Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Interlude: Battle Preparations

Alrighty, so since this chapter is all about preparing for storming Valor, I've decided to make it an interlude.

I'll first provide information on what I purchased in preparation, and then provide all of the interlude information, including character stats, and my current total turncount. There will also be a final interlude just before Light, since everyone isn't at level 20/20 just yet, and I don't even have my final unit.

Chapter 31x - I purchased a good deal of Silver weapons of all types, some killer weapons, some light tomes, a restore staff, some hand axes, and a good deal of elixirs.

Character reviews (* means that the number for that stat is the cap):

Hector: So far he is doing quite well, and is inarguably one of the strongest, if not the strongest, unit in my party right now. He is incredibly strong, had great defenses, is quite fast and skillful, and has passable resilience. His only really bad stat is luck, which could cause some trouble, since it means he's liable to eat a crit.

Level 20/10 - 45 hp, 26 str, 23 skill and spd, 9 luck, 24 def, 11 res.

Rebecca: She has improved a lot from the first interludes, since she is now actually quite strong, her skill is pretty high, she is lightning fast, and her luck, defense and res are all high enough that I'm confidant she won't die to anything less than a boss.

Level 20/20 - 51 hp, 21 str, 25 skill, 29* spd, 21 luck, 14 def, 12 res.

Lowen: He is the sturdiest person in my party, hands down, considering his great hp and defense allow him to take hits, and his awesome speed and luck allow him to dodge most hits anyways, there is very little that can threaten him now. His strength and skill are kind of low though.

Level 20/20 - 57 hp, 18 str, 15 skill, 24* spd, 30* luck, 25* def, 13 res.

Dorcas: He isn't the most stellar unit in my party, and he doesn't really stand out, but he can do quite a bit, and he does whatever he needs to do well enough. He has good hp, strength, and skill, passable speed, luck and defense, and meh resilience.

Level 20/20 - 60* hp, 25 str, 25 skill, 17 speed, 16 luck, 14 def, 8 res.

Raven: One of my strongest fighters, and the only competition Hector has when it comes to combat prowess. He has great hp, strength, skill and speed, and decent luck and defense, but very poor resilience, even among the rest of the party.

Level 20/20 - 58 hp, 25* str, 28 skill, 26* spd, 18 luck, 15 def, 6 res.

Jaffar: He's pretty much Raven in terms of strength (his 20 cap hampers him, but Silencer evens things out), skill, and speed, but he has worse luck and hp, and better defense and resilience.

Level 20/20 - 45 hp, 20* str, 26 skill, 25 spd, 11 luck, 16 def, 13 res.

My total turncount: 222. (For the timed chapters, I used the greater of the outcomes, so if it's a "survive for 11 turns" chapter, than I assumed it actually took the extra turn, regardless of how dead the boss is.)


I'm amazed that you got your people to Level 20/20, honestly.
Barrylocke 29th Sep 11
I've got Bartre and Farina there, everyone else except Hector is between 16 and 18. Hector is level 6. Dunno how you pulled that off, congrats!
montagohalcyon 1st Oct 11
I had one less person throughout up until Victory or Death, so everyone else had more experience to go around, which probably helped a lot.
Alfric 2nd Oct 11