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Bowdlerise: Western Animation
  • South Park:
    • Mexican viewers who had the chance of having a satellite TV subscription before 2005 can tell you that there are quite a few different dubs, although the dubbing history becomes increasingly complex as the years go by:
      • A dub by Audiomaster 3000 began broadcasting in 1998, though it was incredibly softened and censored in dialogue, with Mexican slang replacing profanity by order of the local network that aired it. Dubbing was halted after the second season. This dub is now considered lost, other than episodes of season 2 that MTV Latinoamerica had rerun from it later on.
      • A simultaneously produced dub in Miami (by BVI Communications, but Globecast Hero Productions for the last few episodes) for seasons 1 and 2 was uncut. It and its successor below aired on Locomotion, and these seasons were later redubbed by BVI for consistency with their newer voice cast.
      • Sometime after South Park was moved to MTV Latinoamerica and BVI resumed dubbing for season 10, the network had all the profanity removed and replaced with "friendlier words". Needless to say, that was quite jarring for an audience that heard Kyle saying "Damn you!" when they expected him to say "Motherf***ers!", the local translation of his catchphrase "You bastards!". This carried on to season 15. BVI also later redid seasons 1 and 2, and two season 4 episodes ("Timmy 2000" and "Trapper Keeper") that contain these language edits and other things criticized in their more recent adaptations. In Argentina, the only version of South Park that has ever aired in that country is the earlier version by BVI.
    • The initial Italian dub by SEFIT-CDC contained heavily softened dialogue and censorship, due to focus groups in Italy not approving of the vulgar language. Three episodes were also dropped from the run ("Cartman Joins NAMBLA", "Do The Handicapped Go To Hell?", and "Probably") due to their mockery of Catholicism and references to pedophilia (and also Kenny conspiring to force an abortion on his mother). The later dub by ODS did away with the language softening.
    • Try watching the short-lived Gaelic Irish dub's version of the season one Halloween episode "Pinkeye." The gore has been censored all to hell, Chef's line, "Just because my heart ain't beatin'/It won't mean you won't get laid," in his Thriller parody musical number had "laid" bleeped, and the characters' names have been changed to be more Gaelic (one example being "Wendy" to "Aoife" [pronounced "EE-fa"], although this is not the case in other episodes).
    • On the episode "You Got F'ed in the A" for the first few airings in America, a lead member of the Orange County crew's hat said "Lil' Shit." In all reairings (and the DVD version), it now reads "Lil' Sheep".
    • The DVD release of the banned-from-the-network episode "201" had all references to Mohammad removed and bleeped out a chunk of Kyle's speech at the end of the episode.
  • Beavis and Butt-Head was hit with this hard after MTV received complaints about the content from a mom who accused the show of driving her son into setting fire to their trailer (even though the family had no cable TV) and another incident where a teenager dropped a bowling ball off a bridge onto a baby carriage, killing an infant inside. Lampshaded in a later episode, wherein Beavis began chanting "Water! Water!" in a similar manner to his previous "Fire! Fire!" upon viewing a video with a swimming pool in it, and "Fryer! Fryer!" whilst using a deep fryer at a fast food joint. Also lampshaded in the earlier episodes that had warnings on it, like "Unless you're a cartoon character, swallowing a rubber filled with drugs can kill you," or "Inhaling paint thinner is very dangerous. Just look at what it did to Beavis and Butthead."
    • One of the most heavily censored episodes was "Home Improvement." In the reruns after the fire controversy, the scenes of Beavis and Butthead sniffing the paint thinner (even though there was a warning saying that doing so in real life will mess you up just as badly as it did Beavis and Butthead), painting Mr. Anderson's cat's butt, and setting fire to his garden were deleted, making it seem like they were doing the piss poor paint job on purpose (which actually makes sense as Beavis and Butthead are already established as being complete and utter idiots who epically fail at everything from doing well in school to scoring with women) and not because they were high.
  • Animaniacs
  • TheTiny Toon Adventures episode "Animaniacs!"note  was itself cut on UK's ITV to remove the scene of Bugs, Daffy, and Porky (the judges of the animation festival) running for the door, only to get electrocuted because Shirley the Loon put a car battery clamp on the door.
