Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


It appears we've found a rather annoying Laus, who just wants to get into our hair!

Chapter 14 - False Friends: Finished.

Hector: Is a MANLY man. He took the upper path near the house, and after Serra and Erk ran away, he bulldozed through all of the mooks, gladly took the Iron Blade that the villager offered, and then continued his path of destruction. Erik eventually decided to try to face him, but only being able to do 8 damage to Hector put a damper on those plans, and Hector soon defeated and apprehended the obnoxious little twit.

Lowen: Started going down the same bridge as Hector, but headed south and went after the main group of soldiers alongside Rebecca and Dorcas. He did pretty well, and took down the merc attacking Dorcas, fighting off most of Eriks soldiers, and eventually going to both shops near the bottom of the map. He bought a good deal of Vulneraries, and a hefty set of each type of Iron weapon, so we could be better equipped for the next chapter.

Rebecca: Still has trouble killing most things, but she is good for some chip damage on the average schmo. She helped Lowen down his path, taking care of the weakened archer, and eventually ran away alongside the nearly dead Dorcas from Eriks main soldiers, after she shot a couple of them dead for herself of course.

Dorcas: Took the bottom path, and went to stop the pirates. First, he was attacked by a merc and an archer, but he hit both of them with his Hand Axe, opening them up to be finished by Lowen and Rebecca, while he went to kill a nearby soldier. He eventually intercepted the pirates, and started fighting them. He had a pretty rough time of it, and by rough I mean 5 separate occasions where he would have died if not for sheer luck. He got quite a few kills though, so I'm not going to complain too much, but he eventually had to back off permanently when he ran out of Vulneraries at 3 hp.

Marcus: Protected Merlinus, and eventually went to help Lowen mop up the final enemy.

Here are the stats of my characters at the moment:
  • Hector, level 12: 29 hp, 15 str, 11 skill and spd, 6 luck, 14 def, 1 res.
  • Lowen, level 7: 27 hp, 7 str, 5 skill, 9 spd, 7 luck, 10 def, 1 res.
  • Rebecca, level 5: 19 hp, 5 str, 8 skill, 9 spd, 4 luck, 4 def, 2 res.
  • Dorcas, level 6: 33 hp, 9 str, 10 skill, 6 spd, 4 luck, 3 def, 0 res.

Turns taken: 9.

Up next: Talons Alight!