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Headscratchers: The Looney Tunes Show
  • Where is Petunia, Porky's girlfriend? Isn't just a little weird that they play Porky up as a dateless loser when he is the only one to actually have a recurring love interest in the classic shorts?
    • I think I see her in the intro, and in the group shot, she's waaaaay in the back, so maybe she's get an episode about her and Porky meeting.
    • I was able to contact Jessica Borutski and she has confirmed that Petunia Pig will make her debut appearance in Season 2.
    • She finally shows up in "Here Comes the Pig".
  • Since when did Elmer Fudd became disturbingly obsessed over grilled cheese?
    • Since it was funny.
      • Besides — ten to one it'll never be mentioned again outside that song, at least not on this show.
      • That and Elmer being Demoted to Extra. I can only think of one other episode he's even in.
    • He is a vegetarian after all (he hunts for sport) so his sandwich options are limited
    • Because a hunter has to do something to cure himself from the boredom of living in the suburbs with no forests around.
    • Because he was out of french fries.
    • Because Sex Sells, as does Does This Remind You of Anything?.
  • Not really an issue, but... Pepe has been married seven times by episode two... Penelope and his unnamed first wife back when he was called "Henry" aside, who were the other five? Thoughts on this?
    • Every other female character on the show.
      • Or male.
    • He could have remarried the same wife/ex-wife several times, as well. Fall in lust/love, get married, get bored, start chasing somebody else, get caught, get divorced, realize how much he misses his old flame, resume the chase, get married... rinse and repeat.
      • Hate to admit it... but that sounds like Pepe... though perhaps that's better than him moving on to the next girl... over... and over... and over...
      • This is of course assuming that Pepe ever even met Penelope in this continuity, and given the fact that he has been divorced multiple times even if he did know her their relationship probably didn't last long. Pepe in the original cartoons was portrayed as a Casanova through and through, even when in hot pursuit of Penelope (or some derivative cat) he makes mention of his interest in other girls, so clearly these 7 marriages are the logical extreme that Pepe would go to if he ever actually did get the girl. Hell there was one episode where Pepe was clearly heartbroken over a failed relationship and joined the Legionnaire to get his mind off of it, he obviously goes through many girls.
    • Or they could just be characters we've never seen ... we've never seen Bugs' dentist either, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have one.
  • Is Lezah supposed to be the same character as Witch Hazel or a completely different one?
    • She's basically the same character, except with a Sdrawkcab Alias.
    • Witch Lezah's a different character. They just based her design and name off Witch Hazel.
  • So, was there any given reason for why the show was changed from "Laff Riot" (what the show was originally going to be, the one episode that was made surviving as this shows "Casa De Calma") to this? Cause if Casa De Calma is anything to go by, that would have been the much MUCH better show.
    • Two reasons. 1.) "Laff Riot" was going to have a completely different concept than the "sitcom" premise it has now. It was going to be just bunch of random skits like Animaniacs only with the Looney Tunes, so the different title would also reflect how it would be a different kind of show. 2.) "The Looney Tunes Show" is clear, tells you exactly what it is, and is thus the most marketable.
      • I didn't mean the title change, I meant why was the show changed from the skit based format to what it is now. Its pretty evident why the title changed after they made it a totally different show.
      • Well, they changed the format mainly because the original format just doesn't work today like it did back with the Animaniacs. This way it is going more with what people like today (or what execs assume people like today), without feeling like it's trying to hard to raise the old series from the dead.
  • In the prison episode, why was everyone continually harassing Porky just because he wasn't wearing any pants? He at least wears a shirt, but Daffy and Bugs are stark naked.
  • Porky seems to be on hard times lately, so what's Bugs, Daffy and Speedy's answer? Get a girlfriend! ...they say this in more than a few episodes too! Why do they love that phrase so much? When you take into account that Tina doesn't lessen Daffy's antics, Lola's belligerent behavior unnerves Bugs, and Speedy's hypocrisy, being the one without a girlfriend himself - one would think they'd have better constructive advice, especially when Porky already had two women beforehand.
    • Well, the Speedy example doesn't count since he isn't shown to have any real problems in life. From the episodes I've watched, he's the only one who isn't a complete Jerk Ass or filled with social problems.