    • When Nickelodeon and the WB! aired Tiny Toon Adventures, an episode where Buster buys a new bike from an Honest John's Dealership was edited to remove the ending where the proprietor is forced to eat a bucket of scorpions.
    • The infamous "Elephant Issues" episode (where each cartoon has An Aesop) was banned after complaints came in about the short, "One Beer" (where Plucky, Hampton, and Buster get drunk on a beer, steal a police car, and crash it). Since 2013, it has aired on The Hub uncut and uncensored and has appeared on the DVD version of the series.
  • Total Drama suffered this a bit in America, mostly in the first season before Cartoon Network's standards loosened up (moreso than usual). Most of the cuts were for content, while others were just edits to get rid of the Canadian slang and colloquialisms. Examples can be seen here.
  • Cow and Chicken: The episode "Comet!" (which originally went by the title "Dad's Ball") originally had a part where the Dad swings his golf ball and yells, "Ooooh, divot!" Because the censors and/or irate Moral Guardian viewers had wax in their ears, they heard it as "Ooooh, damn it!". In U.S. reruns, the line is changed to "Oooh —" followed by a repeat of Dad yelling, "Two!" The UK and Australian Cartoon Network, as well as the version on America's Boomerang network and Netflix have the original line.
    • The I Am Weasel episode "I.R. Good Mommy" originally aired with I.R. wearing a football helmet with an "N" on and waving a pennant with an "N" on it after coming from a football game at the University of Nebraska. When the University of Nebraska wrote in to complain (much like the Moral Guardian who wrote in about Cow and Chicken's "Buffalo Gals" and got it banned), the entire cartoon was edited in reruns to digitally remove the "N" on the helmet and pennant (yet I.R. singing about Oklahoma being better than Nebraska was not altered). Some reruns that air on overseas Cartoon Network channels have the original version while the American Netflix has the edited version.
  • Virtually all Looney Tunes shorts have been anywhere from lightly cut to lopped, cropped, and chopped when aired on television (on network TV, syndication, and cable) for reasons ranging from violence (mostly involving guns and suicide gags) to ethnic stereotyping to cuts to fit the time frame for more commercials about which no one gives a damn. The ones that have objectionable content but can't be cut without turning the cartoon into a plotless mess are simply banned (i.e., The Censored Eleven, the final Golden-Age cartoon "Injun Trouble," and a glut of World War II cartoons, such as "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips," "Tokio Jokio," and "Confusions of a Nutzy Spy"). A website called "The Censored Cartoons Page" has been made to catalogue all the cuts. See here. Also thankfully, now that Cartoon Network recently started airing the shorts again after being absent from the airwaves since 2004, most cartoons are shown uncut and uncensored (some cartoons like "Scaredy Cat" are still shown edited, but done in a less intrusive way, though opinion is divided on that).
    • Similar to the Looney Tunes, many of the gags deemed racially insensitive in MGM cartoons were edited when shown on Cartoon Network, which made a few shorts, including Tex Avery's "Magical Maestro" (which edited out the opera-singing dog turning into a Chinese stereotype and a blackface singer), very disjointed and confusing.
    • Of note are the Tom and Jerry cartoons that remove all appearances of Mammy Two Shoes, a heavyset black woman with a very stereotypically black voice. Sometimes, this meant the cartoon had very harsh edits, like in "The Mouse Comes to Dinner" where the cartoon starts with Tom popping up out of a potted plant for seemingly no reason at all. Older versions (particularly the ones Chuck Jones was in charge of when he was an animator at MGM in the mid-to-late 1960s) had Mammy Two Shoes replaced with a white teenage girl (as seen in "Saturday Evening Puss"). Newer versions (particularly those that have cropped up on the "Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection" DVD releases) either edit out all scenes of Mammy Two Shoes (as mentioned with "The Mouse Who Came to Dinner" and "Fraidy Cat") or retain her, and either mute her voice or give her a new, less stereotypically black voice. Like their broadcasts of Looney Tunes, Cartoon Network's airings of the show seem to be mostly uncensored, retaining Mammy's Sassy Black Woman voice and even keeping a handful of (though not all) "blackface" gags.
  • The last line of The Cleveland Show theme song went from "My happy black guy face" to "My happy mustached face." Interestingly enough, the closed captioning on the first several episodes still used the "black guy" line, despite it being redubbed in the audio.
