
    (Porky rolls the car up onto the sidewalk)
  • Porky's usual No Respect Guy status saves him when Daffy is being dragged off to jail and Bugs is being led to the hospital:
    Policeman: Impersonating a chauffeur isn't illegal. Sad, but not illegal.

120 — Working Duck
  • The Pizzariba song starts out as another by the numbers Merrie Melody, but becomes hilarious at the end with Speedy's cousin's failed attempt at making a website for the restaurant.

121 — French Fries
  • The entire song President's Day.

122 — Beauty School
  • Speedy's infatuation to Bugs in drag in "Beauty School". Also a Running Gag in the episode of Bugs being ugly as a woman, could be a Call-Back from the second episode.
  • The song "Giant Robot Love", in which Daffy utterly fails to describe falling in love. Porky is rightly confused. Something about robots, and the undersea merman-mall, and... Look, it doesn't have to make sense, it just has to be funny.
  • Daffy answers the door to Tina holding a wig head and a pair of scissors and immediately assumes she murdered her boss.
    Daffy: Where's the body? I'll help you bury it.

123 — The Float
  • The catastrophic destruction of Daffy's parade float.

124 — The Shelf
  • In "The Shelf" Bugs attempt to put up a shelf and fix his wall results in him destroying his house.
  • Lola in the Gopher's shop. The whole scene. Their reactions to her insanity cement it.

125 — Muh-Muh-Muh-Murder
  • Hilarity highlights of the episode are any moments centred around Daffy's growing paranoia of Porky being a serial killer while staying in his house. It gets even better when he slips back and forth between it and rational thinking.
    Daffy: Is it possible that Porky's not the Suburban Strangler? Could it be that he just happens to be chubby, short and bald? And I'm jumping to an outlandish conclusion because I'm a paranoid, hateful fear-mongerer? (Looks at a picture of Porky smiling cheerfuly for a second) No, that's the face of a killer.

    Daffy: (In front of a door he was told not to enter, speaking in a terrified voice) What could be in here? Bodies? Torture machines?? Why do I want to go in there? (Suddenly deadpan) Because I was told not to and I have a problem with authority.

126 — Point, Laser Point
  • Sylvester and the laser pointer.
  • Wile E Coyote sitting in a waiting room reading a book titled "What are you REALLY chasing?"

Season 2

201 — Bobcats on Three!
  • The Spoof Aesop in the episode:
    Daffy: Seeing you kids have fun out there, despite what the scoreboard said taught me a lesson that I will carry with me for the rest of my life: water polo is stupid. I mean outside of these dummies who are probably your parents, no one really cares about this sport. It'd be one thing if this had been football, or basketball, or even baseball, but it's not, it's only water polo. So go out there with your heads held high because no one cares about water polo!

202 — You've Got Hate Mail

203 — Itsy Bitsy Gopher
  • Daffy and Lola team up to find Tosh, who has gone missing. Lola tries to draw his picture on a reward flyer, but ends up drawing Speedy.
    • Just before that:
    Lola: "We should offer a reward."
    Daffy: "Good idea! But what kind of price can you put on a human life?" (beat) "What am I talking about? He's a gopher! Put down five bucks."
    • At the end, Yosemite Sam captures Speedy and demands Tosh and Mac his reward:
    Yosemite: Alright, gophers, gimme my five dollars!
    Speedy: I told you I'm not a gopher!
  • After Daffy and Lola got out from a mail box that they went inside to find Tosh:
    Daffy: What do we know?
    Lola: We know climbing inside a mail box is against the law.
    Daffy: What else?
    Lola: Uh, the fire department is not happy when they have to use the Jaws of Life to pry you out from a mail box.
    Daffy: What else?
    Lola: The city said you have to pay to replace the mail box or do 1100 hours of community service.
    Daffy: What else?
    Lola: Tosh has been missing for 28 minutes and we still haven't found him.
    Daffy: Oh right, the gopher. I totally forgot about that whole situation.

