Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Zoldamned Luna tome, nearly killed me!

Chapter 18 - Pirate Ship: Finished.

NOTE: I finished the chapter before the boat at the bottom actually appeared, so it won't be getting any mention in the later parts of the entry.

Hector: Didn't do much now that he is level 20, but he got in a few attacks on people who just had to die. He went with Dorcas, Lowen and Matthew onto the leftern ship and guarded one o fthe staircases to prevent shamans from appearing.

Lowen: Took out most of the shamans, and was generally helpful. He eventually saved Matthews life after the Speedwing had been stolen, allowing Dorcas to face the boss down mano-a-mano.

Rebecca: Went for the rightmost ship along with Raven, and took out two pegasus knights and two mercs. She mostly provided cover for Raven in case he needed to heal, and she did the job very well.

Dorcas: The man of the hour this chapter, as he took down quite a few shamans and even their leader, Zoldam. The real threat from the shamanic leader was his Luna tome's boosted crit chance, and since it ignores resistance, it always does 12 damage (as Zoldam has 12 magic). Dorcas is the only one who could survive the 36 damage crit from him, with 39 hp. Dorcas, after Matthew had stolen the speedwing, allowed Lowen to get Matt out of the way, and waited in front of Zoldam, allowing him to strike first. Zoldam blasted most of his health off with the expected critical hit, but Dorcas survived and countered, proceeding to finish him off on out turn, ending the chapter.

Raven: Took out most of the units on the rightmost ship, earning him a good bit of the experience he needs to catch up to the rest of the party.

Matthew: Stole Zoldam's speedwing, and bought a good deal of weapons for the Dread Isle. He had to unload them on Merlinus, which ate up a turn.

Turns Taken: 6.

Up Next: A quick interlude before the Dread Isle!