Nightmare Fuel / The Looney Tunes Show
  • During Marvin's first song number, "I'm A Martian", there's two surprisingly creepy scenes. Firstly, there's the sign of his "puppy lab", with disassembled cartoony pups flowing across the screen on a conveyor belt. Then, when he warns the audience not to insult his helmet, there's a brief but incredibly unnerving shot. It's an extreme close-up of Marvin's face, so the entire screen is black save for two huge cartoony eyes... which then turn bloody red as he glares, with feral amber irises and crackling flames dancing along the bottom of each eyeball as they burn a hole into the viewer's soul. It lasts for all of a second but it is ridiculously creepy for that.
  • In "Devil Dog", Taz, in this version, is very monstrous and has a murderous rage. Oh god, the evil red eyes and the entire scene with him nearly eating Sylvester and Tweety, it can practically make one wet themself. Sylvester fleeing down that dark hallway with a look of sheer terror on his face (not played for laughs terror— REAL terror), might be the scariest part of that sequence.
  • Lola's stalker-centric song, "We Are in Love" was just filled to the brim with Yandere undertones. At one point, there is a shot of her standing outside Bugs' house in the middle of a lightning storm, silhouetted, with an eerie Slasher Smile the only thing seen in between the lightning strikes.
    Bugs: You're the reason I have to keep my shades drawn / Your car was parked outside my house every night this week!
  • The episode where Daffy thinks that Porky is a serial killer. It does have a rational explanation, but the leadup is genuinely unsettling, including the ending where Daffy nearly kills Porky, trying to escape.
    • Bugs becoming addicted to Spargle. It's a lot creepier than it sounds.
      • Especially since it actually looks like a drug addiction.
      • Well, Spargle is made from an illegal drug.
  • Yandere!Daffy from the first episode. Especially his unnervingly empty looking smile.
    Daffy: I'm going to be the best best friend that any best friend has ever had! Muahahahahahaha!!!!
    Speedy: ...Uh-oh.
  • That face Tina makes in Daffy's Imagine Spot in "You've Got Hate Mail". It just comes right outta nowhere.
    Daffy: Mother.
  • Potentially Fridge Horror, but Bugs' "What did you parents do to you?" may be more unnerving when you consider that, in "That's My Baby", Daffy says he doesn't remember anything before age 15. It's entirely possible that Daffy's parents are responsible for his behavior, beyond the domestic strife, and Daffy's totally unaware of it. Then again, Daffy's generally unaware of his own behavior, so maybe it evens out.
    • Daffy also once said that his parents fought so much that it made his home life "practically unlivable".
    • Although apparently he does remember his grandma when he was a kid.
  • In "Itsy Bitsy Gopher", there is a Giant Spider that has a very bad bite. Its appearance may be cartoony, but it has a very frightening appearance for spider haters. It doesn't help that Bugs almost had to have his hand amputated if it wasn't for his luck.
  • If the trans-dimensional scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey creeps you out, you might want to keep that in mind while watching the Coyote-Road Runner short "Unsafe at Any Speed". It's pretty heavily invoked.
  • All of Cecil Turtle's actions in "The Shell Game". First off, he pulls plenty of Nightmare Faces, even one that is pretty much the Grinch's "idea face". Later on, when Bugs and Porky uncover his scam, he actually attempts to murder them both to keep them quiet.
  • Mac can't tell the difference between Tosh and himself. Twice he mistakes a picture of himself for a picture of Tosh when the latter goes missing. It's unnerving. The implications are infinite. They are not stated to be brothers, but best friends. It makes you wonder just where they came from and why being carbon-copies of one another doesn't drive them crazy.
  • One episode has Daffy snoring extremely loudly. Bugs wakes him up and says he has the perfect remedy. The two leave and Daffy ends up on the ledge of a very tall building. Bugs is behind him and approaches with his hands outstretched, stopping only when Daffy asks how this would help him stop snoring. Bugs responds "Oh, right. Snoring." and walks away. The whole time he moves like a zombie and his eyes are bloodshot from lack of sleep. It's abundantly clear that Bugs was going to murder Daffy by pushing him off of the building.