Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


A distraction before Laus...

Chapter 13x - The Peddler Merlinus: Finished.

Hector: Guarded the leftmost bridge from the start, and killed the Archer on it with ease. Afterwards, he headed northwards towards the boss with Lowen and Rebecca in tow. He encountered Puzon and, though he only had a 58% hit chance, he connected, taking out half of Puzons 26 health and netting himself a good level up.

Lowen: Stabbed the Myrmidon at the start on the rightmost bridge, and then faced the Merc that came after Rebecca finished the Myrmidon off. He then joined Hector and Rebecca in taking down Puzon, and after the damage Hector and Rebecca dealt, he was able to finish off Puzon. He got two rather bad level ups, unfortunately.

Rebecca: Finished the Myrmidon that Lowen weakened, and then assisted him a bit with the Merc. Afterwards, she followed Hector and Lowen upwards towards Puzon and she crit'd the Myrmidon who had just stepped out of the fog, earning a nice level up along the way. She softened up Puzon just enough that Lowen could finish him.

Dorcas: Took the left area by the tree, which a Myrmidon was currently felling. He got attacked by the nearby mage and missed with his Hand Axe. He didn't take kindly to this, and with a quick flourish and flick of the wrist, the cocky little mages robes became redder. He then chopped down the tree and had Eliwood switch his Iron Axe to his equipped weapon slot for the fight with the Myrmidon, which only took two hits, and ended easily enough. He got a decent level up from it, so it's all good.

Marcus: Ran up, killed some Bandits, and saved the grateful townspeople, who gave him 5000 gold to repay him.

Oswin: He meatshielded without a weapon at the bottom right area of the map, to prevent the enemies from passing.

Merlinus: Saved, but he is rather creepy.

Turns Taken: 8.

Up Next: False Friends.