Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Did pretty well in this chapter, probably 'cause the win condition is to Break Oleg.

Chapter 21 - A New Resolve: Finished.

This chapter was really short.

Hector, Rebecca, Lowen, Dorcas, Raven & Matthew: They all ran down the center path, the frontline units covering Rebecca and Matt whenever they could. Dorcas and Lowen led the charge, taking out the pegasus knights quite easily with their axes. Hector headed northwards at the first turn after entering the main town area to take down a monk, and then continued his warpath up there, tossing aside anyone who tried to face him, and eventually visited the house with the Elysian whip. Raven cut through the bandits who rushed in, while Rebecca manned the ballista and shot down any far off people that Matt could see. Once we reached the town entrance, Lowen visited the house with the Wyrmslayer, and then provoked Oleg into following him, acting as a target through the wall for his bow. After Lowen lured him into range, I had Matt steal his Hero Crest (for Raven to use) and had Raven, Dorcas, Rebecca, and Lowen team up to take him out without any issues.

The Houses near the start: Ignored, since I don't care about a Restore Staff or a Light Rune.

Turns Taken: 7.

Up next: Kinships Bond, and the our last encounter with Laus.