Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Victory or Death? I choose FLAWLESS VICTORY!

Seriously, all of Nergals mooks got absolutely obliterated by Hector and pals.

Chapter 32 - Victory or Death: Finished.

Hector: Dominated. I sent him up the northeastern path, and he absolutely destroyed everything that stepped into his path, and a lot of people thought that steeping into his path was a good idea. He cleared out the horse knights, punched the wyverns in the face, hit the swordmaster with a 53% chance, ignored the house (which had Sets Litany, but since I'm not using Nils...) Hand Axed the snipers and warrior, charged forward and took out the various armored knights and snipers in that area, and then took on Limstella. He had to hit her 5 times with the Wolf Beil before he critted her for the kill (though it wasn't that useful considering the she couldn't take another hit anyways). She spent most of her time bolting people, and finally decided to attack Hector, which was the final round that he had finished her in.

Raven, Dorcas & Jaffar: They headed west, around the mountain bend, and slaughtered the bandits and horsemen near the house. Dorcas claimed the talismin and sent it to Merlinus while Jaffar and Raven headed north to help Hector with the various mooks attacking him. Dorcas stayed behind to take out the cavalier reinforcements who showed up. Jaffar got zapped by a Bolting spell, which he Elixir'd off, but aside from that, he was the only one to take any real damage that could have put him in danger, and that was from a bosses attack.

Lowen, Rebecca & Renault: New party member! Lowen and Rebecca headed north, Lowen leading and Merlinus following behind the duo to give tomes to Renault. Lowen fought off a group of knights and nomadic troopers using his Javelin, and then faced down a pair of heroes using the same. Rebecca took care of anything that survived Lowen's main assault, and then they all headed to Renaults house, Lowen taking out a Purge Bishop before recruiting the mysterious saint. Renault made himself immediately useful when he used the Warp staff to send Rebecca towards a group of ballisticians for her to take out, which she did marvelously, while Lowen fought off the sudden influx of horsemen and falcoknights, after Renault had defeated the incoming horde of bandits.

VS Limstella: Hector had just finished crossing the bridge when an enormous bolt of lightning struck down and seared a crater into the ground just a little to the left of him. He looked towards the main entrance to the Dragons Gate and saw that a rather small... woman, he supposed, was guarding it. He guessed from the way she was dressed that she was a mage, and thus the person attacking him. She raised her arm, and some knights appeared in front of him, blocking his way to her. He readied his Silver Axe, and ran into the forest, taking cover in the trees while he picked off the mindless creatures who attacked him in vain.

After he had dealt with them, he charged the woman, dodging another bolt in the process. Once he had reached her, she simply starred him down and readied herself for the fight, though not switching to a close range tome for some reason. He pulled out his Wolf Beil, and swung the axe diagonally, catching only the hem of her robe as she swiftly dodged his strike. He followed up with a horizontal swing that connected with her arm, but stopped suddenly. He pulled back, surprised at the incredible strength of the morphs, but noticing blood dripping from where he had connected, before setting up for the next strikes. She seemed to be ignoring him, and starred off into the distance. Hector turned and saw Jaffar and Raven taking down some ballisticians whom he had ignored, and saw that the sorceress was readying a spell. He quickly turned back to her, but she casted so quickly that by the time his axe had left his shoulder perch, the lightning had already struck, catching Jaffar's right arm and leg, him having barely dodged the full brunt of the spell.

As Jaffar drank an Elixir to heal his wounds, Hector continued with his attack, a powerful vertical slash that should have sliced the woman clean in two, but was instead blocked once again by the womans arm, and he simply raised his axe and struck down with more force, this time only hitting the ground that she had been previously standing. She had taken a small hop back, and apparently decided he was a threat, because she armed herself with a Fimbulvetr tome. She then near instantly launched an enormous blast of ice and wind at him, which was too large to dodge, so he settled for blocking it with his axe. The localized blizzard had torn apart many trees behind him, but Hector came out with only a few minor lacerations, having blocked most of them. As he reared for the next hit, he felt renewed with energy, knowing that he was fighting a truly dangerous battle, and made a large sweeping slash with his axe, once again catching only air. He followed up with a huge leap, and brought his axe down with all of his force behind it, driving the blade straight into the breast of the androgynous being, before removing it and beckoning the others to enter the gate.

Turns Taken: 11

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