    • In-universe: on the episode "Brownsized," Donna's new boyfriend (the grocery store cashier who turns out to be strict and very boring) makes a DVD of Breaking Bad for Rallo that's been toned down for a five-year-old...which means that it's only 40 seconds of desert shots.
  • The "Laugh and cry"/"Effin' cry" controversy on Family Guy. For a while, "Laugh and cry" had to be said more clearly because people (mostly network censors) thought Stewie said, "Effin' cry." When the show was brought back from cancellation, the original ambiguous line was revived.
    • Family Guy has a FOX-edited version (which is the version that first airs), a Cartoon Network version (which has a lot of scenes and lines that the FOX censors vetoed before the episode aired), a DVD version (which is the Cartoon Network version with more things that were edited from TV; mostly for time reasons, mostly because Cartoon Network's censors found the scenes and lines offensive like FOX did), and a syndicated version (which is the FOX version, only more bowdlerized, often including lines being redubbed, like Brian's "I'm gonna go chew on the back of my ass" changed to "I'm going to chew on the back of my leg," and some unusual edits, like Peter asking his Gregg Allman poster for life advice, and Stewie mispronouncing "penis" and "vagina").
    • For a while, Channel 4 in the UK aired an edited version of Family Guy in the mornings. Just one edit was the cutaway gag where Peter swears in court. The "I bastard" was changed to just "I do" (which kills the joke about Peter's claim that sometimes it's okay to swear).
    • UK airings of "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" cut down the masturbation joke so Quagmire is only rummaging for his keys for a second. This scene was also edited when FOX aired the episode around the time that Family Guy was returning from its second cancellation (from 2002 to 2005).
    • On the FOX and syndicated version of the episode "To Love and Die in Dixie," the robber's line when he escapes from prison "First, I'm gonna bang my girlfriend, then I'm gonna kill Chris Griffin!" had the word "bang" bleeped out, killing the joke of Stewie being offended that the robber said "bang" on TV rather than told Tricia Takanawa that he was going after Chris (which also had "bang" bleeped out).
  • Regular Show suffers from this in the UK (and really suffers from this in Australia and Latin America). While edits to the mild rude language and scenes considered too gross or violent are somewhat understandable given the time of day it airs, there are still some fairly baffling examples. One exchange involves Benson giving Mordecai and Rigby an earful, calling them 'morons' in the process. The UK airing takes some previous audio of him saying 'idiots' from only a few seconds earlier, and splicing it in where he said 'morons'. Not only very obvious and sloppy, but also thoroughly confusing.note 
    • "Rigby's Body" features a fight between Rigby and Mordecai with the word "turd". It was re-recorded as "plank" (British slang for someone who's dumb, as "plank" refers to a "plank of wood." It's kinda like calling someone a "blockhead").
    • "Temp Check" had an entire scene re-animated. In the original, a tattooed biker auditioned for Rigby by playing a harmonica with his butt and farting into it. In the UK, the scene was changed to the same man sticking a kazoo in his nose and breathing through it.
    • The episode "Night Owl" has a strange edit in Australia. When the camera pans to the Night Owl using a liquid nitrogen tank to freeze Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and High-Five Ghost, the shot of the liquid nitrogen tank was cropped so that way it just reads "liquid." Apparently, the Australian censors don't want kids to think that freezing themselves in liquid nitrogen was a good thing (which it isn't). What's even weirder is that the verbal references to liquid nitrogen and the shot of the unmarked liquid nitrogen tanks weren't edited in any way.
    • Reruns of the episode "The Power" (both on Cartoon Network and Netflix) redub Rigby's famous line, "Now, how in the H are we gonna fix this S?" to "Now, how in the heck are we gonna fix this stuff?" Also redubbed was "But he's gonna be pissed" to "But he's gonna be ticked." Surprisingly, Mordecai's line, "You drillbit!" and Benson's line "I know it was you who brainwashed me with that keyboard crap." wasn't altered.
  • The last third of Three Little Pigs has the Big Bad Wolf disguise himself as a "Fuller Brush man" who is working his way through college. In the original version, he was a Jewish peddler, complete with Yiddish accent (though some versions exist in which the Big Bad Wolf's Yiddish accent is redubbed, but the animation of him as a Jewish man is not altered in any way).
  • Not even Rugrats is safe from Bowdlerization — at least in Malaysia. The episode "Zoo Story" edited out all scenes and references to pigs (Malaysia has a large Muslim population and pigs [whether used as food or not] are seen as highly taboo in the Islam religion, which is why family movies like Babe and Charlotte's Web have a hard time getting released in that country's theaters). These cuts (and others not mentioned here) led the show to be cancelled four years before it ended on the American Nickelodeon.
  • When the U.K. showed the Recess episode "Parents Night", they edited the line where Spinelli's dad (her real dad, not the biker she hired to be her dad) is showing the gang Spinelli's baby pictures and says, "Look at her on that rug with her fanny in the air" note . The edited version shortens the line to "Look at her on that rug" and cuts to Spinelli moaning, "Why me?!"
  • Adventure Time has a lot cut out of the episodes in Australia (as do The Looney Tunes Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Regular Show note ). A list can be seen here.
  • Parodied and mentioned in Garfield and Friends, when at the end of "The Canine Conspiracy", Garfield says the next episode of "The Garfield Crime Files" is about "the guy who edits movies for TV".
  • Some episodes of Rocko's Modern Life have a lot of scenes considered too risque for Nickelodeon cut ("Hut Sut Raw"'s "berry/bear testicle" scene, Heffer's encounter with the milk machine in "The Good, The Bad, and the Wallaby," the "No-Tell Motel" sequence on "Road Rash"). Nickelodeon even banned the episode "Leap Frogs" because it centered on a love-starved Mrs. Bighead trying to seduce Rocko.
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show got quite a bit of this during its original run on Nickelodeon due to censorship complaints over content that would either disgust or outrage parents. Standout examples include the family bath in "Big Baby Scam", Powdered Toast Man burning the Bill of Rights in order to start a fire in the White House fire place, and some of Ren's grislier death threats to Stimpy and Sven in "Sven Hoek". On the UK DVD version, the song "The Lord Loves A Hanging" was cut, as UK censors didn't want kids and more impressionable viewers to think that suicide by hanging yourself was okay.
  • The opener for The New Scooby Doo Movies includes a shot of a Western gunfighter pulling out his gun and firing it into the air. At some point in time, this clip was cut out and replaced with a clip of Scooby running away, while you can still hear the gunshots with the music. The show's re-release on the Boomerang network includes the unedited opener. The shot of Scooby running was actually used earlier in the theme, just on an orange background instead of a blue one. They basically just took the hand drawn animation cels and pasted onto a new background. Then, another animation was made of Scooby pointing over to the left towards the gunman was animated to cover up the rest of the clip that the running didn't replace. The gunfighter animation was from the debut episode, "Ghastly Ghost Town"; its replacement footage was from "Guess Who's Knott Coming To Dinner."
  • In Don Bluth's Disney swan song The Small One, the "Jewish" merchants note  have a line in their song, "We simply cheat a little if we must" changed to "We work a little harder if we must" even though their hand actions haven't been altered in any way. A lesser edit occurs at the end when the star that appears over the manger was given more lines to look less like a cross, although the lines that form the cross remain and are the most prominent.
  • The Simpsons in the UK has also suffered from this. One instance was particularly pointless because the unedited version was used in a trailer that immediately preceded the episode. The season nine episode "Trash of the Titans" (the 200th episode) has the following edits:
    • Homer announces to a courthouse clerk that he wants to run for Sanitation Commissioner. The clerk states that it's nice, but the line Homer is in is for people who have to register as sex offenders note . The edited version in the UK ends act one with Homer announcing his candidacy for Sanitation Commissioner to the courthouse clerk.
    • All instances of the word "wanker" (mostly used by U2's Bono) were cut. (The BBC used to dub Mr Burns' use of it after Bono throws a spoon at him with "Ow!").
    • The scene where Homer reveals that he buried the garbage under Springfield was edited to remove Bart, Lisa, and Marge guessing that Homer got rid of the garbage by selling drugs (though Lisa's line, "I wish it were drugs!" after finding out that Homer is burying the garbage under the town wasn't cut).
    • After the garbage erupts and destroys the town, Ray Patterson is asked to be Sanitation Commissioner again. Patterson refuses, ending his speech with "You're screwed. Thank you, bye." On the UK's Channel Four, the line was shortened to "Thank you, bye," but Mayor Quimby's "We are far from screwed!" was left in.
