Heartwarming / The Looney Tunes Show

For a show that's geared mostly towards making us laugh, The Looney Tunes Show certainly has also had its share of moments that left us with a warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts as well.
  • The ending of "Devil Dog". After bonding with Taz and showing he's not a mindless monster, Bugs at first tearfully releases him back into the wild in Tasmania. but It turns out Taz has hitched a ride onto the airplane's wing and Bugs's expression is that of pure joy.
    • Also, Daffy giving up his new sweatshirt to disguise Taz so Bugs could sneak him by the police. As well as distracting the police by pretending to be Taz so that Taz and Bugs could get out.
  • During one episode, Bugs wants nothing more than to go to Daffy's high school reunion saying that he never got the chance to go to a high school reunion or high school for that matter. It doesn't seem like much at first. But, at the end we see that Bugs spent most of his life doing things most people would consider amazing (Such as being a famous sports star or the President of Mexico). In other words, Bugs got to experience something he never had the chance to and we take for granted - he got to see what it's like to have a normal childhood/teenagehood.
  • The entirety of Bugs and Lola's Falling-in-Love Montage in Paris, topped off with an adorable Eskimo kiss and their First Kiss, before Lola ruined it.
  • Daffy taping the picture of him and Granny standing under the real Eiffel Tower to the fridge. And then Bugs walks in and tapes the picture of him and Lola under the fake Eiffel Tower right next to it.
    • This also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Daffy steals Bugs' prototype for an invention he never wound up using, and makes a fortune off of it, but because Bugs' invention is no longer in demand, Bugs can't pay for the house and has to give it up! Of course, this is all Daffy's fault, but Daffy still takes the most obvious solution without hesitation: HE'LL buy Bug's house from the money he earned! Because they're best friends, and should stick together!
    • Although it's kinda subverted later on.
  • The earlier part of Daffy's date with Tina counts. He tries to use advice Lola gave him, and, predictably, it doesn't work. Tina then completely deconstructs Daffy in front of him, then turns around and says she'll give him a chance. Knowing he's selfish and insecure, someone who Daffy just met is willing to date and help him. Aw... Great contrast to Lola's Yandere toward Bugs... Was this intentional?
  • Daffy's bonding with baby Zachary had some sweet moments. He seemed to genuinely care about the little guy.
    • And at the end, when Zachary has to go home, he grabs Tina and straight-up tells her that he wants to start a family with her, in what would have been an oddly serious moment for a children's show if he hadn't ended it by saying that he realized his purpose in life was to be a mom, and then changed his mind mid-speech and decided his purpose in life was actually to own a yogurt shop.
    • A more minor example, Daffy taking Zachary to a war movie. Zachary predictably cries, and people complain. Rather than throw the kid under the bus (like he would be expected to), Daffy practically defends him, insisting that Zachary's just reacting to the movie (he's right, to a degree). When he gets kicked out of the theater, he blames the other patrons instead of Zachary. Not an entirely good thing for him to do, but it's nice that Daffy wasn't blaming Zachary.
  • Gossamer singing "September in the Rain" in "Monster Talent" is one of the cutest things that have happened in the show, and then is followed by a Slow Clap that Bugs starts for him, using a catchphrase from a commercial he starred in, despite the fact that just moments before he refused to say it to other people since they've been annoying him with it all day long.
    • Daffy's general attitude towards him as well, as it's clear he really was trying to help, general Daffy-ness aside. Especially when it turns out that he was trying to save Gossamer from what was apparently a horrible experience for him - Daffy's hardly the sort to show anyone embarrassing experiences from his own past, and he seems to have invited Gossamer to watch.
  • In "The Float", upon hearing Daffy crying out "MY EYE", Bugs's first reaction is to grab the first aid kit for his friend, even though Daffy is no end of trouble for him.
  • Sylvester realizing he belongs with Granny.
    • And Tweety realizing that he likes it when Sylvester chases him.
    • Granny hugging Sylvester and Tweety at the end. D'AWWWW!
    • Also, the fact that Bugs and Daffy liked hanging out with Granny. Quite a nice change of pace.
  • Bugs handing over the pizza restaurant to Speedy (whom Bugs deduced had always wanted to own and operate a restaurant), wanting nothing more in return than a table every Sunday night.
  • Daffy, for all his utter irresponsibility and selfishness, does seem to have a soft spot for Gossamer.
    Daffy: You're a good kid.