    • Rule of Funny
  • In the episode when Daffy is freaking out over his 'beak bump' and demands that Bugs tell him his flaws, Bugs says he's narcissistic, a sociopath, and possibly a psychopath. One small problem with that, Sociopathy is a form of psychopathy, or at least according to the psychology text book which may possibly be innacurate but I'll assume otherwise, and narcissism is a usual characteristic of sociopathy. So, why did they list all three things, when only sociopathy would be needed, since it would count both in?
    • It's just more insulting that way.
    • I don't think Bugs is a psychology expert.
    • In laymen's terms, "psychopath" carries implications of Ax-Crazy. What Bugs was saying is, Daffy's a sociopath...who might possibly snap and kill people, too, he wouldn't be surprised.
      • Actually, psychosis is a separate diagnosis from Antisocial Personality Disorder (which is the official name for the condition in which sociopaths suffer from). A person with the former must have a loss of contact with reality in order to meet the diagnostic criteria. As for the latter, the individual does not need to posses a loss of contact with reality, but simply lacks empathy and the ability to connect with others. Individuals suffering from psychopathy can still possibly experience empathy, even if they do not have a grip with reality, whereas the latter cannot experience the emotion. It is possible to suffer from both conditions. Additionally, narcissism is NOT always a symptom of APD. It is a separate condition known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, in which the individual has an inflated ego and perception of their image. Bugs was actually accurate when he described his opinion of Daffy. The latter simply suffers from the first two conditions, as well as possibly the third.
  • In the pizzeria episode, why did Bugs lock Marvin alongside the others? Marvin would have done a good job if not for Daffy's meddling.
    • Bugs had no way of knowing that, he wasn't in the back to see that happen.
  • Why is The Looney Tunes Show so diffrent from the origional Looney Tunes? Why doesn't Bugs bunny live in his rabbit hole anymoreand why is Daffy duck stupid now? Where is the explosions or the cartoon humor? Why do the characters live in a more realistic style and less cartoony like dating, getting married and getting a job? i miss the old Looney Tunes...
    • Because someone thought it was an interesting twist on the idea. Sorta like mixing the looney tunes and a sitcom. Its a new idea and it isn't the old show, YMMV on wether you like it or not, but if you don't there are a lot of old Looney Toons to watch
    • Characterization Marches On. Daffy's been getting dumber and dumber for a few decades now.
      • To answer the question, in recent years the Looney Tunes have suffered several setbacks, which include the theatrical flop Back in Action. Additionally, the several made-for-tv imitations of LT were met with negative reception, which created more perceived disdain for the classic LT. Due to success with sitcoms in recent years, it was decided that the only way for the LT to regain mainstream appeal was to retool it into a sitcom-esque series. Of course reception has been lukewarm for the latest installment in the popular franchise, but Cartoon Network is not concerned over the demographic of 13-onward. The network caters to young children, and since they reacted positively towards test-screenings the idea was green lit. It's a bit discouraging, but true. It's unlikely there will be many (if any) future installments of the classic LT. If you love them dearly like you claim, watch them on YouTube or dig out your box set.
      • You count really count Bugs not living in his rabbit hole as a difference because it's been confirmed that Bugs moved out of his rabbit hole and that The Looney Tunes Show takes place before Looney Tunes.
  • Did Lola really fall for Daffy or was it an elaborate gambit to make Bugs jealous?
    • She's insane enough for both of them to be plausible.
  • Why in the name of Sam Hill did Tweety save a Nazi?! Is he crazy?! They enslaved and tortured millions of innocent people and yet he decides to save the leader of a ruthless organization!?! Why?!
  • Lola. Lola bugs me. Everyone else is at least a reflection of their old selves, but Lola isn't even that. When she first showed up in Space Jam, she was this strong mysterious woman, one who may have liked Bugs, but he was gonna have to work for it. Now she's... this thing. It's like the writers saw her and went, "Oh, a female Rabbit! Of course she's a preppy valley girl who's desperately in love with Bugs!"
    • Of course, this being Looney Tunes, the point isn't to build complex, realistic characters. They're supposed to have a wacky, broad-strokes persona with a few wild quirks (ditziness, stalkerdom).
