Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Interlude: Resting at Pherae

Alrighty then, so here is another interlude, where I'll be some relevant information on my progress so far.

Here are the stats of my characters:

Hector: Hasn't been doing much now that he is stuck at level 20, but when he does class change, I suspect he will be one of my strongest units, if his first tier performance was anything to go by.

level 20: 35 hp, 20 str, 16 skill, 14 spd, 7 luck, 17 def, 3 res.

Lowen: Is showing me what he is made of, that being a lot of hp, defense and luck, and some decent strength and speed, with some meh skill and res.

level 20/4: 43 hp, 15 str, 11 skill, 18 spd, 21 luck, 20 def, 6 res.

Rebecca: Literally has twice as much strength as last time, and while she isn't going to rip apart armored units, she can still take down most of the less sturdy people due to her good skill and speed, her passable defense and res, and her decent luck. I gave her an Angelic Robe to boost her survivability and a Body Ring to allow her to wield her bows better

level 20/2: 38 hp, 14 str, 17 skill, 19 speed, 11 luck, 10 def, 7 res.

Dorcas: Not as strong as I would have hoped, and he has lacking speed, but he has some good skill. He's still quite low in both defenses, but his huge hp should help make up for it a bit. Bows are going to help him, since even his decent skill won't help him with swordsman, which due to his low luck, will probably also crit him if he attacks up close.

level 20/2: 47 hp, 16 str, 16 skill, 13 speed, 8 luck, 10 def, 4 res.

Raven: Still a ferocious swordsman, and my next strongest fighter after Hector, he is nearly class changed, and when he does, he is going to destroy the vast majority of foes. His great strength, speed and skill will let him crush most enemies, while his passable defense and his good hp will protect him from physical assaults. His res and luck still sucks though, so he's vulnerable to both criticals and mages.

level 19: 39 hp, 16 str, 17 skill, 17 spd, 7 luck, 10 def, 2 res.

I'm also going to provide my total turncount as of now.

It is 138 turns total, starting from Another Journey, all the way up to Living Legend.

I'll be doing one of these turncount updates at any other interludes throughout the rest of the game, of which I think there will be one


I've got 156 turns at the same spot as you, so congrats! That might be slightly less if I'm wrong on defense chapter counts.

I've also used Legault three times, but he acquired items and gold Matthew wouldn't have survived to get, so I say it's worth the penalties (included in the above total).
montagohalcyon 28th Jul 11