Is there a Draft in here? Why yes, there is. A Fire Emblem related one no less.


Y'know, considering the title, this chapter has a severe lack of Prince of Persia joke potential.

Seriously, took me forever to think of a title for this.

Chapter 31 - Sands of Time: Finished.

Lowen & Rebecca: Started in the central area, alongside Jaffarm and they headed down to take care of the many armored mooks. Lowen attacked many of the knights with his axe, but most of them went after Rebecca, so he only got to take out a cursory amount per turn. Rebecca was meanwhile surrounded by knights and generals, and she was also getting shot at by Denning, whom had run up to attack. After Lowen took out one of the knights surrounding her, she ran out and used her Short Bow to kill Denning, scoring a crit, and then a normal hit, before the duo got surrounded again. Hector then came barreling in, rending apart the enemies, and the duo fled back to take care of the enemies entering from the hallway where they had started. Rebecca shot the two shamans, and then they watched Hector tear through all of the remaining foes.

Jaffar: Started where Rebecca and Lowen started, and headed for the room with the two chests, cutting through a couple of people on the way. He reached them, snagged them, and then headed south to get the last chest, though one of the normal thieves beat him to it.

Raven: Started too the left of Hector at the top and headed west to go and intercept the swordsmen heading through there. He cut through the lot of them and then headed south to pick off anyone who escaped from Hector.

Dorcas: He started to the right of Hector and headed east to take out the shaman and archers who were heading for the throne. He shot the druid and one of the shamans, the other being take out by the knights, and then intercepted all of the archers and took them down with his bow.

Hector: Headed south, towards the main group of enemies, and after reaching them, told Lowen and Rebecca that the upper hallway was in need of guarding. They had left, and Hector began his slaughter, using one of the Wolf Beils he had gotten to rend apart every last one of the armored units who attacked him, while taking no damage himself. He then chased down the thieves, killing one with a Swordslayer he had taken from an enemy, and allowing one of them to grab the treasure. He then quickly dispatched him as well, and claimed the stolen item.

VS Nergals Messenger, Denning: Rebecca saw the man who had led the morphs into the castle step forward towards her, as she tried to fight off the large group of knights who had surrounded her. As he readied his Longbow for a shot, he continued saying This is a message from Lord Nergal: "I await you at the Dread Isle." over and over. The arrow he let loose was powerful, but unskillful, and she dodged it easily, before she had been surrounded by what was practically a sea of knights, all attempting to gore her with their various spears. Luckily, Lowen was able to cut one of them down, allowing her to escape, and then face Denning.

As she readied her Short bow, she noticed that he made next to no attempt to actually correct any faults in his stance, and she could see so many weak points. As he continued to spout that message over and over again, she could only think of how bad she felt for him. His eyes held no actual life in them, only a single minded drive that Nergal had placed in him, and there was no way he could be more than maybe a week old, if that, considering the simplicity of the duty he was sent for. She decided that she'd end this quickly for the poor creature, and took a powerful shot at his knee, tearing into the bone and disabling him before she killed him instantly with an arrow to the brain.

Turns Taken: 11 or 12, depending on whether I get an extra turn.

Up Next: Battle Preparations, practically a chapter made for an interlude.


I was looking forward a Prince of Persia pun, too, love those games. Aw. Although I can't think of a good one myself, so you're excused.

I see you also did an archer vs. archer battle, very good!
montagohalcyon 1st Oct 11
Rebecca only got the kill because Denning was stupid enough to approach her, thinking his guards would be enough to hold her and Lowen back. He was proven wrong fairly quickly after that.
Alfric 1st Oct 11
Oh, also meant to ask, what did you add/edit recently? Or did the blog just rise to the top of the list from me commenting? It's been long enough since I posted that I forgot how it works.
montagohalcyon 1st Oct 11
I made an edit to the grammar of the Battle Preparations page, since there were a few issues, and I figured it wouldn't be an issue since the liveblog was still relevant.
Alfric 1st Oct 11