Fan Fic / Pokémon Sepia

Imagine you took the world of Pokémon—and put it into a very Studio Gainax style direction and narrative. With bits that seem to be a mixture of Chuck Palahniuk's writing mixed with Cory Doctorow 's own style. The result might be close enough to the Fan Fiction Pokémon Sepia, but only if you also added Doctor Who into the mix.

The pitch line is that there is a meteor headed on a path to destroy all of Earth. In fact, it has done so, a few times already. With the recent death of George Grau, president of Cyren (the Capital region in the nation of Spectrum), Vice-President Jon Weiss steps into his shoes as de-facto President, nominating Stephen Schwarz, CEO of a supposed Freight Company, Rocket Logistics. In order to bring about the kind of funding to stop the Meteor headed straight to Earth, he starts a war, to justify more militant expenses.

Though, what nobody expects is for Team Temporal to appear. Driving the timeline, from The Loop, into one referred to as The Failure, Team Temporal is mostly just a confused group of teens that just happened to be near by when a city wide genocide occured, an enraged Moltres turned on its trainer and several buildings exploding. Which only a minority of them were actually their own fault. Things get even weirder when Daebi/Celetwo shows up. A clone of Celebi, with an insatiable capacity and desire to learn. Add a few Mad Gods, genetic engineering, Time Travel, computer hacking, corporate espionage, Send in the Clones and you are about halfway through. Somewhat World of Weirdness mostly because Word of God says Daebi is modelled after the Discordian view of Eris.

You can still see the story at its Protagonize location: (provided the originally posting author hasn't gotten banned again)

This series provides examples of: