Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


The only thing Beastly about Pascal is his combat pallete.

I mean seriously, Magenta? The allegedly ferocious Beast rides into battle clad in Magenta armor?

Chapter 25 - Crazed Beast: Finished.

Hector: He stayed near Rebecca to cover her while she was using the ballista, killing off a couple of pegasi and a few pirates in the process. After she finished, he helped her advance by cutting through some of the cavaliers who tried to pin her down.

Lowen & Raven: Ran north to take down Pascal, and got bombarded by cavaliers. They both had axes in hand, and since Pascal's a moron who thinks throwing a stream of lance wielders at two axemen is a good idea, they made short work of the rather pathetic mooks, taking no damage. Pascal came running at them, and threw his spear at Raven, whom effortlessly blocked it. The duo teamed up to strike him down, leaving only the annoying wall of cavaliers in the way. Luckily, once Rebecca had finished with the enemy ballisticians, she opened a path for Lowen to run through to the Bishops castle. Raven stayed at Pascals castle and took it over, while hand axing some cavaliers from his leisurely perch. Lowen used his hand axe to take care of any monks who attacked him, and eventually pushed through to the Bishop, attacking him while he had Purge equipped, and finishing him before he could do anything. He then claimed the third and final point.

Dorcas: Took the southern path through the forest and fought off the pirates effortlessly, cleaving through them all and taking no damage due to the confines of the forest throwing off the normally sea faring foes. He pushed west towards the castle, and cut down the warrior guarding it, claiming the second point, leaving only the bishop one for Lowen to get.

Rebecca: Took over the further north ballista near the start and counter sniped the enemy ballisticians, doubling the first two, and criticaling the third one. She then left her emptied siege weapon, and ran forth towards Lowen and Raven, noticing the troubles they were having with clearing the wall of cavaliers. She took the chance to ready he longbow, and performed a critical strike to the rider of one of them, allowing Lowen to rush through the hole and make it to the Bishop castle. She then simply fought off any of the remaining ones with the help of Hector.

Turns Taken: 8

Up Next: Unfulfilled Heart, where we shall face a much more crazed beast, with a much more fearsome mount!


Ah...I see...maybe I should have pushed forward with Guy a little sooner, I might have been able to get him to the east castle. But then again, he doesn't have 8 move like Paladin!Lowen.

So it was Rebecca's critical with a longbow that let you get Lowen over in a timely fashion? I suppose I've had enough of those myself, fair's fair...
montagohalcyon 29th Jul 11
Yeah, Rebeccas Longbow crit was the only thing that allowed me to beat it that quickly. The cavaliers constantly spawned, so it was hard to get past them, and would have taken at least 2 more turns without it.

It was also a sheer luck crit, since Rebecca only had 9 chance in the fight. Without it I estimate my turncount to be at about 10 turns, maybe more, since there were some monks and pirates who were going to get in the way which Lowen was able to just barely squeeze by.
Alfric 29th Jul 11 (edited by: Alfric)
either way, it's impressive that you managed to equal my score even though I had a flier to cut over the water.
Barrylocke 12th Aug 11