Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Endgame - Light, part 1

Part 1 of Light will cover the battles against the Morphs, which will be split into VS sections. There will be very little actual chapter info, since this chapter is pretty straightforward, aside from the awesome bosses.

Final Chapter - Light:

Character Placements: Here I will tell in general what happened, like I usually do. I first sent Rebecca to face Uhai (bottom right chamber), and had Lowen wait nearby while she fought him. Renault and Jaffar went to the bottom left chamber to fight Ursula and Jerme, Athos headed to the top left room to face Kenneth, Hector went to the middle right room to face Darin, Dorcas went to the middle left room to face Brendan, and Raven (who would be joined by Rebecca and Lowen before the fight started) went to face Linus and Lloyd. I'm going to avoid talking about the normal morphs, because they did nothing here, and the only damage I took was from the boss morphs.

VS Morph of the Soaring Hawk, Uhai: Rebecca stood in front of the door that had just opened, readying her Brave Bow to face the powerful bow wielders who awaited. Lowen provided encouragement and swore that should something go wrong, he'd rescue her immediately. Her confidence bolstered, she ran in and turned towards the morph of the man they had faced on their first visit to the Dread Isle, Uhai. She made eye contact, and noticed how somber and pained he looked, as though simply being here caused him pain. She remembered the man they had just faced, and ended the fight quickly with a shot to his bow arm, followed up by a fatal shot to the head. As he started to fade, he dropped the amazingly made bow he was wielding, and for just a second, also much like Kishuna, he had smiled before finally disappearing. She claimed the Rienfleche bow, and the duo left to meet up with Raven.

VS Morph of the previously unfought Kenneth: Athos saw the empty gaze of the robed morph who prepared to face him, and readied his own tome of Light, Aureola to face the powerful Luce tome that his foe was wielding. The sea of light Athos created was rebuffed by the sun-like powers of his foes, and he was struck. Aureola granted him increased resilience to magic, however, and he shrugged off the explosion of magic, while mustering all the energy he could into his next spell, the searing light cleansing away the body of the creature, and granting rest to the soul used to create it.

VS Morph of Darin, Marquees of Laus: Hector remembered what had happened to the man they had faced during their first visit to the Dragons Gate, and frankly, he didn't much want to see Darin ever again. The madman had been brought back however, and so Hector was forced to face him once more. Darin struck first, with a powerful thrust from his enormous lance, which Hector side stepped before countering with a slash from the Wolf Beil, whose hooked edges tore off a part of Darin's armor, exposing a lighter layer below. Hector then followed up with a horizontal slice to his chest, but Darin had retrieved his spear and used it to smack away Hectors strike. Hectors arm was yanked to the left from the force, and Darin pulled back to attempt to stab him in the skull. Not one to die to something like this, and being rather good at improvising in combat, Hector instead released his Wolf Beil, while using some of the momentum to backstep away from the thrust. Hector then used the Light Brand and discharge two blasts, which finished Darin. He then dropped the blade, and picked up both the lance and his axe, which was now embedded in the wall.

VS Morphs of the Blue Crow and the Death Kite, Ursula and Jerme: Renault prepared his tome, knowing full well he didn't possess enough strength to defeat both morphs, simply hoping to last long enough until someone more capable came to stop defeat them. He was attacked by both of them, the darkness magic from the assassins blade sapping very little energy from him, while the giant tempest summoned by the valkyrie tore into him like a storm of knives. His own spells only marginally harming the man, and doing nothing to the sorceress, he was forced to his knees. Suddenly, Jaffar appeared, slashing at the woman with his serrated blade, and wounding her grievously, though not enough to kill, and he got countered by the blades of wind from the Excalibur tome.

A soothing energy had suddenly filled them, and their wounds all knit back together due to Athos' usage of the Fortify staff. Jaffar struck once more, appearing to slice at Ursulas face, but instead quickly appearing behind her, and stabbing her through the throat, eliciting a smile from the morph as it faded. Renault told Jaffar to head towards the front while he dealt with the assassin. Jaffar listened, and Renault made use of his training as a mercenary, dodging the blasts of magic with ease and countering with normally weak blasts of magic, made stronger as they his vital areas of Jermes body, slowly locking up joints and allowing for a decisive blow that finished the now grinning morph. As Renault headed up the the northmost room, he believed that he understood the happiness of the morphs as they fell, and hoped his friend had felt that way when he had fallen to these peoples hands.

VS Morph of Brendan, King of the Four Fangs: Dorcas recognized this man as the one that Nino had mentioned to them a few times as the father of her, and the brothers whom they had faced before, Brendan Reed. Dorcas pulled out his Brave Axe, and the two strikes only left small gashes in the mans steel like skin. The scar faced warrior then hefted his enormous battle axe, and charged forward, the mighty swing catching Dorcas in the side, before he could dodge. The wound only lasted a few seconds, as a field of magic had filled him, the large gash in his side quickly shutting itself. He then ran to the side, shotting him with the Killer Bow. The arrow never hit its mark however, as it was caught in midair, tearing into the mans hand, but not striking him in the eye as it was intended. Another axe swing from Brendan was aimed at Dorcas' head, but he dodged the blow, and same up behind the behemoth of a man. Dorcas quickly swung his Killer axe downwards at the mans throat, and his blow pierced, tearing into the mans neck and causing the being to slowly fade. The man appeared to let out a sigh of relief, and Dorcas was glad he had put the poor father out of his misery. Now, once the other morphs were slain, the Black Fang family could be together once more, without anyone to ruin it this time.

VS Morph of the Brothers, Mad Dog Linus and White Wolf Lloyd: Raven, Lowen and Rebecca waited for the door to open, and once it had, they saw the brothers, side by side, preparing for a fight. Rebecca, being safe from counterattacks, made the first strike. She wielded the mighty Rienfleche bow, and the arrow tore through the air, very nearly killing Lloyd then and there, but missing its mark by mere inches. Lowen then ran forward, and using the Rex Hasta that Hector had given him, he blocked the lightning quick slash from Lloyd, and finished him with a powerful stab into the heart. Lloyd turned to his brother, who Raven had defeated at the same time, glad that they had been released.

Raven fought with Linus, who was an even stronger foe than before, though he lacked any sort of purpose, and thus lacked the ferocity of their previous encounter. Raven, using the Killing Edge, performed a slash that tore straight through Linus' shield, slicing it in half. Linus then followed up with two strikes from his Brave Sword, which Raven dodged. Raven then struck, a powerful thrust that went through Linus' stomach, killing him. The fading morph turned towards Lloyd, with a slight smile on his face before the two had finally dispersed.

Up Next: The battle with Nergal, and possibly the battle with the Dragon, if the battle with Nergal isn't as long as I expect it to be.