Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


The Mad Marquees and the Fallen Fang

Chapter 20 - Dragons Gate: Finished.

Hector, Lowen, Rebecca & Raven: The main group, they all traveled northwards, up towards Darin and Cameron. Lowen took on Cameron, dodging his Halberd and softening him up for Raven to finish with his Longsword. Afterwards, everyone mopped up some of the soldiers, and Hector opened the door to the throne room. Hector intercepted Legault, and convinced him to join us, while Matthew stole the Member Card from the thief carrying it. Lowen, Rebecca & Raven went off to take care of some pesky enemies near the treasure, while Hector stayed to settle some unfinished business. Hector, Silver Axe in hand, dueled with the deranged marquees and defeated him with ease, any skill that the old man had having fled him when his mind went no doubt. Hector waited on the throne for all of the treasure to be collected, and then seized it once Matthew was finished.

Dorcas: Took out the sniper in the bottom room with the chest using his hand axe, and grabbed the key that he dropped. He then opened the door, and snagged the chest with the key that he had brought with him.

Matthew: Followed the main group and waited for them to kill any dangerous foes, then went to steal the member card, and finally the treasures.

Turns Taken: 9.

Up Next: A New Resolve, and another arena that I don't have time to use...