    • Channel 4 (in the UK)'s reruns of "The Cartridge Family" edited the ending where, as Marge is about to throw the gun away, she realizes that she looks better with it and slips it in her purse. Curiously, the BBC never had problem with the scene. At first, the episode was never shown in the UK altogether, due to the beginning scene with the soccer riot and scenes depicting the comical side of gun abuse (including Bart using it to play William Tell with Milhouse), which British censors found offensive and likely to be copycatted by idiot viewers.
    • Channel 4 also edited a line from "The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons" where Bart makes a racist remark about Apu's mother's bindi (the red dot on her forehead), asking her "Can you see out of it? Does it change colours when you're ticked off?".
    • The season 16 finale ("The Father, The Son, and the Holy Guest Star") was edited in the UK to remove Homer's final line during his reconciliation session with Father Sean ("I've masturbated 8 million times and I have no intention of stopping"). The American version initially banned the episode (as it was scheduled to air around the time that Pope John Paul II passed away), but ended up airing it a few months later as the final episode of the season, making the intended finale ("The Girl Who Slept Too Little," in which Lisa confronts her fear of graveyards after one gets moved next to The Simpsons' house) a leftover episode that aired in the early part of season 17.
    • The practice of cutting the setups, but not punchlines, and therefore making the situations worse (or incomprehensible to naive viewers) seems to be popular, at least in Australia (along with cutting scenes of physical violence). In the season seven finale "Summer of 4'2"", Homer tries to buy some illegal fireworks at a beachside Kwik-E-Mart, but to cover his tracks, he buys a lot of risque personal and sexual items (a porno mag, a large box of condoms, some panty shields, two enema kits, and a bottle of Old Harper). The entire scene with Homer buying the sexual items and the fireworks was cut, but the scene in which Marge picks through the bag and says, "Homer, I don't know what you have planned tonight, but count me out" was not edited.
    • For about two years after Princess Diana's death, two gags from two different episodes were edited in the UK airing:
      • Season 4's "Duffless": Homer jumps out the window of the nuclear plant to escape a giant spider. Barney is waiting below with a mattress tied to a stationwagon. Barney notices something that looks like Princess Di and drives up (while Homer falls on his ass), only to be disappointed that it's just a pile of rags. The post-Princess Di-death edited episode just has Barney drive up for no reason [other than the fact that Barney is, at least until season 11, a drunk who really shouldn't be behind the wheel of any type of vehicle] while Homer falls on his ass.
      • From season five's "Rosebud": Mr. Burns is in a sandbox with Maggie trying to bargain with her over his old stuffed bear. Maggie offers Burns her pacifier, and Burns reluctantly obliges. A cameraman pops up and snaps Burns' picture. Burns shouts, "Damn you, paparazzo!" The post-Princess-Di-death edited episode shortened the line to "Damn you!" (On a non-Diana-related note, in the scene with the Ramones the line "Go to hell, you old bastard!" [after they've sung "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Burns] is often cut, making the shot of a horrified Burns as the curtain shuts unexplainable, although some edits allow the first half of the line to survive.)
    • The Arabic dub (actually the fourth and the fifth seasons, with some episodes left over) has Homer drink Duff Soda instead of beer and eat Egyptian beef sausages rather than hot dogs. Needless to say, that version was canceled after 52 episodes (30 of which actually aired). The uncut, subtitled versions were met with much more success, and aired up to season 16.
    • The episode "Cape Feare" (a season five episode that was originally a season four leftover) was banned in Germany not only due to the large amount of violence (mostly aimed at a child [i.e., Bart], but also because of the opening joke where Bart and Lisa watch a talk show called "Up Late with McBain," featuring a show announcer known as Obergruppenfuehrer (the SS equivalent rank of lieutenant-general) Wolfcastle, dressed in full SS uniform, complete with swastika armband. In Germany (for obvious reasons), depicting Nazism and swastikas outside of historical context is considered highly illegal (which is why the video games Castle Wolfenstein and Doom II are banned in Germany).
    • The season 15 finale "Fraudcast News" (in which Mr. Burns tries to take over Springfield's media outlets after a newspaper falsely reports that he died) was edited in reruns in America and the UK. Groundskeeper Willie's line, "I've reviewed the new tractors. They're all shite!" either bleeps out the word "shite" (American syndicated version) or cuts the line down to "I've reviewed the new tractors." (UK version - although the line did survive uncut on its premiere as it was shown in a later timeslot).
