Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


The trend of people who wield only Spears continues, but with a twist!

That twist being that this Spear is Uber.

Chapter 26 - Unfulfilled Heart: Finished.

Hector: He covered Eliwood, Lyn, Pent and Louise's retreat from the hoard of wyvern knights descending on the group, traveling north in the direction of the castle to distract them. He shows that despite his stagnant 1st tier status, he is not a foe to take lightly by cutting down dozens of Vaidas wyvern knights, while being wary of Vaida herself so as not to provoke her. After a few turns of slaughtering them, Rebecca and Lowen come to warn them of their plan, and tell him to head southwards, towards Merlinus. He does so reluctantly, and watches their plan unfold for the final turns...

Raven & Dorcas: They headed southwards, towards the village, and fought through a variety of foes. Raven took the lead, using his hand axe to take out an archer and a wyvern knight, while Dorcas shot down a bandit who was making his way through the mountains. They pushed through the nomads and knights, while also keeping watch for any wyvern attacks as they made their way to the town. Some wyverns appeared in the southeast mountains, as expected, and Dorcas broke off to face them, while Raven eventually reached the village, meeting a rather spiteful woman, who for whatever reason thought Raven could benefit from having a Hammerne staff. They then covered the bottom left and right corners as many wyvern knights flew in to attack them. Dorcas then headed north towards the wyverns who were waiting on the central mountains, and took care of them himself.

Rebecca & Lowen: Headed west, Rebecca shooting down a bandit in the mountains with her bow, while Lowen rushed up to the mages nearby, and took them out. Rebecca then entered the nearby ballista, and shot down another bandit, to the southwest, who was getting dangerously close to the village. After Lowen had cleared up the groups of mages to the north and the small troop of wyvern knights who had flown in to the western mountains, Rebecca asked Louise for her Silver Bow, and headed north to meet up with Lowen, and in the short respite they had, they had a short conversation, giving them a C rank support. They then headed towards Hector, who they warned of their plan; battling with the enemy commander, Wyvern General Vaida!

New thing: VS sections, which will be there for me to describe fights with important enemies in detail. I will generally use them to allow a point for (hopefully) cool action sequences without making any characters sections too long and making the whole thing look really lopsided and stuff. Probably would have been better to start with, like, Uhai or Lloyd, but I just thought of this now. Each little paragraph will cover a turn of combat.

Quick Vaida info: She wields a powerful spear, mostly referred to as the Uber!Spear, which gives her a lot of stat boosts, making her a very hard foe to beat. She can be recruited later, but since I haven't drafted her, I'm going to fight her for the experience and to hopefully lower my turncount by a turn.

VS Vaida: Rebecca and Lowen stepped forward onto the battlements of one of the large forts of Bern, and waited for her to spot them. They didn't have to wait long before a jet black blur flew overhead and Vaida, one of the Wyvern Generals, starred down at them. Her wyvern roared, and she reared back, launching the spear at Rebecca with enormous force. Rebecca sidestepped the razor edged missile, which Vaida reeled in with a sturdy steel chain, much like a general, and Rebecca retaliated with a silver arrow aimed at the wings of the wyvern. It connected, tearing a hole in the leathery skin, and eliciting a roar of pain, telling the duo that their plan had worked. Rebecca took another shot, but Vaida was ready, and maneuvered so that the arrow connected with the armorlike scales on the wyverns forearm.

She then ascended, and pulled into a steep dive, intending to impale and disembowel Rebecca, the only one who posed a threat to her, who quickly rolled out of the way to avoid a grisly end. Lowen saw a chance, and rushed in with his iron axe. With a mighty swing, strength bolstered by his charging mounts momentum, he brought down the axe on the rider of the currently grounded wyvern, apparently tearing into her shoulder. What he expected was a swift end to the fight, but what he got was barely any recognition of his attack, leaving her armor only slightly affected, as Vaida shrugged it off and pulled her spear from the ground, preparing to return to the air for more dives.

Rebecca noticed however, that Vaida was a bit off balance from Lowens strike, and she took aim at the opening, a small spot left unguarded due to her armors displacement from the axe blow. She let loose her shot, which tore into Vaidas shoulder, causing her to lose her grip, falling from the back of her mount and onto the hard stone of the fortress.

Turns Taken: Either 11 or 12, depending on whether or not killing all the enemies prevents the xtra turn at the end.

Up Next: Pale Flower of Darkness, Jerme edition! The VS section for that one is going to be rather short, no doubt.


Be warned, the VS Vaida section of this is my first attempt at a major action sequence, ever. I expect it to sound cheesy, and it's kinda long, but any thoughts on it are welcome!
Alfric 30th Jul 11
I completely forgot Vaida gets her stats from the Uber Spear! Does she drop it on death?

The action sequence is excellent, IMO; Lowen's 1 point of damage being significant was a nice touch. Vivid word choice! There's a couple of typos—"starred", and I think you missed an apostrophe, but I already forgot where it was. I'll look forward to seeing the next!

I should have done one myself for Lloyd, but wimped out due to lack of ideas on how to write it.

Now I'm thinking about doing one for Jerme VS Guy to make it up. Or Jerme VS Karel if I can't resist; it's such satisfying poetic justice—they even have similar first lines about a feast for their blade, but Karel's much less creepy.
montagohalcyon 30th Jul 11
Thanks for the feedback, and glad you liked it!

Sadly, Vaida doesn't drop the Uber!Spear upon death, and the only way to get it is to use the Mine Glitch. Found near the bottom of the page here.

Also, I didn't mind the lack of a fight sequence for Lloyd, since Guy apparently ganked him instantly with a crit, which doesn't leave much to work with.
Alfric 30th Jul 11 (edited by: Alfric)