    Gossamer: You're a good coach.
  • In "You've Got Hate Mail" Daffy takes Tina's idea of making an e-mail describing everything he hates about someone. Thing is he decides to do it with everyone he's ever met. Except Porky. (Porky gets off not because he's unobjectionable, but because he's apparently completely unmemorable.) He accidentally sends it to everyone instead of deleting it. This is what the e-mail said about Tina herself and her response.
    Tina: (reading) I've said a lot of terrible things to a lot of terrible people, but I've saved the terriblest for my girlfriend Tina. I have known many deranged people in my life, but I've never encountered the kind of profound, mental instability that she possesses. Tina Russo is a psychopath. She may have everyone else fooled, but I know the truth. Why else would the kindest, most beautiful, generous, and intelligent woman in the world, go out with someone like me? (stops reading and turns to a panicked Daffy)...I love you.
  • "Rebel Without a Glove" has a unique one with the story behind the white strip around Daffy's neck. It's apparently a pearl necklace that he got from his grandmother.
    • In the same episode, we have this scene with Professor Duck rehabilitating Thugs Bunny. It made this troper smile with half-joy (and half-amusement) the first time he saw it.
  • The ending of "Father Figures".
    • Actually, weirdly enough, Daffy and Foghorn Leghorn together in general tends to pile on the heartwarming monents, especially in season two.
    Daffy: I'm not really seven years old.
    Foghorn: You're not?
    Daffy: No. But I know there's a seven year old somewhere who would be lucky to have you as a father figure.
    Foghorn: (Puts hand on Daffy's shoulder) You'll always be my boy, Daffy Duck.
    Daffy: (Smiles)
    • Henry telling Porky that he was the only father figure in the program who didn't give up on him.
  • In "Customer Service" Tina and Lola hung out together for the first time in the series and Lola got her parking space stolen by Yosemite Sam. Even though Tina got mad over it, Lola didn't care. The next time Tina saw Yosemite, the last thing she did before he ran away in fear from her was to threaten him if he ever did that to Lola again.
  • Daffy spends most of "The Stud, the Nerd, the Average Joe and the Saint" trying to train to outdo Porky at the marathon, while Porky spends the episode training to do as well as he can at it. At the marathon, Daffy collapses early on and tells Porky to go on without him, actually apologising for not supporting him the way a friend should. Porky in turn tells Daffy he won't finish the marathon without him and carries him the entire remaining length of the race.
  • "We're in Big Truffle": When Porky falls into a spot of watery rapids, Daffy holds out a stick for Porky to grab onto; Porky does, with one hand, holding a half-million-dollar truffle in his other hand, but appears to be slipping, leading to this exchange:
    Daffy: Let go of the truffle!
    Porky: A-are you sure!?
    • The entire episode is one long Pet the Dog moment for Daffy.
  • Bugs and Lola's reunion at the end of "Dear John".
    • Even before that, Bugs was worried about Lola not answering his calls and then decides to go to her apartment.
    • The first thing Lola says after completing a year-long vow of silence? "I miss Bugs!"
  • "Daffy Duck Esquire" has quite a few.
    • Daffy pretends to be a lawyer for the episode because he's serious enough about his relationship with Tina that he really wants her dad to like him.
    • Daffy asks Bugs to go along with the charade and pretend to be his deadbeat roommate (or to take on Daffy's role). Bugs agrees without argument and Daffy is genuinely grateful to him for it
    • Tina's dad Frank is a bit traditional at first, complaining that Tina shouldn't have to work because her boyfriend should be able to support her. By the end of his stay, he's realised that Tina's a very capable worker who really needs a boyfriend who can make her happy and spend time with her (which Daffy had not been doing due to his pretend job as a lawyer).
      • At this point, Daffy confesses he'd been lying about being a lawyer in order to make a good impression, actually appearing to be ashamed of his lifestyle. Tina sticks up for him. Frank is a little annoyed at first, but says that as long as Tina loves Daffy, that's good enough for him.
    • The episode ends with Daffy, Tina, Lola and Bugs all dancing in Daffy's room, which was converted into a disco at the start of the episode. What's extra sweet is that Speedy and Yosemite Sam are there, having fun, showing there were no hard feelings from the escapade between them and Daffy during his stint in court. Even the pony that Daffy ordered earlier in the episode that Bugs and Frank had ridden around on was there.