      • The UK version also cuts out two scenes: one where the Squeaky-Voiced Teen commits suicide over Futurama's cancellation (at the time) and a scene where Mr. Burns suckles on a mother mole's teat.
    • The season four episode "Marge Gets a Job" was edited after it first aired on American TV due to complaints from a viewer who threatened to sue the writers. When Bart finally takes his test, Mrs. Krabappel tells Bart that he's faked every illness he could think of, including Tourette's Syndrome. Bart responds that he's not over it, followed by twitching and growling, "Shove it, witch!" On the Sunday reruns (after it received complaints for Bart faking a serious, psychological illness and insulting his teacher), the reference to "Tourette's Syndrome is changed to "rabies" and Bart's twitching/"Shove it, witch!" line was cut. In syndication, the Tourette's Syndrome reference was reinstated, but Bart proving to Krabappel that he still has it was cut. On the season four DVD version, "Tourette's Syndrome" was once again replaced with "rabies," but Bart proving to Krabappel that he still has it wasn't cut (though, if you listen closely, you can hear Bart grumbling "Tourette's Syndrome" after Krabappel orders him to take the test and not come up with any more excuses).
    • Season 12's "New Kids on the Blecch" (the episode in which Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, and Ralph become a boy band with all the members of *NSYNC as guest stars) also had a line replacement between the original version, the rerun, and the DVD version. During the fun run in the beginning, Smithers is shown pulls Mr. Burns on a rickshaw, with Burns whipping him and ordering him to go faster. Mr. Burns's original line after that was, "You call yourself a Chinaman?" In reruns and on DVD, the line was changed to, "You call yourself Chinese?"
    • The Season 16 episode "Sleeping With The Enemy" in the UK, at one point has Nelson's mother coming to the Simpson household after finding out that Nelson did (and was paid for) some chores around the house. In the original, Marge ends the conversation by telling Nelson's mother to go home and "not have intercourse on the way home!" and slamming the door, which enormously shocks the rest of the family. In the edited version however, the conversation ends with Marge saying again "Go home Mrs. Muntz," in a relatively calm tone - but keeping the door slam and family's shocked reaction in, making it seem as if they were reacting to Marge being a less-than-gracious host by rudely shoving someone out the door rather than a Covert Pervert by mentioning intercourse.
    • Because of the nuclear disasters occurring in Japan courtesy of the March 2011 earthquake, a German TV network has either banned or edited all episodes centering on nuclear disasters (meaning a lot of the early episodes that actually showed Homer working at the nuclear plant — such as "Homer Defined" and "Homer Goes to College," among others — will never be seen again in Germany).
    • Channel Four in the UK has a rather inconsistent way of editing episodes. Whenever an episode premieres, the episode is shown uncut and uncensored. The same can't be said for the reruns, which will edit out all manner of violence, sexual innuendo, and some choice swear words (mostly the mild stuff, like "damn," "hell," "ass," and "crap"). Taken to the next level when the episodes air on the channel's T4 block, as they'll cut just about anything out, offensive or not.
    • A couple of examples from their airing of "Homer Loves Flanders":
      • The end of Act One where Homer declares Flanders his friend as he drives by cuts off before Carl says, "I don't know. Something about being gay," after Lenny asks him what Homer was shouting. (This actually caused a minor controversy when the edited version was first shown and led to Channel 4 issuing an apology.)
      • The dream sequence of Ned climbing a bell tower and shooting passersby with a sniper rifle showed Ned climbing the bell tower and assembling the gun, but the UK version cuts Ned opening fire on innocent people and the mailman returning fire, and the dream immediately jumps to Ned waking up and realizing that he hates Homer Simpson.
    • Their broadcast of Treehouse of Horror XIX cut out a great deal of scenes:
      • The first segment, Untitled Robot Parody, cuts out the scene where Sex Toy Robot comes in after the Optimus Prime Expy asks where he is.
