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Table of Contents
Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.
by Alfric
A Fiery Introduction!
All Wired Up!1
Flocking Together
Mah Boies, getting owned is what all true mooks strive for!
A distraction before Laus...
It appears we've found a rather annoying Laus, who just wants to get into our hair!
Hector just went Sealen Clubbing!2
The Less-than-Noble Lady of Caelin
Plucking out the Laus
There's not a Damien you don't get in a fight, is there Black Fang?2
Zoldamned Luna tome, nearly killed me!
Interlude: Dread Isle.1
The Raven duels with The Soaring Hawk2
Looks like the Black Fang should have kept an Aion some key variables...2
The Mad Marquees and the Fallen Fang
Did pretty well in this chapter, probably 'cause the win condition is to Break Oleg.
!elgnairT nopaeW eht pu dewercs eh ,snabuE mnaD
This chapter let me relieve a lot of Pent up frustration.
Interlude: Resting at Pherae1
The White Wolf sniffed around in the wrong places, it seems.
The only thing Beastly about Pascal is his combat pallete.3
The trend of people who wield only Spears continues, but with a twist!3
Lowen steals Jermes heart.2
Sonia's Pet Crow hunts for the Angel of Death!2
The Angel of Death claims the Perfect Being.2
Putting down the Mad Dog...2
We Kaim, We saw, We conquered. 2
Y'know, considering the title, this chapter has a severe lack of Prince of Persia joke potential.4
Interlude: Battle Preparations3
Victory or Death? I choose FLAWLESS VICTORY!
Those who matter...
Endgame - Light, part 1
Endgame - Light, part 2
Endgame - Light, part 3
Epilogue - Final thoughts, and other fun stuff.