  • A brief one at the start of "The Black Widow." Daffy is looking for someone to go with him on Spring Break and tries to get Tina to come, saying that she needs it more than anyone.
  • In "Mrs. Porkybunny's", Bugs and Porky casting Daffy as Mrs. Porkybunny in their commercial despite knowing it might hurt their product. It did and nobody, except Foghorn, liked the commercial and Bugs and Porky went bankrupt. But Foghorn told Bugs and Porky that putting Daffy in their commercial shows they are great friends and while they are not rich in money they are rich in friendship.
  • The various activities Daffy did for his friends and neighbors under the influence of group therapy in "Gribbler’s Quest". Giving flowers to Tina, playing with Gossamer, and helping Granny were all rather sweet even if he started being a nice guy awkwardly and ended it with his insane troll logic.
  • Bugs and Lola's anniversary. She spends the whole episode scouring the globe for the perfect gift, then ends up getting him a shirt. Bugs replies sincerely with "I love it. I love anything you give me."
    • That same episode ends with Porky and Daffy going through the photo book of Daffy's modelling career. Considering how often Daffy makes fun of Porky in the show, even saying earlier in the episode he wasn't about to start treating him like an equal, it's nice to see them having a good time together.
  • In one episode, there's a very dangerous spider in Bugs' house, and no matter what he does, it won't die, so he finally hires someone to completely spray his house to get rid of it. Once he gets outside, however, he runs into Gossamer, looking for his pet spider that's gotten lost and shows Bugs a photo - it looks exactly like the spider he's trying to kill. So what does Bugs do? He holds his breath, storms inside a poisonous house and takes the spider out. It turns out it's NOT Gossamer's spider and he gets bitten, but let's rewind a bit - Bugs Bunny RAN into a REALLY poisonous area to rescue a creature he had been trying to kill for days JUST because he didn't want to see the neighbour kid sad. That's seriously awesome of him.
  • The resolution to the whole mess of things that Bugs noise-blocking earplugs had caused. Due to Daffy playing piano very badly, Bugs buys a pair of noise reducing earplugs and finds out that he's "a great listener when he's not listening" because he can just nod his head and go "uh-huh" - this results in him unknowingly telling Daffy he should give up piano and to never try anything new, and that he would take care of live music for Speedy's restaurant. Once all this is revealed, Bugs immediately tells Daffy that he's got to stick with his dream and work hard, calling what he said earlier 'the worst advice anyone can give' and that he believes he can do it. The icing of the cake is the reveal right after this - suddenly there's lovely piano music in the restaurant, and Bugs thanks Daffy for it - but Daffy is standing at the table with him. He then says to thank the parents of the little girl who is playing for letting her stay up - and said little girl is the same girl that Daffy was insanely jealous of during his piano lessons because she was so good. That's seriously sweet from everyone involved.
  • From "Ridiculous Journey", Sylvester, Tweety, and Taz working together with each other. Especially when they get captured and boxed, Sylvester confesses that if this is their final moments, he loves the both of them, especially Tweety.
    • Bugs and Granny's reunion with them is pretty sweet, too.
  • This is more for the the fans, but seeing "I Love To Sing-A" again was good.
    • And unlike most "Merry Melodies" based on existing songs, it was almost completely unaltered.
  • Daffy and Tina have a lot of lovely moments in "The Year of the Duck." Daffy convinces Tina to sign up for a beauty pageant so that ducks can receive more respect and admiration. She doesn't win and Daffy's antics lowered the approval rating of ducks more than Tina raised it, but he's still so proud of her and happy for her that he loans her his tiara.
  • Porky finally meeting Petunia in "Here Comes the Pig" and becoming her boyfriend.
    • We get to see them on a date together in the next episode. They're every bit the cute couple you want them to be.
  • From "Mr. Weiner," Yosemite Sam in a couple of moments of desperation, pleads with Bugs to help him and calls him his best friend. Equally heartwarming is Bugs chosing to help him, despite being under the impression that his health could be at serious risk.
  • In "Best Friends Redux", Daffy rewrites Porky's history by sending Porky's younger self to Bugs and Rodney's cabin so that Porky can have good friends.
  • Bugs' progression as a boyfriend.
  • Two very odd ones disguised as Daffy being a jerk. At the very first episode, Daffy knows absolutely nothing about Bugs, including his obvious favorite vegetable and catchphrase! Then these two moments happen in Season 2:
    Daffy: (annoyed) That's Bugs.