Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Plucking out the Laus

Chapter 17 - Whereabouts Unknown: Finished.

Hector: Was as awesome as usual, cleaving through anyone who fought him, and generally being a badass. He headed up the main path with Rebecca and Lowen towards the Throne and Bernard. He tanked the main forces with Lowen, while Rebecca shot anyone who wasn't stopped by the two of them. After reaching the top, he fought Bernard in a difficult battle, and forced the powerful general off the throne.

Lowen: Headed up the main path with Hector and Rebecca, mainly acting as her bodyguard. After taking care of the nearest cavaliers, he joined Hector in pushing through the main group of soldiers. He handed Raven his Iron sword to give him a more reliable weapon, and helped take care of the thief, before he could escape.

Rebecca: Gave Hector and Lowen ranged support, weakening any troublesome foes, and finishing off anyone Hector or Lowen left behind. After the group had reached the top, she held off the shamans that spawned with ease. She also got a surprising amount of critical hits throughout the chapter.

Dorcas: Took out the people guarding the nearest treasure chests and quickly went to defend Merlinus from the oncoming cavalier and nomad ambush spawns. He had a lot of trouble thanks to the nomads, and almost died, but he survived thanks to the brave sacrifice of Priscilla, who ran in front of the charging soldiers to prevent them from slaying the injured Dorcas before he could heal. After her brave sacrifice, he held off the foes for the amount of time it took for Hector to slay Bernard and seize the throne.

Raven: Joined the Party! He helped take out the thief, who had stolen a Silver sword and a Knights Crest, the later of which he claimed, and he chopped up an archer and fighter who were near where he was recruited. He didn't get much other action because he lacked any way to heal, and thus couldn't continue after being injured.

Priscilla: Recruited Raven, and bravely sacrificed her life to save Dorcas. She will be missed, though had she been, she would still be with us.

Matthew: Did thiefy things, like usual.

Turns Taken: 11

Up Next: Port of Badon, where we procure a ride to Valor!