      • The second, How to Get Ahead in Dead-vertising, tones down Krusty's death by removing the part where he's put through a woodchipper, making it look as if Krusty died by being bounced a great distance across the playground. Also cut are the scenes where Homer kills Prince with his own guitar note , and the end where Homer is shot in the head by Krusty (after Homer asks him what the one true religion is) has the gunshot sound, but the scene of his head exploding was cut with a fake blackout, then jumped to Homer locking out the celebrities from Heaven.
      • The third segment, It's The Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse, cuts out the part where the Grand Pumpkin pukes after finding out what pumpkin bread is made of (though the actual pile of vomit wasn't cropped out or digitally removed), Nelson calling the Grand Pumpkin a racist because he doesn't care that Nelson is going to carve a yellow pumpkin, and Tom Turkey blowing the Grand Pumpkin's brains out by blowing through a cornucopia (along with the Grand Pumpkin's dying words). Surprisingly, the line "The Grand Pumpkin is super gay" in Nelson's "Halloween carol" wasn't edited in the UK, even though it caused controversy in America from anti-gay defamation groups who protested over using the word "gay" as a substitute for "weak," "stupid," or "lame."
    • Back when the show was a series of shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show, the short "Babysitting Maggie" was edited after the first couple showings to remove a scene where she electrocutes herself by sticking a fork in the outlet because the FOX censors didn't want little kids and idiot viewers thinking that this was a good thing to do.
  • Superjail!
    • Season 3 had shots that were censored by the network practically last-minute before their airings when the censors got cold feet about some of the objectionable content. Although it was said that the DVD release would have the uncensored versions of the episodes, it instead contains the broadcast versions. Three of these shots are even marked with large black boxes reading "CENSORED" in red letters to obscure the content. They include:
    • In "Superfail", a flashback sequence of a pack of dobermans tearing apart and eating an inmate, with his guts spilling out (with said censor box covering up the whole mess).
    • Within "Sticky Discharge", a scene of an inmate snorting cocaine, with the act and his face covered up for the shot. However, the scenes of inmates doing acid and injecting heroin managed to pass by uncensored.
    • Alice wrestling with Sweet Cheeks in "Superfail", with any suggestion of her bulge suddenly being covered up during the fight when she's the more visible character. Apparently the bulge was drawn too big for the censors, necessitating the cover-up. Sweet Cheeks' bulge received the same treatment in one other shot.
    • Alice's groin is shown as a jackhammer within the sex scene montage in the climax of "Stingstress". Even though it was literally a jackhammer drawn between her legs and no actual genitalia, the censors still ordered it to be blurred out due to the innuendo.
      • However, Bowdlerization was entirely averted with one shot that was meant to be censored as a gag: The glimpse the inmates get at Alice and Mistress having sex is a giant black censor box covering practically the whole bed, with no "CENSORED" caption on it. According to the writers, there's literally nothing underneath the box.
  • Drawn Together provides a very pathetic example in the German dub: "Labia Lady" was changed to "Lasso Lady". (Maybe not Bowdlerization, but a combination of hearing-impaired and English-challenged dub actors.)
  • Futurama parodies this with G.I.Zapp (itself a parody of G.I. Joe), edited by President Nixon himself after complaints that the regular cartoon is too violent.
    • "Bender Gets Made" and "The Deep South" both aired on [adult swim], TBS, and some international channels with the Professor's line "Sweet [or Holy] Zombie Jesus!" edited. [adult swim] had the "Jesus" part muted, which comes off very jarring, while TBS and the international channels just edited the scene of the Professor saying it.
    • Following the 2011 Norway attacks, some versions of "The Cryonic Woman" have the part where Bender scans a severed arm with a career chip on it edited so that way the severed arm comes from a "chainsaw juggler" rather than the "Prime Minister of Norway." The Netflix streaming version in America once had the original "Prime Minister of Norway" scene, but after they added the rest of the episodes that concluded the series (from "2-D Blacktop" to "Meanwhile"), the new version where the arm's chip reads "Chainsaw Juggler" is used instead. The only way one can see the original "Prime Minister of Norway" part is on the DVD.
    • On the premiere episode "Space Pilot 3000," the announcer for the tube originally says, "Next Stop: JFK Jr. Airport." Following JFK Jr's death (which involved a plane crash under mysterious circumstances), the line was changed to "Radio City Mutant Hall" for the FOX version and all reruns. The original line can be heard on an animatic on the season one DVD.