      • That's not a very good explanation when everyone else is at least a reflection of their former selves. Bugs is still a bit snarky, and better than everyone else at most things, like always. Daffy is a bit stupid with Insane Troll Logic. Porky is still shy, Pepe's still a pervert, ect. With everyone else, you can look at them and go, "Oh, I see where they got that from." Lola doesn't have that. Lola might as well be a completely different character all together. All she has left is that she's a female rabbit, and there's no reason for it.
      • This troper believes the change was due to the backlash caused by Lola's original character. She was a strong female character and Bug's love interest, yes, but to a lot of people that was all she had going for her. That, and fanservice. If you look past the obvious traits, she has no in-depth personality and her only real Running Gag was the "Don't call me doll" thing, which is just a cheap way of pointing out "Oh, look at her, she's tough!". She had no other quirks and she wasn't caught up in the slapstick as much as other characters are. Her unpopular response explains why she appeared only a few times since her debut in Space Jam, and most of her appearances were small cameos (if I remembers correctly.) In order to change this response and make Lola more "Looney Tunes", I believe they decided to give her a completely different personality. And in my opinion, it worked. This Lola, while she has a lot of her creepy and irritating moments, actually has a personality and a family life that, while not shown in-depth, is at least acknowledged and she has plenty of funny moments and even a Running Gag personality that fits in with the Looney Tunes universe.
      • Also, Daffy, Bugs, Porky and everyone else had have their personas built up and characters established over the course of several decades. Lola's only appeared a few times. The scriptwriters may just have thought her original personality was too one-note and not versatile enough to work through an entire series, so they changed her, realizing she didn't have a personality that was set in stone.
      • Because Space Jam Lola wasn't funny. She wasn't loony, she wasn't toony, and she wasn't funny. She was boring.
      • As a female troper, I can say that you can't just think that the creators were trying Chickification simply because she was a female rabbit. Take Tina for example. She's a girlfriend to Daffy but she isn't loony or dumb like Lola is, she's the complete opposite, so the female stereotyping is legitimately ruled out. On another note, as the other tropers above said, Space Jam Lola was one-dimensional with little depth to her character than being a tough-nut who got resentful over being called doll. Lola in this show got a personality fitting with the Looney Tunes format, a wacky, energetic character who's got her head in the clouds and, in my opinion, one of the biggest improvements within this series. Furthermore, in Space Jam she was indicated as a sex symbol, whereas in this show she's what's mentioned above, and doesn't suffer slapstick immortality because of her gender. Isn't that much better, and less sexistic, for a female character?
    • Did the original poster say Lola was Chickified simply because she's female? Also, if Lola having a whacky personality now is better, how come not a lot of people seem to hate Tina, who is Closer to Earth? does SHE suffer slapstick? Did this version of Lola have any Character Development? Plus, Lola IS a female stereotype, a Dumb Blonde. Also, the creators flat out said they never watched Space Jam and thus, they wouldn't know if the old Lola could fit in this show or not.
  • Why did this show make Daffy unbelievably stupid? I mean he doesn't remember Bugs' favorite vegetable despite seeing him eat it lots of times and he doesn't remember Bugs' catchphrase despite hearing it hundreds of times... am I the only one who finds something wrong with this?
    • If it makes you feel better, think of it as Daffy being so full of himself that he doesn't bother to remember anything that doesn't directly have to do with him. Either that or the duck has gotten shot in the head one too many times. Or both.
      • Word of advice, never use the words "Daffy Duck", "Mental Illness", and "The Looney Tunes Show" in the same sentence around fans, a war will start. This why I never blamed Mental Illness for Daffy's newfound stupidity, I mean he wasn't that dumb in the original canon but now he is. Yeah being shot in the head one too many times could be a good reason.
  • In "Semper Lie" why was Bugs still in jail after his disguise was taken off? The entire reason he was arrested was because he didn't look like the passport photo.
    • I think they assumed he was a spy. He's lucky to have not gotten a bullet in his head. Remember, at the beginning of the episode there was a headline on Bugs's newspaper about Americans being arrested in Albania.
  • Did I watch this correctly? Bugs Bunny eating MEAT?? I thought he was vegetarian!
    • You're thinking of Elmer. Although Bugs is a rabbit, so logically he *should* be vegetarian, but Looney Tunes has never been big on logic.
  • Why doesn't Yosamite Sam's mustache get mad at him for trying to, oh I don't know, SHAVE HIM CLEAN OFF?
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