204 — Rebel Without a Glove
  • The entire pastiche of Rebel Without a Glove, from Lola's melodrama to Thugs Bunny and Professor Duck. Special note goes to Bugs and Daffy playing their "roles" as straight as possible, and Porky's incredulous reaction during the cheesy, cheesy dialogue of the after-school scene before he storms off with their clothes, muttering to himself.
    Bugs: I learned a lot in there today.
    Daffy: Well you got a bright future. And don't ever let anyone tell you different.
    Bugs: Thanks again, Professor.
    Daffy: Hey. You promise me you'll keep up with your studies.
    Porky: He doesn't even go to school here!
    Bugs: You promise me you'll keep making a difference.
    Porky: He's not a real professor!
    Daffy: You know, it's funny. You dedicate your whole life to academia, but you never imagine one day a student will walk into your class and teach you the greatest lesson of all.
    Bugs: Trust.
    Daffy: Trust.
    Porky: Who are you guys?!
    (Porky takes Bugs and Daffy's clothes off and walks away)
    Porky: (walking away, to himself) Trust? What are they talking about?
    • While music plays in the background during Bugs and Daffy's talk, the music would stop when Porky interrupts.
  • The scene at Lola's house, from her mother's Aside Glance when Lola puts her shirt made of coins in the dryer to Lola's dramatic confrontation with her father.
    Lola: But Daddy, I love him!
    Lola's Father: silent GASP!

205 — Semper Lie
  • When Daffy thinks Bugs is kicking him out of the house so that Lola can move in... he joins the Marine Corps while apparently not understanding what he just signed up for.
  • "Know your role!"
  • Just seeing how badly Bugs' lie snowballs out of control is pretty incredible. What starts as him pretending to help Lola move house ends up with him being locked up in an Albanian prison.
    • Leading to him being rescued by Daffy. The Marine.

206 — Father Figures
  • Bugs' exasperation at Lola and Walter's complete inability to play tennis is always worth a laugh.
    Bugs: Is anybody ever going to hit the ball back to me?
  • Henry keeps telling Porky that he wants some chicken to eat, but Porky explains to him at one point that chicken is just a metaphor for wanting more guidance. Henry's reaction is PRICELESS.
  • When Henry literally bits Foghorn in the butt because he's a chicken. Everyone's faces are just so shocked, it's pretty hilarious. Also with Bugs' 'I'm so done with this' face afterwords adds onto it.

207 — Customer Service
  • When Bugs explains that a customer service representative is someone who's job is to make people miserable...
    Daffy: You mean you can get paid to make peoples' lives miserable? I've been doing it all this time for free!
  • Cecil's many methods of deliberately tormenting Bugs as a customer service employee, including mispronouncing his name as "Byoogs Byoony," deliberately waiting until Bugs goes to the bathroom so he can pretend Bugs missed the 'technician' due to call round the house, setting the possible hours of the technician visit of anywhere from 8am to 6pm, turning the cable back on but only giving him one channel and turning off Bugs' cable in the first place just so he can annoy him.
  • Almost everything Lola says in this episode is one of these.

208 — The Stud, the Nerd, the Average Joe, and the Saint
  • Daffy's constant rotation of what roles everybody in their circle of friends plays.
  • Bugs gets so tired of Yosemite Sam trying to save his life to repay a life debt that he phones Porky and asks him to hit him with his car. Porky was on the treadmill when Bugs called him and goes flying off in shock when he hears the request.
    • The attempt itself. Bugs instructs Porky over the phone not to slow down as he crosses the street as it has to look real. He knows Sam is right behind him and will run out to save him. Unfortunately, Daffy is training with Speedy at the same time. He's unsuccessfully trying to touch his toes, leading to Speedy grabbing his fingers and pulling them down in impatience. There's a crack and Daffy screams so loud that Bugs and Sam can hear it from the street they're on. Both stop what they're doing and turn to look in the direction of the scream while Porky desperately slams the brakes. Cut to Bugs in a hospital bed.
    Dr Weisberg: You've got one friend who nearly gets you killed in a fire and another friend who hits you with his car. You've gotta get some new friends!