  • The Norwegian version of The Magic Adventures Of Mumfie mutes out any instance of the trumpeting sound Mumfie makes when he falls down or sneezes, probably because it sounds like farting. The only exception to this was the episode "Lighter Than Air". They also cut out the scene in Mumfie's Quest where Mumfie has to talk to The Secretary of Night and then goes to the holding cell, making the last two episodes of the arc one episode, akin to the English dub of Sailor Moon mentioned on the Anime and Manga page. Justified that it was a kids' show...
    • The Greek version, which only comprises of the episodes after Mumfie's Quest, cut 5 minutes of the White Christmas special. They also shortened some regular episodes as well. The reason for this is unknown.
  • Back in the 1980s and 1990s (around the time that Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister), Great Britain has shown a sensitivity to the depiction of the ninja, stating that assassins shouldn't be glamorized. For example; the 80s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was called Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (although this was repealed with the live action films and the 2003 cartoon). Likewise, Michelangelo's nunchucks were changed to grappling hooks, although Leonardo was allowed to keep his swords. The reason for this bit of farce was due to the fact that at the time, nunchucks were even more illegal than a gun in England. Eventually he was given nunchucks, but they were just there for show.
  • Some MGM cartoons from the 1940s got this treatment when they were reissued in the 1950s, not because of their violence or stereotypes, but due to some of their gags being dated after World War II, such as rationing. Some cartoons had entire scenes cut (such as and Dumb-Hounded and The Yankee Doodle Mouse), while others had scenes reshot to remove WWII gags (like The Shooting of Dan McGoo and Wild and Woolfy).
    • This is played straight for later television airings, this time for the violence and stereotypes.
  • Nickelodeon quietly released a slightly-edited version of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Chum Bucket Supreme" shortly after its original airing. In the Situation briefing scene, Mr. Krabs demonstrated to Spongebob that a few hours ago, "the Chum Bucket was, as it should be, a desolate no-man's land." However, Mr. Krabs' voice actor, Clancy Brown, made a mistaken Freudian Slip and pronounced "Bucket" as "Fuck it". Nickelodeon noticed that the track was used in the final version the episode and immediately released an edited soundtrack where the accidental mispronunciation was muted. The DVD and internet releases, as well all other non-U.S. airings, however, do not include the edited track.
  • VeggieTales has a weird relationship with this trope. Generally, the more questionable parts of the Bible stories they tell are edited out (always in a humorous way), but other times, not so much.
    • One of their first episodes was about Daniel and the lions' den. When the wise men are discussing what to do with Daniel in their Villain Song, the possibilities they raise range from gruesome (having a crocodile eat him alive) to hilariously inept (giving him jelly donuts only to take them away). When they throw Daniel to the lions, it's clear that they want the lions to eat Daniel. However, while in the Bible, God kept Daniel safe by merely closing the lions' mouths, here, he gets the whole group pizza.
    • In their adaptation of Esther, Mordecai first gains King Xerxes' attention after he and Esther stop an assassination plot against Xerxes, as in the original. The would-be killers' method is never mentioned in the Bible, while VeggieTales has them attempt to drop a piano on Xerxes' head while he's admiring a cake. No one dies, but is instead sent to the Island of Perpetual Tickling; whenever anyone says the name, everyone else lets out a melodramatic gasp.
  • An independent station in Atlanta that was owned by Pat Robertson's CBN organization acquired the Fun World Of Hanna-Barbera and Fred Flintstone & Friends syndication packages in 1977. Because of the organization's ground rules on what they deem unacceptable (no supernatural stuff, hypnotism, etc.), The Funky Phantom was left out of the Fun World run and Jeannie and Goober And The Ghost Chasers were left out of the ''Flintstone' package. Also as a result, two episodes of shows they did run were excised because of hypnotism scenes. Other shows were simply cut to accommodate a local host segment during the cartoons.
  • The Italian airings of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic skipped "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" and removed every scene in "Bats!" where Rainbow Dash complains for the unavailability of cider, probably because someone thought it could encourage kids to drink alcoholic beverages (even if the show refers to the non-alcoholic variety). It's to mention also that mentions of cider are kept in other episodes (like "Sisterhooves Social", "Apple Family Reunion" and "Simple Ways"), while in "Maud Pie" and in My Little Pony Equestria Girls cider references are changed to "apple juice".

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