Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Flocking Together

Birds of a Feather: Finished.

New characters gained: Lowen, Rebecca, and Dorcas.

Hector: Took out all but one of the pegasus knights, and the majority of the bandits in the top area and leveled up a few times, gaining some good stats.

Lowen: Lead the main rush up to Hector's area, and took out a bandit and pegasus knight with some help from Dorcas and Rebecca. He then stabbed the merc harassing Hector and helped him clean up the remaining bandits.

Dorcas: Chopped up the bandit that Lowen didn't finish off, and headed towards Hector, taking out a bandit on the way.

Rebecca: Helped weaken some people for others to finish off. She sadly didn't get much experience in thsi chapter.

Marcus: Got the Secret Book from the house near were he started. He took the gem that Matthew stole last chapter and sold it for some money. He then bout one of each weapon type, to better equip us.

Zagan: Proved a bit difficult, but with a team effort he went down without too much trouble. First Rebecca shot him, Lowen followed up with a slash and got countered and reduced to one health, Dorcas Hand Axed him and Hector finished him off with a Critical from Wolf Beil.

I then: Immediately went onwards to chapter 13, so I don't remember the stats of all of my people. I'll get those after the next entry, which is coming right up.

Turns taken: 8