Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Mah Boies, getting owned is what all true mooks strive for!

Chapter 13 - In Search of Truth: Finished.

The main group: Took the upper path allowing them to avoid most of the foes, which saved some time at the cost of some exp, but that's fine.

Marcus: Took the bottom path. He headed to the house on that path and got a Mine, while using an Iron sword to effortlessly crush all of the bandits and archers down there.

Hector: Took out a few pegasus knights, and the second tree needed to create a bridge. He also killed the boss. I also forced him to read th Secret Book, to buff his low skill.

Lowen: Killed a pegasus knight and a bandit or two, but didn't do much else. He and Dorcas chopped down the first tree.

Dorcas: Chopped down the first tree and chopped up a few soldiers after the second tree had fallen.

Rebecca: Shot some people, but didn't get many kills. She didn't do much again, sadly.

Matthew: Recruited Guy, entirely for his Killing Edge. He also went shopping for a new Hand Axe for Hector.

Boies: Hector fought him and destroyed him. Wolf Beil ripped his hp in half, and Boies only got one hit on Hector with his 52 chance, while Hector hit twice with his 70 some hit chance.

Turns taken: 9