209 — It's a Handbag
  • Daffy changes the locks on the door, refusing to let Bugs in until he says the password. Bugs points out Daffy's 'password' is a phrase, not a word, so Daffy makes up a new one on the spot. Said password is a series of random letters and numbers, so Daffy promptly forgets it when Bugs asks him to repeat it. Bugs brings out some classic reverse psychology.
    Bugs: Well, I can't let you in without the password.
    Daffy: (Desperately) Please! Please let me in! I'm begging you! It's me, Daffy!
  • Lola - dressed up like Lara Croft - adventures through an Aztec temple while looking for an anniversary gift for Bugs. She solves puzzles, evades traps, fights off living skeletons and even blows up a giant statue until she reaches the treasure. Then she decides against it, stating "I think Bugs already has one of these".
  • The revelation that the thief of Daffy's handbag was Mall Security taking it to the lost and found.
  • As soon as Bugs realises he forgot his and Lola's anniversary, he drives home, tackles Daffy, takes his clutch, and drives back and gives it to Lola.

210 — A Christmas Carol
  • "Poor Charles Dickens"
  • Daffy flippantly admitting to having considered killing Foghorn Leghorn so that he could hide in his carcass for warmth, only choosing not to do so when he considered how much effor that would take.
  • Bugs doing the entire play all by himself. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Christmas Wraith. That is all.

211 — We're In Big Truffle
  • There's an unexpected Shout-Out to how Daffy's bill would constantly be blasted off in the original cartoons: Upon learning that Daffy can't swim, a frustrated Porky asks Daffy if he's really a duck. Daffy says "I'm not sure. This comes off very easily," and casually pulls his bill off to hold in his hand.
    • Followed by the bear appearing, and Daffy's bill screaming while still in his hand.
  • Bug's expression when Lola mentions she went to medical school.

212 — Dear John
  • After Bugs has explained the movie they just saw to her:
    Lola: "Oh, so this was a sad movie! So why was I laughing the whole time?"
    Bugs: (resigned) "I have no idea."

213 — Daffy Duck Esquire
  • The episode starts with Daffy keeping lobsters in Bugs' pool so that he can sell them as his latest get-rich-quick scheme. He describes it as a "relatively painless" way to make money. Cue Humiliation Conga.
    Bugs: Relatively painless.
  • When Daffy tells Speedy that Yosemite is suing him and he'll see him in court, Speedy tells Daffy that he's not a real lawyer but Daffy tells him to tell it to the judge. So when they go to court...
    Judge: We will now hear opening statements of the case of "Samuel Rosenbaum v. Speedy Gonzales, proprietor of Pizzarriba". Mr. Duck you must proceed.
    Daffy: Thank you your honor. The evidences that I will present to you today will prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this gentleman, "Speedy Gonzales", knowingly and willfully served my client dangerously hot pizza. With no warning and no regards to the physical and emotional trauma that follows. I will prove that Mr. Gonzales carelessness was no accident, but instead the direct result of his endless need for speed. We will show you that had Mr. Gonzales simply taken more time between the oven and the table to allow the pizza to cool then this senseless tragedy could have been avoided. Ladies and gentleman of jury, Mr. Gonzales likes to brag that he's the fastest mouse in all of Mexico but this is America and in America speed can kill. Or in this case, burn. Thank you, your honor.
    Judge: Mr. Gonzales.
    Speedy: Uh, yeah, he's not a real lawyer.
    Judge: Hmm. Well, then this case is dismiss.
    Daffy: Well, that was fast. I didn't even have time to get business cards printed.
    Yosemite: What about my million dollars. (to Daffy) Why didn't you tell me you weren't a real lawyer.
    (Yosemite jumps on Daffy and beats him up)
    Judge: (to the bailiff) Get them out of my courtroom.
    Speedy: (to Daffy and Yosemite) Tsk tsk tsk, gringos.
    • Also Speedy's expression during the trial.
  • Daffy's explanation for why he's pretending to be a lawyer:
    Daffy: "Tina, every father wants his daughter to end up with either a doctor or a lawyer, and I couldn't pretend to be a doctor. Last time I tried that, I nearly killed someone."

214 — Spread Those Wings and Fly
  • "What kind of weirdo would pretend to have won the Nobel prize?" Before Bugs is halfway through that sentence, you already know what Daffy is doing.
  • Daffy is determined to fly, so he becomes a flight attendant. And he crossdresses for the role.
    Manager: You know we have male flight attendant uniforms?
    Daffy: I like the height the heels give me.
  • The end of the episode has Porky gather everyone together so that he can publicly try something new that he's always wanted to do. Porky Pig. Opera Singing. He's really good at it, too.

215 — The Black Widow
  • Daffy and Porky decide to go streaking in a small Mexican town. Porky just takes off his shirt and bow tie and Daffy just takes off his necklace. While they streak, the people in town were confused on what they were doing considering they barely wore clothes in the first place. Daffy had to spell it out that they were streaking which terrified everyone which resulted in them getting arrested and thrown in jail.
  • Bugs tells Lola throughout the episode to face the music, come clean and let the cat out of the bag. Lola does all three of those things. Literally. She literally looks at a music speaker for 6 hours, has a shower and releases Sylvester from a sack.
  • Porky spends the entire week away with Daffy being paranoid that he left appliances on that could burn his house down, with Daffy constantly telling him to relax and cut loose. Porky manages to do so by the end of the episode. He gets out of the taxi at the end of the trip completely content. Then his house bursts into flames just before he reaches the front door due to a combination of all of his concerns. The look on his face sells it.

216 — Mrs. Porkbunny's
  • Porky shows up to Bugs and Daffy with "exciting news". Daffy annoys Porky by trying to guess what it is until Porky tells him. Then later...
    Daffy: A lot of money... For barely any work... Porky! I have exciting news!
    Porky: (Resigned deadpan) You're gonna try to be a commercial actor.
    Daffy: Don't guess! That's so rude. Who does that? But yes, I'm gonna try to be a commercial actor.
  • Daffy reads an ad for an actor. "Looking for likable males, charismatic, friendly, dad-types! That's me!" Bugs turns and frowns directly at the camera.
  • Daffy's numerous failed attempts at his commercial auditions.
  • Porky's Madness Mantra at the end of the episode.
    Porky: We're still rich!
    Foghorn: Metaphorically.
    Porky: We're still rich!
    Forghorn: Not economically.
    Porky: (Voice rising) We're still rich!

217 — Gribbler's Quest
  • Daffy goes to a group therapy session. He gets off to a charming start.
    Daffy: I don't have a problem, unlike these guys, who are obviously all crazy.
    • The Reason You Suck speech Daffy accidentally gives himself while trying to be cynical about the group therapy. Yosemite Sam holds out his arms after it and Daffy immediately bursts into tears and falls for the very thing he said he wouldn't fall for.
  • Daffy: "You probably don't know this about me, but I have some fairly significant emotional issues."
  • One scene has Bugs in the middle of his video game when Daffy comes home and starts talking about the effect group therapy has been having on him. Bugs sheepishly hides the game under the table, but continues playing, leading to him exclaiming at the game while Daffy obliviously talks with him about Porky. The following conversation is hilarious.
    Daffy: It's like when one door opens, behind it is another door you didn't even know existed! And sometimes that door is locked. But now I have the tool to open it.
    Bugs: (Playing his game) The key!
    Daffy: Exactly! The key! That is the tool you use to open a door. Granted, I have my share of-
    Bugs: Demons!
    Daffy: Yes, exactly, demons. But I was able to get past one today regarding my relationship with Porky! Hah, I had such a breakthrough. (Gets up) I'm gonna call him!
    Bugs: No!
    Daffy: (Looking back, confused) I shouldn't call him?
    Bugs: (Not even looking at him) No!
    Daffy: You're right! (Putting the phone down) I should do it in person!
    Bugs: Go, go!!
    Daffy: Alright! I'm going!
    Bugs: JUMP!
    Daffy: Huh?
    Bugs: JUMP! JUMP!!
    Daffy: (Jumping out of the room) I'M COMING PORKY!
    Bugs: Stay outta the lava!
    Daffy: (From offscreen, outside the room) I'LL STAY OUTTA THE LAVA! (Front door slams shut)
  • Daffy outsmarting Bugs for once. This conversation takes place after Daffy's shopping spree online using Bugs' bank account:
    Bugs: Don't bother (buying online again). I've changed my password.
    Daffy: Is it "carrot"?
    (Beat). Bugs vanishes in the next room, types something, comes back
    Bugs: It is not "carrot" anymore.
    Daffy: Is it "carrot1"?
    (Beat). Bugs changes password again, runs upstairs
    Bugs: (from stairs) Stay away from my computer!
    Later at night, Daffy goes online shopping again. The password is "carrot2".

218 — The Grand Old Duck of York
  • Bugs explains to Porky the way he's been using earplugs to avoid having to listen to annoying conversations while still appearing polite and interested. Porky then starts talking about a recurring dream he'd been having and Bugs plugs in his earplugs and uses the exact method he'd just explained to Porky on him. Porky doesn't notice.
  • Daffy's horrible piano playing in "The Grand Old Duck of York". It's so bad, Tweety just walks into Sylvester's mouth to escape it.
  • Daffy's Legacy. That is all.

219 — Ridiculous Journey
  • Pretty much every scene with the Three Bears.
  • This exchange:
    Sylvester: You know, at times like this, I wonder why we ever fought at all.
    Tweety: Well — it usuawwy as a wot to do with you twyin' to eat me, an' me twyin' not to be eaten.
    Sylvester: Yeah, I can't remember either.

220 — The Shell Game
  • Cecil is caught doing an evil laugh by Bugs, who compares him to a cartoon villain. Cecil asks if he looks like a cartoon villain while grinning into the camera. Bugs follows suit in confusion.
  • There's a later moment where Cecil does an evil chuckle behind Bugs' back and his face abruptly resembles The Grinch for a moment.
  • While being threatened by Cecil Turtle, who is armed with a gun, Bugs only has a mild (and hilarious) look of annoyance.
    • Following this, after Cecil is disarmed, Bugs nonchalantly hands the gun to Porky, who points the gun at Cecil, trying to appear threatening, but his hands are clearly shaking.

221 — Year of the Duck

222 — Gossamer Is Awesomer
  • Daffy's way of getting a stuck basketball down is to throw a pickaxe at it.
  • The ending with Speedy and Porky overlooking their new Medieval Pizzariba - complete with a moat.
    Speedy: Don't worry! Those aren't real crocodiles! (Whispering to Porky) Those aren't real crocodiles, right?

223 — Here Comes The Pig

224 — Mr. Wiener
  • Daffy just casually hanging out in a doctor's waiting room to read.
    Bugs: What are you doing here?
    Daffy: Reading. My subscription ran out.
    Bugs: So you come to a doctor's office?!
    Daffy: No, I come to a doctor's office waiting room. It's very pleasant. Fish tank, classical music... very nice!
    Delivery Boy: *entering* Someone order Chinese food?
    Daffy: Right here!
  • "YOU WANNA FIGHT?! ... Uh-oh. He wants a fight."
  • Family Theme Naming of Yosemite, Daffy, and Porky's family members.
  • Daffy wanting to be called Mr. Wiener, leading to several Stealth Insult.
    Speedy: I already called you that. And a lot worse.
    • After Daffy gets stripped from his title for cheating and he can't call himself Mr. Wiener:
      Bugs: I'll call you Mr. Wiener.
      Daffy: Thanks. That's why your my best friend.
  • Everybody's reaction to seeing Daffy floating away when he fills himself with helium.

225 — Best Friends Redux
  • The song "Long-Eared Drifter". Especially the way the singer sings "Yogurt parfait" and "carrot nibblers".
  • Daffy recounting how he and Bugs met, which turns out to be a based on a Show Within a Show Daffy watches. Bugs bluntly tells Rodney that he and Daffy really met casually at the post office.
    Bugs: And after that, he just never went away.

226 — Super Rabbit